After receiving the command, Little Tadpole gave the war hammer dwarf an uppercut, sending him flying in mid-air. With a deep breath, he jumped off the wall then slammed at the dwarf, landing it beside Zhang Zhengxiong. It then hopped off to help Zhang Zhengxiong restrain the captain. Not long after, everyone gathered all the weakened dwarf zombies at one spot. Ye Cang cast Light Strike Array and the floor was heated. All the close-combaters immediately backed off except for Zhang Zhengxiong.


An explosion occurred and NalanPureSoul clenched his fist. A red lotus exploded again.

“Congratulations! You’ve successfully killed the Captain of the Royal Guards - Marn - Iron Fist and his servants. You’ve received three hundred thousand experience and 3 class talent points and skill points. You can also get a random item or equipment.”

As the message appeared, LordAsked and CloudDragon immediately guarded the corpse andFrozenCloud also prepared to stop Ye Cang.

“*Sigh* My request is very simple. Just let me touch one.” Ye Cang sighed. To him, they were a bunch of fools. ThornyRose helplessly said, “Let him touch one then. He wouldn’t be satisfied otherwise.”

Right after he finished, Lin Le quickly touched the captain’s corpse. After discussion, they decided to let Ye Cang touch the war hammer dwarf’s corpse. Ye Cang jogged over, rubbed his hands and heaved a breath. He reached out his hand in slow motion and touched it but frowned as there was nothing. Seeing his expression, everyone sighed and urged Lele to touch the others as well.

“Why is there nothing? Oh! I know! This servant must have given his items to the boss. I should have picked a better one to touch. Looks like the mage has something with her.” Ye Cang was observing and everyone rolled their eyes, especially Wu Na and the other mages. You still want to pollute another mage’s corpse? 

“So boring.” Ye Cang clicked the random reward.

“Congratulations! You’ve received the Red Dragon Queen’s Menstrual Blood.” 

Ye Cang stared at the blood-red crystal which was the size of a goose egg.

Red Dragon Queen’s Menstrual Blood (Extremely rare): The Red Dragon Queen only has her menstruation period every 500 years, excreting the unwanted yet unstable power out from her body. The crystal contains a strong power of the red dragon and is also a precious ingredient.

“I’ve got some good stuff.” Ye Cang’s words lured everyone to gather around.

“Black Dragon King’s excrement, Red Dragon Queen’s  Menstrual Blood. God damn it, are you going to get something like Gold Dragon Emperor’s toy?!” LordAsked gave an extremely disgusted look.

“Hey, you won’t put this into our food, right?” MistyVeil shivered. The food I’ve been eating recently has gone out of my expectations. It’s only getting worse and more disgusting.

“You have tried Black Dragon King’s excrement, ogre’s penis and testicles. Does a little bit of extra blood make any difference to you?” Zhang Zhengxiong cheered her up helplessly and MistyVeil felt the urge of killing herself. 

“Hmph! A bunch of uneducated fools! In your daily lives, you guys have been eating bird’s saliva (bird nest), frog’s Fallopian tube (Rana Frog’s oil), the excrement of sperm whales (ambergris) and so many other types of food. And you guys treat them as precious ingredients. Also, in Chinese medicine, there are plenty of ingredients that you might not know where they come from and yet not considered disgusting! This is called great pragmatism! Pragmatism! Similarly, my cooking includes the usability and practicability of Chinese medicine! Oh yeah, I can try making something like herbal medicine. Why didn’t I think of that earlier? I should jot it down. Jot it down. *cough* *cough* In conclusion, my little effort in my cooking will be your great effort in becoming stronger! Understand?! There’s no need to thank me for that, just keep it to yourself. I’m not a materialistic person…” Ye Cang’s words made everyone stare at him dumbfounded. This fella is getting out of his mind.

After that, Ye Cang took out the excrement of the black dragon king along with the red crystal. “The next dish will be named as The Love and Hate of the Black and Red - Tens of Thousands of Penies Recovering Soup! Hehe! Looks like you guys are lucky!”

“Boss, just slash me with a knife instead…” AV, Lil’Wang, and the others were crying. Hearing Ye Cang wanting to combine black, red and the penis into a dish, MistyVeil covered her mouth but just could not bring herself to vomit.

“Brother Lil’White, actually, my intention is to study hard and gain more knowledge…” Liu Bei’s words made Sun Quan and Cao Cao nodded too. Wu Na then grabbed them, “Don’t ever think of running away, cousins…”

“Let’s distribute the equipment…” ThornyRose facepalmed and LordAsked shivered while his back was wet due to cold sweat as he thought of the end-of-the-world soup he previously drank. I must not drink it for the second time! I have always been picky on food. But ever since I ate his food, I even preferred those 50-federal-coin food from street stalls. I remembered I ordered 5 packets… that lad Xiaoxiao almost ate the packaging. I recall the owner of the hawker stall staring at us with sympathy as if we were some retarded kid. It was a good thing that he even added some meat for us as he sighed. 

