Moments later, everyone logged into the game with a heavy heart. 

Upon returning, Wu Na saw corpses lying on the ground and the crows that had originally evaded the sky were nowhere to be seen. She even discovered that her experience had increased quite a lot. She could not even open her eyes and tears were flowing out like a stream of never-ending water. Once again, she fainted, with the malodorous odor all over the place.

Zhang Zhengxiong tried to hold his breath for a second but he still ended up twitching on the ground. 

Enduring the torture on his nose which spreaded up till his brains, Ye Cang took out the bowls and filled them up just in time before he fainted. After getting up, he kept away the pots and pans and fainted again. And after waking up again, he cut the marinated vegetables and then fainted again. He placed the food on the plates and fainted again. He then kept away the pot filled with marinated food and the other two main sources of the disgusting smell. Only then could the others barely remain conscious. However, they were still speechless at the sight Ye Cang wearing a pair of goggles and stiffing plugs into his ears and nostrils while frying some other food. After getting everything done, he ate a few bites at lightning’s speed and fell onto the ground, awaiting his death. “It’s too delicious! It’s your turn! Argh!” 

Not long later, CloudDragon found to his bewilderment that Ye Cang could still decorate those dishes nicely in such a great environment. He arranged the food nicely and handled the ingredients well. If it wasn’t for his retarded brain, I bet he will be a great chef. He then took a deep breath and entered into a divine trigram posture. After rushing to eat a little of every dish, he meditated and waited for his death. 

“Wow, brother, look at CloudDragon. He still wants to put on his monkey act before dying…” Covering his nose, Ji Xiao stared at CloudDragon whose mouth was leaking white foam.

“That fella has been like that since young. Anyway, don’t bother. Eat it quick! So we can end the nightmare earlier…” LordAsked gobbled up the food and Ji Xiao followed.

Staring at the bowl of food, ThornyRose mumbled, “I’ve finally understood what it means by putting your life at risk for games…”

“My husband is so great…” FrozenBlood’s words made ThornyRose roll her eyes. You this filthy bitch is surely shameless.

Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan stared at each other. 

“Do you think the hero spirit realm is tricking us?” Cao Cao said as he saw a ghost face floating out of his bowl. The other two remained silent.

“Why don’t you three imitate Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei and do the oath thingy…” FrozenCloud laughed. 

The three of them glared at her with deep anger clear in their eyes.

“You can insult my Second Brother and Third Brother but you cannot insult my personality and actions. Having an oath with these two thieves? Nonsense…” Liu Bei shouted.

As for Cao Cao, he was trying to roll his eyes as much as he could. “These two are the worst among those bastards. Lil’Dino girl, your taste is a little off, I reckon.”

“One is a bastard who is flirty and perverted. The other is a ‘master’ in pretending to be people's relatives… Lady Lil’Dino, even though I used your toothpaste just now, you can’t insult my personality just because of that, alright? I am still someone who has received high education in Jiangdong, alright…” Sun Quan stepped aside. 

Well… FrozenCloud knew an argument was about to arise among the three of them. Why do I feel that these three uncles normally have a good relationship with one another but also look down among them at the same time? “Alright, alright, quickly eat it.”

FrozenCloud closed her eyes and started eating. However, she was pulling her face and her heart sank as she could not finish the last dish. Shit! I’m doomed! I need to eat it again! Instantly, her mind blanked out and she fell onto the ground. 

Eventually, all of them were lying down, unconscious.

When Ye Cang woke up, he saw there was a giant crow boss lying beside him. It looked painful. He then looked left and right. Hey? Where’s Little Tian’s corpse? He quickly opened the crow’s beak and saw Little Ye Tian’s arms holding two bowls and a broken leg. “Get up and fight the boss! Quick!”

Knowing that Little Ye Tian was being eaten, Lin Le was happy for a second and then shouted, “Give Little Tian back to me!”

With a smash of his handcart, the boss was killed. Little Ye Tian who was resurrected stared at Lin Le as he handed her a big bowl of food. She stunned for a second but Lin Le happily said, “It’s alright now. The boss that ate you was killed by us and it was Brother Lil’White who touched the corpse.”

Little Ye Tian then turned around to see CloudDragon, ThornyRose and the others glaring at her father with a sense of hatred.

Though having the urge to scold and scream at Ye Cang, LordAsked said helplessly, “Brother Lil’White, you’ve touched this boss. You’ve gotten your addiction satisfied. From now on, please don’t touch corpses, alright. I’ll be watching you.”

“Hey, do you know this is what they call investment? My hands usually won’t detect anything, so once it does, it must be some incredible stuff! So, invest more in me, I would advise. Even though the risk is high, so are the returns. Believe me. There wouldn’t be a problem.” Ye Cang put his arm around LordAsked’s shoulders but LordAsked still had that disgusted look on his face.

Meanwhile, CloudDragon was staring at the buff granted by the food. Wow! The effect is incredibly strong! Adding the excrement doesn’t only grant us dragon type buff, but also reduces the dragon’s damage. Our normal attributes are greatly increased and so does our damage. But the only problem with it is the smell. I’m starting to think that my bland balanced diet every day is a blessing. Looks like I’m treating myself too well! I must upgrade my diet! Secretly, he looked at VastSea who was calm. I must work harder!

On the other hand, VastSea was moving his focus on something else instead of the taste and smell. Oppai! Oppai! Blonde’s oppai! Crop-top oppai! Yoga oppai! Damn, if I have the chance to log out, I must unleash the toxins accumulated in my body. If I were listed as one of the members of the All-Star Artists lineup, I’m definitely going to find a 20-year-old girl with big breasts to have fun with! I remember once upon a time there was a black-socked girl in White Tiger District. She was quite innocent and cute but just a little too dark and feels like a pervert to me. It looks like it’s hard to grab her oppais single-handedly. Even though I feel she is naturally cold in person when chatting with her and would always say something scary at an unexpected time, she looks as if she has no boyfriend and doesn’t have good relationships with others. Let’s give it a try anyway. Upon having such thoughts, he stared at the entrance and said, “Since we’re done eating, let’s go in. The north border is still depending on us. We should try to end this quest as early as possible. Even if we can’t finish this one, we should put more effort at the north border.”

Little Ye Tian looked at VastSea. He is always this calm. Indeed, he is China’s most famous but also the most low-profile superstar player. He has never shown up publicly at any business event. Except for those related to the game, I couldn’t recall him attending any other event. But his presence always gives people a cool and calm feeling. This aura is way better than the Flame Emperor who is often known as a person with low EQ. The most famous match was the match where he defeated Flame Dragon with Mad War. That was also the first and only time when he publicly broke the relationship with the Flame Emperor. He made everyone understand that even a metal heart would get heated and it is incredibly scary when that happens. Well, to be honest, if I really were to battle him, it’s useless even though I could calculate all the moves he is going to make. His moves are always flexible and yet consistent. It’s possible to win him once or twice but not all the time. Sometimes, I feel he is more like an artificial human than I am. The only thing is that he doesn’t have such high intelligence as I have but in terms of stability, he is the king.

Similarly, in VastSea’s point of view, Little Ye Tian was one of the people he was afraid of the most. She could guess all my actions, constantly finding opportunities to eliminate me. With the three emperors, there will be another a whole new era for China. But, I wouldn’t let them be at ease the next time we battle each other. Since I’ve used most of my time not to touch any oppais but on the game!