Ye Cang led the team as he was the one who had a perfect night vision. Even though it was relatively dark inside, there was a lamp with limited brightness at intervals. On the wall, there were many beautiful carved patterns and at the end of the tunnel, Ye Cang could feel the aura of a dangerous figure waiting for them. He then asked everyone to stop and cast the Hunter Imprint - Concealment on himself. Together with the invisibility effect granted by his hood, he avoided the lamps and went forward as he noticed the lamp could still create a refraction of his body. At the end of the tunnel was an entryway which led to a living room. There were eight different coffins standing up straight at eight different corners. In the center, there was a small table. Ye Cang noticed there were three traps in this place and a hidden mechanism at the table. He quickly got hold of the landscape of the place and left, dodging the light from the lamp on the way out. Everyone who was waiting for Ye Cang to reveal himself, which he did, were curious, “So, what did you see?”

Ye Cang then opened the landscape and Little Ye Tian immediately created a 3D hologram of it. “There isn’t much space inside. I assume the eight coffins are all bosses. Label them in a clockwise manner. Once we enter, we’ll need damage dealers with magic attacks to gather around, especially close combaters. In terms of tankers, we don’t have many but Uncle Liu’s and the other two’s equipment are not bad. Having three of them restraining one boss shouldn’t be a problem. Besides, the paladin is a nemesis to those spirits.”

Swiftly, Little Ye Tian started distributing the tankers’ job. She assumed that the coffin at 12 o’clock is the main boss and Zhang Zhengxiong jotted that down. As for the other jobs, she distributed them well. Lil’Wang had also summoned mud elemental to reduce the burden of the tankers. Since they did not have much information, Little Ye Tian did not go into the details as everything would be decided based on the situation. As they passed by the lamps, they self-extinguished one after another. Darkness was just trailing them from the back. At last, a spiritual barrier was created, shutting off the entrance once all of them had successfully entered. 

“Get ready!” Ye Cang placed all the totems from his beads. With his arcane sword in his hands, he started chanting, “All armies are prepared for battle!” 

Ye Cang activated the secret arcane magic - the Arcane Eye of Identification.

His eyes then shined with blue arcane light. Seeing such a scene, ThornyRose rolled her eyes. He just has to add some nonsense before casting the spell. Can’t he just stop acting?

Moments later, the coffin was opened and eight corpses of gigantic dwarfs were awakened. Rays of light blue light reflected out of their eyes. At 12 o’clock, it was a dwarf with heavy armor and two war axes. At 3 o’clock, it was a dwarf with a shield and a scepter, wearing ritual clothes. At 9 o’clock, it was a dwarf with a dagger. It was not some ordinary dagger but a mage’s dagger. Without any delay, LordAsked dashed at them with the will of victory in mind.

“I’m the captain of the royal guards of the King’s empire! This is the King’s holy place! Trespassers shall die!” The captain at 12 o’clock hopped out of his coffin and roared. Zhang Zhengxiong went head-on. However, the slash was so great that Zhang Zhengxiong was knocked far away, almost losing his weapon. Losing 15% of his health made him pondered. So, this is the amount of damage I blocked. He picked up his halberd and launched another attack. Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan then picked the female mage dwarf to play with. 

Meanwhile, Ye Cang locked on to the mage dwarf. Since he could not unleash a large AOE attack, he took out his ballista and prepared to shoot. Spiraling Meteor Shot! The attack immediately sent the dwarf back to her coffin where she came from. As he was reloading, he sent an arcane shockwave to a thief dwarf who was hiding in his invisibility form by slashing the arcane sword with one hand. The attack knocked the thief dwarf out from invisibility and countless flying bullets exploded upon making contact.

Knowing it was a good opportunity, CloudDragon’s fingers were surrounded by sword energy and in a blink of an eye, he poked the back of the thief. A yin yang divine trigram appeared below his foot. He smashed with his left palm. Thunderstrike Shockwave Acupoint! Followed up by Thunder Palm! Overlord’s Elbowstrike! He swung his arms. Seven Stars Sword Fingers! Swallow! Dancing Swallow Kick! Devastating Kick! Rising Dragon Kick! Dashing Lightning! Qi - Single Cannon Shot! Mountain Tiger Roar! The Scholar’s Palmstrike!

