“By the way, I have a bad feeling about this. Since it’s a Special Realm opened by the Unlucky Coin and by the filthy hands of this fella…” LordAsked pinched his chin as he examined the door.

“Hey, don’t say something bad, alright!” Chill went down ThornyRose’s spine. It wouldn’t be some World of ‘Good Food’, right? I think he is a parasite who brings hell to that world.

“About that Fallen Saintess’s stone, how are we going to distribute it? Quickly get it done so we can go in.” LordAsked was more than half certain that he would not be the one taking it since there was a truce before it. Ye Cang had the priority.

“Give it to A’Xiong, he is the main tanker. If there is a similar item in the future, you’ll be prioritized.” Ye Cang knew only he had the priority but it was limited. Well, it’s no harm using it this time since it’s a permanent upgrade item.

“Sure,” LordAsked did not have any objections and went into the realm.

Zhang Zhengxiong immediately activated it.

“Congratulations! Your Constitution increases by 15%! You’ve obtained the knowledge of the Martyrdom Crystal and mastered a hero skill - Elena’s Aura - The Image of the Holy Sky. Your holy points increase by 25%.” 

Upon hearing the term “aura skill”, Zhang Zhengxiong felt a little down in spirits. This class is good at everything except battle skills. *sigh* But at least I got my first hero skill. I’ll just level it up until the maximum. Yet, he could only level up until grandmaster level as his level was insufficient. Let’s look at its effects.

The Image of Holy Sky (Elena - Hero - Aura - Passive/Active - Grandmaster): Strength +33%, Constitution +17% (any increment in Strength and Constitution will be doubled in the future), effects on allies: all damage received reduces by 27%, mana recovery speed increases by 1.25% per 10 seconds, health recovery speed increases by 3.13% per 10 seconds, rage points increase by 4.6% per second, energy level increase by 7.53% every second, holy point cost reduces by 25% and increases by 5.2% every second, evil creature’s damage reduces by 17% and they will constantly be damaged by holy magic. The damage dealt will be 3.3% of the user’s health and burns the enemies every 0.5 seconds. 18% of the total burning damage dealt will be turned into health points. There is a chance of enemies staying within the aura to lose consciousness and getting stupefied. This effect will be effective every 10 seconds and might be doubled against spirits and evil creatures. If the effect is activated manually, it will be doubled and will last for 5 minutes. The effect will be effective every 3 seconds, reduces all negative status on every ally on the field and stuns all enemies within the aura. The effect and holy damage on all spirits and evil creatures will be doubled. The damage will be equivalent to the product of your health points and 10% of your level. Cooldown: 1 day.

PS: Elena, the legendary saintess who died a martyr during the war between demons and humans is also the only saintess in the history of the church who is the commander of the Red Crescent and the members of Empire General. At the age of 11, she killed an elite demon with her bare hands and was selected by the empire. There is no clear reason why she killed the elite demon. In the war, she had great achievements killing numerous leaders of the demons. Since she used a single-handed sickle and always chopped her enemies’ heads off, she was entitled the Female Beheader. Her holy power caught the attention of the church and granted her the title of a saintess and the commander of the Red Crescent. She was also the friendliest and kindest saintess who represents holiness and power. She was the main contributor who sealed one of the seven demon pillars - Jealousy. She fought hard with Jealousy. Even though she managed to chop the demon’s head, she was infected by Jealousy’s poison and decided to commit suicide. In spite of this, she sacrificed her body to strengthen the seal and locked Jealousy in the coffin. Hugging the demon pillar, she and the demon were petrified. Everyone clearly remembered her look when she died. The sky was filled with the melody of a song dedicated to her. It was as if there was a beautiful lady with braids, holding a sickle and running bare feet on the field happily.

“When the war is over, I wish to return to my home at Marcallas Field, taking off all these armors, weapons and the title of a saintess and running on the field bare feet. Then, I’ll find the cheese young man and…ma...marry him...because...I…secretly...touched...his...d… Oh, the cheese he made is the most delicious food ever! The reason why I left the field and joined the army is because I want to protect him and the field so that they won’t be ruined by the demons. Anjour! I only dare telling you ya! Don’t tell anyone else!” - Retrieved from The Eye of Light Sword Saint - Anjour’s Memorandum - Beside a fire: the last words of the Beheader Saintess - Elena.

