Lin Le grabbed Little Ye Tian and tossed her in the direction of Ye Cang. “Brother Lil’White! Be careful of the betrayer’s ambush!”

Litte Ye Tian’s heart felt bitter but Wu Na and ThornyRose were shouting behind, “Restrain him! Little Tian! Don’t be afraid! We’re here!”

After hesitating for a second, Little Ye Tian used Holy Shine and blinded Ye Cang. However, Ye Cang was calm as he calculated accurately where he would be landing. Upon landing, he immediately turned into three shadows and dashed towards the box being knocked away by FrozenCloud. Just then, LordAsked arrived and blocked him with a swing of his shield. “Don’t you think of getting through me!”

Meanwhile, Lin Le pretended he got the chest by luck and opened it. “Brother Lil’White! There’s something inside!”

As Ye Cang regained his vision, he stared at the chest and punched the wall hard. “I missed the divine artifact again! It’s so exhausting. I need to fight the enemies and also my teammates to get the rights to open the divine artifact! They always take away the chances of getting a divine artifact! When will these stubborn people realize their mistakes? *sigh* I’m so sick of it…”

“WTF! That’s our line!” ThornyRose, LordAsked, Wu Na and the others shouted at Ye Cang. 

“Little Tian, come over, I have something to talk to you,” Ye Cang signaled Little Ye Tian to go over with a smile.

“......” Little Ye Tian turned around to see ThornyRose, Wu Na and the others surrounding the chest. Hey, it’s you guys who told me not to be scared! Hey! Come and help me! She swallowed, “’s really not’s Lele…”

“I know.” Ye Cang disappeared in thin air and popped from Little Ye Tian’s shadow and bit her head. “You bastard! You didn’t help me stop them and yet you ambushed me?! How dare you do that!”

“I’m sorry! Argh! Pain! Pain! I’m sorry, father! Argh! My face!” Litte Ye Tian’s cries made everyone turn around for a quick glance but they did not bother much as the chest was more important. Little Ye Tian dropped her jaw. How dare you guys ignore me! A bunch of bastards!

“Stop beating a kid! Come and have a look at this…” Wu Na shouted. 

Ye Cang finally let go of her and smiled at Little Ye Tian who was shivering. “Are you still going to be this naughty in the future?”

“I won’t, father…” Little Ye Tian nodded forcefully. 

Ye Cang then turned around and walked towards the crowd. Seeing the scar on her face through a mirror she brought out, Little Ye Tian glared at Lin Le with a face full of hatred. I will get my revenge on this! Damn you Lele! Covering her face, she went over. 

With a sigh, Ye Cang flipped through the three items in the chest.

Colorful Gold Stone Cop (??? - An item for mission): Effects unknown.

Unlucky Coin (The Fallen World - Rare treasure): Grants rewards according to the points. Greater negative points will yield more rewards. People with extreme luck must avoid this item. A punishment will immediately lead to death, reducing three levels and 200 lucky points.

The Martyrdom Crystal of A Saintess (Fallen World - Rare treasure): This equipment can only be used by holy class players. Once activated, an attribute will be randomly upgraded for 15% and a random holy skill or talent points with epic rank and above will be mastered. User’s holy power will also increase by 25%.

“I’ll keep the Colorful Gold Stone Cop in case it’s useful for future missions. As for this Unlucky Coin, it’s obvious that I won’t be using it. My lucky points are too high, I will definitely get the punishment. Who else wants it? Ye Cang kept the cop into his bag and picked the coin up with a hint of disgust using his handkerchief.

“.....” Everyone stared at him with a poker face. WTF! You’re the one with the least luck here.

“There’s nothing to consider. It definitely belongs to you,” CloudDragon said and Ye Cang frowned, “Wow, Brother CloudDragon, how can you be this evil and make me reduce my luck?”

Wu Na and ThornyRose shook their heads. “You know what? He is right? In the entire team, only you can use that item. I remember you opening some Bad Luck equipment before, didn’t it?”

“You two…” Ye Cang felt as if he was being set up. They wanted to reduce my 200 lucky points so my divine hand can be weakened. But do you think I will fall for it? Never! I managed to get good stuff the last time because my good luck was better than my bad luck. It’s most probably not the same this time.