CloudDragon’s ability to unleash a series of skills in one shot left FrozenCloud to exclaim in amazement. Wow! I would never reach his level. I guess I should just be a tanker after all. CloudDragon then dashed to the other side and stopped the dwarf. Shoulder Slam! Wyvern Kick! Wolverine Strike! Qi - Continuous Kicks! Sickle Hurricane Kick!

Meanwhile, Zhang Zhengxiong dodged a slash from the enemy and Little Tadpole was restraining a warrior dwarf. Its series of combos sent the warrior flying into the wall. Stepping on the warrior, Little Tadpole jumped away like a bullet to ambush the captain. A tight hard holy slap landed on the captain’s face, stunning it and giving it a shock of its life. Zhang Zhengxiong was in seventh heaven. This is the chance! He immediately activated the Holy Blade and his halberd was burning with silvery flames. Holy Judgement! Dance of War Halbert! He landed a critical hit on the captain, stunning and knocking him away. It’s time to mess it up! With a jump backwards, his slime ring shone. Super Speed! In a blink of an eye, he knocked the captain to the direction of the wall and it slammed into it as fast as a car driving on the highway. As he jumped up high, he threw his halberd hard and pierced it right into the captain’s eye. Before returning to the warrior dwarf, Little Tadpole spat holy saliva on the captain’s head. The warrior dwarf who just regained his consciousness was knocked to the ground again and Little Tadpole was slapping him madly and continuously as if he was operated by a pre-controlled mechanism.

On the other hand, SpyingBlade was exclaiming that Little Tadpole was insane while battling the mage dwarf. The ritual and mage dwarfs had no chance to cast any spell or magic as they were all stolen and interrupted by Ye Cang’s Arcane Eye of Identification. They were helpless. Meanwhile, VastSea and tigerkin Little Ren were working on the same channel in restraining two shielded dwarfs with the use of holy water to reduce their deathly aura. As for Lin Le, he used his clones to get close to the ritual dwarf but it was unfortunately crushed by the dwarf with just a swing of his arm. He then used another dojutsu - Diversion (Individual skill - target will see Lin Le as an invisible target) and smashed the dwarf from the back with his handcart. He was beating and hitting madly.

The mage dwarf was the first to be killed but there were no messages coming from the system. Before they could wonder why, the crushed corpse was then recovered by the spiritual light and in no time it was standing perfectly fine in front of Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan. Liu Bei sighed, “Looks like our relationship hasn’t ended. Why don’t I send you to hell one more time?”

The ritual dwarf was also crushed by Lin Le who was panting. Yet, the same thing happened. He was quickly recovered. ThornyRose and the others pondered. This is bad! It’s a conditional kill! We must know what the conditions are!

“Kill them clockwise! Then, anti-clockwise! Or else, try killing all of them at the same time! If all three don’t work out, we’ll think of another solution!” Little Ye Tian quickly told everyone her decision.

“I agree with the little girl. But first, let’s kill them at the same time since we still have energy left. Let’s try this condition first,” VastSea who was more experienced suggested as he dodged the attacks from the two warriors and stopped one who planned to dash at NalanPureSoul who was casting a spell from afar. 

Little Ye Tian pondered. Indeed, he is more experienced than any one of us here. What he said is right. If we do clockwise and anticlockwise first, it might not be that easy to kill them together later as the battle prolongs. She then shouted, “Damage dealers! Control your damage! Attack in a clockwise manner and to be safe, make sure they are not dead so we can kill them together! Father, Brother PureSoul, I’ll leave the last attacks to both of you. I’m predicting two tankers will be dead but don’t hesitate.”

Lil’Wang’s mud elemental was slashed into pieces by the warrior dwarf holding a big sword. Tigerkin Little Ren swiftly defended with its dual-blade but it did not go head on. It was circling around the dwarf, waiting for Lil’Wang to summon more mud elementals. At the same time, it was observing the situation at VastSea’s side, preparing to return to assist. Little Dream and Weak Sauce were dancing at a corner while waiting to assist anyone. Sometimes, Ye Cang would just wonder why he didn’t kill that little nightmare demon deer. He let out a deep sigh. “Quickly help us out! Or else, I will make a delicacy with the two of you as my ingredients!”

Wu Na was also using ice elemental magic to restrain the war axe dwarf. “Sometimes I feel like I don’t even have half the skills of Little Ren…”

“Hey, I think only team leader and Little Tadpole could beat Little Ren in this team…” NalanPureSoul sweated.