“I’m over here.” Ye Cang walked over with his little leather shoe. 

At the sight of Ye Cang who had turned into a wild Magical Girl, everyone was in stunned disbelief and immediately silenced

“You guys are surely jealous. I’m a Magical Girl now~ Love y’all yo~” Ye Cang turned around, spread his legs, put a hand on his waist and made a peace sign covering his eye with another hand, trying to act cute with what he became. He then started dancing the Magical Girl Awkward Dance, waving his lovely stick.

“You are pretty fast in getting in character…” The first thing which CloudDragon wanted to do after logging out was to wash his eyes. The character is cute but knowing it’s actually that bastard acting it, I've got this feeling of vomiting.

“Sister Rose, I wanted to publish a book named My Husband Became A Magical Girl...” Wu Na blurted. 

“Nana, leave me alone…” ThornyRose facepalmed. This is not my fiance. It’s definitely not.

“So cute, I want to…” Unable to finish his sentence, Wu Na’s and ThornyRose’s deathly glare shut AV up. From one side, Lil’Wang, SpyingBlade, and Fang Ci looked at AV with more awkward expressions.

“Brother, I remember you writing an essay in primary school that you want to marry a Magical Girl.” Ji Xiao’s words were like a bucket of explosives swinging directly into LordAsked’s face and soon, he was getting beaten and kicked and attacked on the ground, “This is not a Magical Girl! This is not! God! What have I done wrong?! Why do you have to let me witness such a thing?!”

“Father is really good at dancing!” Little Ye Tian quickly clapped.

“I want to be a Magical Girl too!” Lin Le was overwhelmed with jealousy and envy.

“Why didn’t I turn into a girl? I could touch my own…” Zhang Zhenxiong also received a reward reminder from the Battle of Holy Spirits. 

“That’s because you guys don’t have the equipment.” Liu Bei took out a crystal drive and appeared in a girl’s school uniform. 

“Woah! Old Liu, that’s some good stuff! Let me use it! Let me use it!” AV and Lil’Wang opened their eyes wide in amazement. 

“Nope, I can’t. This thing only recognizes me,” Liu Bei shrugged his shoulders and turned back to himself.

Cao Cao and Sun Quan regretted on the inside. Argh, how can we be this careless? We should have fought with him for the uniform back then.

A thought then flashed through VastSea’s mind. If I were to succeed in getting the black-socked girl, I must ask her to act as a Magical Girl and play games with me at home. Yeap. This is a great idea. He then said, “Alright, back to the topic. It looks like we are going for a fight. I think it’s because this high school’s gang leader’s girlfriend was kidnapped by people from Phoenix Spirit High School.”

“Yeap. Just now, I've gathered some information. We're currently in Ghost Claw High School located on Zhenan Street, P City. The one in the middle with purple hair and a bandage over his arm is the current gang leader of this school. His name is Lightning A'Jie. The girl beside him with a mask, long skirt and a metal rod is the Bone-crushing Demon Girl - Zhao Li'er, one of the Ghost Claw Three Heroes. On his left, that blonde guy whose name seems to be Yellow-haired is also one of the Ghost Claw Three Heroes. The guy with a dojo uniform is the last man of the Ghost Claw Three Heroes. They said he’s a good student. The King of Aikido - A'Kai.”

“Then, the story is obviously about joining them and going to Phoenix Spirit High School to save the girl.” CloudDragon pointed at the recruitment counter nearby, “Let's go over and register ourselves.”

A man let CloudDragon and the others passed and gave them then ghost claw headband for identification. He then stared at Little Ye Tian and Ye Cang, “Wow, you’ve got to be kidding! You dressed like the Magical Girl in the series my sister watches every night and you want to go on a fight? Oh, please. On top of that, you guys look too young. If you two are going, you are more likely to be torn apart,” and he broke into laughter.

“Don't underestimate us. Sometimes, a smart brain plays the trick…” Little Ye Tian knew that her own attributes were not high as they were all 2 stars, except for Wisdom and Will. At that instance, Ye Cang poked the man's eyes, “Lovely Paper-Scissors-Stone - Scissors! Lovely Paper-Scissors-Stone - Stone! Lil'Cang, love you yo! Love you!”

Moments later, he grabbed the man’s head and smashed it at the edge of the table saying ‘Love you yo~’. The helpers at the recruitment counter immediately dripped cold sweat and gave them two headbands. However, Ye Cang disliked the black one. “This color doesn’t match Lil’Cang’s clothes! I want the white one… Love you yo~”

LordAsked could not believe his eyes and was stunned for a second. This fella has some Magical Girl skills huh? Looks pretty strong. Hmm...even if I were to fight the man at the counter one-on-one, I would still win but it might not be as easy as how Ye Cang did it.

Zhao Li’er noticed the situation and shivered when she saw Lin Le in a quick glance. Is it him?! “A’Jie, excuse me for a while.”

She then came to them. After examining Ye Cang and the others, she stood in front of Lin Le and pulled her mask down. “Is it you?”

Lin Le’s mind was filled with question marks. Is me? Wait, who? Me? Who am I? Does she know me? “Is what?”

“Isn’t it….you… Well, he wouldn’t have grown this much anyway.” With a bitter smile, Zhao Li’er looked confused and touched Lin Le’s head, “Nothing much, you and your friends, follow me.”

“Okie!” Knowing that she had no evil intention, Lin Le nodded.

The gangsters around were shocked. That’s the Bone-crushing Demon Girl and she actually smiled?!

Little Ye Tian and the others were searching for answers in their minds as well. Yet, thinking that it was Lin Le’s luck, ThornyRose was happy. Heh, it increases our chances by following one of the heads.

Zhao Li’er landed her gaze at the Magical Girl - Ye Cang who had been maintaining his professional smile all these while and noticed a sense of danger. “You...are not bad….’

Then, looking at Zhang Zhengxiong, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan, she frowned, “You guys too…”

Upon returning to the stage, she saw A’Jie still entertaining the crowd with some lines he picked out from a manga. She frustratedly interrupted, “Oh, come on, you’re talking too much. Let’s go and save your fat girlfriend. Quick.”

“Sister Zhao, ever since Brother Zhang graduated, I’m the current leader now. Can you save at least some respect for me? Alright. My brave warriors! Join me and kill the enemies! We’ll crush Phoenix Spirit High School!” A’Jie stood up and raised his bandaged hand up high and Zhao Li’er was speechless. Why would Brother Zhang choose this retard to be his successor? Even though he is indeed strong, his actions and behavior would lower Ghost Claw High School’s image. We once crushed the Phoenix Spirit last year and won the battle with Exploding Metal and North Zhejiang Technical High. It’s kinda regretful that I needed such a long time to recover. But I’m afraid this will be a tough battle too. Brother Zhang has graduated but Tian Zhongzheng is still in Phoenix Spirit. A’Jie might be able to fight him but if Exploding Metal and North Zhejiang Technical High were to join forces once again, I don’t think we stand a chance because we don’t have that fella anymore. Upon thinking about it, Zhao Li’er recalled that cute little face of the person. Where are you, Linlin? I’ve searched the entire P City and yet it was to no avail. She looked at Lin Le.

“Brother Lil’White, that girl...her look is kinda perverted…” Lin Le unconsciously covered his private part.

“Lele, the world has changed. Perverts are everywhere. *sigh* You have to be careful, alright?” Ye Cang’s words made everyone give him a doubtful stare. You, as a man who turned into a Magical Girl and acted like one still dares badmouthing others?