“Team leader, you must believe in yourself! In this team, you are the only one who can turn the impossible into something possible! I believe you can bring us happiness!” FrozenCloud said with much enthusiasm.

“Oh, Lil’Dino, don’t blindly believe me. I’m scared too. What if it reduces my lucky points and lowers the probability of me getting a divine artifact?” Ye Cang’s words once again made everyone speechless. Since when the f*ck did you get a divine artifact?! Even so, it’s not you who gets it but it was given!

“Brother Lil’White! I believe you can! If you really can’t do it, then I will…” ThornyRose, Wu Na and the rest gradually stood in front of Lin Le, wanting to protect him. Wu Na then whispered, “Lele, don’t touch this unlucky stuff, alright? You’re our last hope.”

“Brother Lil’Le, here’s 100 gold coins. Don’t touch it. I trust your luck,” LordAsked passed him the money.

“Don’t waste your talent and luck. You’re different from that unlucky jerk. Be grateful for what you have now,” CloudDragon said.

“Boss, our lives depend on your hand,” Lil’Wang and the others came over and surrounded Lin Le. 

“Brother, you are unlucky but that’s fine. Don’t drag Lele down with you,” Zhang Zhengxiong’s words intentionally hurt Ye Cang.

“That’s right! You damned Ye Cang! Don’t you dare pollute our team’s lucky charm! Quickly, open it!” ThornyRose’s words urged Ye Cang to call the real Rose and ask her whether she wants to get rid of this fake rose. This is definitely not my fiancée. She must be a fake one. It’s some kind of illusion!

“Darling, good luck…” FrozenBlood said.

Ye Cang was enraged on the inside and he shouted, “God damn it! Alright! You guys are the one who wanted me to activate it! Prepare to say goodbye to divine artifacts forever!” 

Ye Cang tossed the coin into mid-air with a flip of his finger and a skeleton giggling was heard while black energy formed an outer lining around the coin. Sadly, he stared at the coin in the vortex. Why doesn't everyone believe in me? I’m just trying to help everyone. You guys are in bad luck because you’re going to lose the protection of the divine hand.

“Congratulations! You’ve triggered the critical hit of bad luck! Negative luck is now doubled! Your charisma will now +200! You’ve also received a bag of God’s Fertilizer - Jinkela. Due to your critical bad luck hit and other factors, you’ve opened the Door of Special Realm!”

“The Special Realm!” ThornyRose was shocked.

“Yeap, that’s definitely the Door of Special Realm.” CloudDragon stared at the door of the vortex. 

“This lucky item has the probability to kill you but that probability is so low that it’s nearly impossible. But of course, except for some special rewards. Wow. This fella’s bad luck is at this extent already?” LordAsked said.

“What is Special Realm?” Lin Le stared at the vortex.

“It’s a kind of entrance for some mini games but they’re not miniature games actually. Well, you can say that it’s a game beyond this game. The rewards inside are weird and different. Similarly, the conditions in different areas are different too. How should I explain it to you? For example, the possible rewards can be brought back into the current game. Some rewards can even be used in the virtual world and also in the special realm. It’s very mysterious. But of course, I’ve only heard of it,” NalanPureSoul only knew a little about the Special Realm. “But being able to open this door with a coin is nearly impossible… I can say… Well, at least from the day I debuted, I have never heard of anyone opening the door this way…” 

Ye Cang heaved a sigh of relief, “Looks like my luck has once again surpassed my bad luck. This is a blessing from the God of Luck. Do you guys still doubt my divine hand?”

No one bothered about him as they were all busy discussing the Special Realm.

“*Sigh* Jealousy…” Ye Cang sighed and rolled his eyes but Little Ye Tian quickly said, “Father, you’re so great…”

“You have a good taste but sometimes, it’s just that your mind is not strong enough. You know?” Ye Cang touched Little Ye Tian’s head.

“Got it!” Little Ye Tian nodded at once. I suppose father’s favorability towards me has +1? It’s all Lin Le’s fault! He was the one who made me lose that one point. So, in total, my favorability level is still negative! Damn it! I must work harder!