“Brother, I want to eat the food from the hawker stall…” Ji Xiao's words made MistyVeil swallow her saliva and LordAsked kept quiet. 

Even though they did not get any silver dragon diamond equipment, they managed to get some diamond equipment, including two weapons - a long sword and an axe. Since Ye Cang had his arcane sword and Zhang Zhengxiong and Lele were heavy weapon users, the weapons were shared among ThornyRose, Gongsun Qian, SpyingBlade and LordAsked. In the end, LordAsked took the long sword and SpyingBlade took the axe. ThornyRose then took the long blade SpyingBlade just unequipped and stared at him, “A dagger and an axe. You look so weird. It's better to be in my hands. ” 

“To be honest, a single-handed axe is very smooth, especially when it has the armor penetration effect. It's more useful when assassinating those heavy-armored players compared to a dagger. Its damage is very high. As a professional assassin, one must know how to wield a single-handed weapon to battle different players and monsters. For example, single-handed hammers, sickles, toufas and gauntlets are all useful in their respective situations.” SpyingBlade tested the axe, felt it was not bad and kept it behind his waist. 

ThornyRose was rendered speechless. Trying to get the equipment you wanted makes you no different from that bastard. She then collected her reward and a platinum ring landed in her hand. Wow, this is not bad. 

In terms of skill books, it was more rewarding to MistyVeil and the others. Except for some special skills, Ye Cang did not pay much attention as he had too many skills. Zhang Zhengxiong took a close-ranged attack skill - Crushing Hit and a diamond ranked necklace. Meanwhile, Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan took quite a lot of equipment that everyone else did not fancy. ThornyRose checked their profile and had a shock after scanning through Liu Bei’s hero spirit skill. Wow, this fella is sure secretive. Even though the hero spirit skill can be activated upon death, its effect is definitely scary. And his attributes are even higher than mine...

ThornyRose did not say a word. Well, when the team cannot handle the situation, we’ll just send him to die and turn the table around. This is acceptable.

“Alright, you guys can leave from the stone door over there first. I’ll dismantle the corpse and catch up. They are all great stuff, especially this captain’s fluid.” Ye Cang took out his cooking knife while ThornyRose quickly led them out as it was too disgusting and unbearable. As they walked out, MistyVeil was dripping cold sweat. “How can you guys just let him do those disgusting and senseless things? It’s a living creature! A dwarf zombie! And the zombie fluid. What is he going to do with it?! Cook some medicine?!”

“To make sauces… mixing with some slime gel, some bugs, some organs and stuff. Something like that, I guess. I didn’t watch how he did it…” Little Ye Tian answered MistyVeil and Gongsun Qian recalled the horrible secret sauce. After this grave quest, I should distance myself from this fella in the game...

When he saw most of them had left, Ye Cang stealthily came to the table in the middle. Activating Sean’s Adventure Will, he opened a hidden drawer and found a small chest inside. He was on cloud nine. Unlock it! Unlock it! Don’t you think only Lil’Zhao has unlocking skills! I have it now! Just when he was about to open it, SpyingBlade held his hand on top of the chest. “I knew there must be something for you to urge us out!”

“Let go! Or else, I won’t be easy on you! The worst case, I’ll spare you one if we get divine artifacts!” Ye Cang drew his arcane sword and SpyingBlade blocked with his axe and shouted, “He is about to open a secret chest! Come!”

“How dare you!” Wu Na, ThornyRose and LordAsked who were standing behind the door shouted. 

CloudDragon immediately dashed back with Lightning Body, coming in with a Dancing Swallow Kick. SpyingBlade pierced his dagger at the chest and attacked Ye Cang’s lower body with his axe. Ye Cang had no choice but to avoid the attacks. He knocked away SpyingBlade’s dagger and axe and pulled out his gun to shoot at CloudDragon who was surging at him in mid-air. With a swift motion, he kicked the chest to his back and disappeared into nothingness. Through the shadow of the chest, he popped out, preparing to catch the chest.

“Never!” SpyingBlade tossed his dagger to knock away the chest, CloudDragon jumped up high towards the chest and Ye Cang turned into a pulse wave, flying towards it.

“Wow, they were not that serious at battling the boss but at this chest instead?” FrozenCloud started controlling her qi, preparing to launch at Ye Cang who was in the direction of the chest.