ThornyRose was dumbfounded at the effect of the aura. Am I dreaming? Reducing all the damage received on all allies by 27%. It means all types of damage! Not only magic damage but also physical damage. It grants a lot of recovery effects too! The effect of manually activating this is even more insane! A crowd control skill and random crowd control. Removing all negative effects and doubling the effect and damage on spirits and evil creatures! Most importantly, ShakingBear’s aura can be leveled up according to his own level! OMG!

CloudDragon also felt the effect of the new aura. The damage reduction is a little too high, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, Zhang Zhengxiong noticed a beautiful aura image appearing under his feet as he walked. Light and clouds are moving! Cool!

“Let’s go in and have a look.” Ye Cang stepped into the vortex.

“Since you’ve joined the Battle of Holy Spirits before, entering the special realm grants you a reward and an item at random.”

“Congratulations! You’ve received the talent ‘The Body of The Magical Girl’ and a cheap handmade electrical love stick.”

Ye Cang came back to his senses and realization that he was standing on a school field. Everywhere was plagued with graffiti and loud noises were bothering his mind. Many uncivilized teenagers were around him and he noticed his profile had turned pink.

Name: PaleSnow
Gender: Male / Female
Career: Student, top-class dancer, part-time magical girl
Strength: 12 stars
Dexterity: 13 stars
Constitution: 10 stars
Intelligence: 3 stars (since you’re a magical girl, it reduces 8 stars)
Will: 27 stars
Charisma: 16 stars
Talent: Magical girl - virtual body
Part-time Magical Girl (Part-time - Can be leveled up): Intelligence reduces 8 stars, Strength +5 stars, Charisma +10 stars, must read the line out before using a skill.
Equipment owned: The part-time magical girl’s clothes set (All star level +5), cheap handmade Magical Girl’s electrical lovely stick (Can cast Magical Girl’s skill, Dexterity +3 stars)
Special realm characteristic: The stubborn lucky draw lover (only one) - Able to summon the lottery machine for three times whenever receiving rewards. 



Lovely Paper-Scissors-Stone - Scissors: Pokes opponent’s eyes at lightning’s speed. 

Lovely Paper-Scissors-Stone - Stone: Unleashes a lovely punch at the enemy’s face from afar. Love you yo~

Lovely Paper-Scissors-Stone - Paper: Slaps target in your surroundings with the Magical Girl’s love power.

Lovely Paper-Scissors-Stone Combo: If you are able to complete all three skills (poking, punch and slap) in a short period of time, the three skills will be refreshed. Refreshing it twice will, in addition, trigger the launch of a lovely flying kiss. Refreshing thrice will additionally unleash a lovely hammer. Refreshing it for the fourth time will additionally unleash a lovely hurricane kick. Refreshing it for the fifth time...??? This skill can only be unlocked when you turn into an official Magical Girl.

Vibrate! My Lovely Stick!: Launches a rapid attack at the target with the lovely stick, numbing the body and causing a large amount of damage.

Magical Girl’s line - XX, I love you yo! : Saying the phrase ‘I love you yo!’ as the end of the line will reduce the skill cooldown by a third and adding a cute name in front of the phrase will increase the skill’s damage by another third.

Magical Girl’s Curse - XX, I Love You Guys The Most Yo! : Increases the surrounding allies’ spirits and recover their qi and healing speed.

Magical Girl’s Dance Battle: The dance level can temporarily increase your own attributes greatly and might or might not affect allies’ or enemies’ attributes.


Ye Cang stunned for a second and dropped the lovely stick onto the ground. “WTS! For a great man like me…”

Upon saying, he lowered his head to see himself wearing a pink mini skirt, a shoe with a heart logo and a pair of long white socks. He felt cold at his bottom. Wait a minute! He touched his lower body. Hmm… not bad. He then came to the window and examined himself. He was wearing the Magical Girl’s costume with white hair, white eyebrows and white eyelashes. He looked exactly like a little girl approximately 120cm tall. He squeezed his female sailor clothes. The breast is a little too mini. Not sexy enough.

“Brother! Brother Lil’White! Boss, where are you?!” voices of Zhang Zhengxiong, Lin Le and the others were heard.