Rooftop. Phoenix Spirit High School. 

“A'Long, if I still can't conquer the South of Zhejiang this time, you'll be my successor since I'm graduating in two months…” Tian Zhongzheng brushed his middle-parted hair, sitting on the fence and staring at the far-end. He recalled the battle last year. 

“Will that young man Sheng Wu come?” the white-haired kid called A'Long asked. 

“Nope. I've searched the entire city for him and I couldn't find him. Besides, I've always been observing Ghost Claw's situation for the past year. Exploding Metal and North of Zhejiang Technical High have been madly recruiting people. If we, Phoenix Spirit and Ghost Claw can't be allies, it’s definitely the end. Zhang Zixing from Ghost Claw has graduated and the successor, A'Jie is nowhere near him. So, I'm more confident for our side. Song Huiqiao has surpassed you and I within a year even though she’s a little cuckoo.”

A’Long tried to bring something up, “Brother Zheng, actually, you and Zhang Zixing's sister…”

“Yeap, from today, I'll be hitting the books. She wants me to get into the same university as her. Or else, she would use my balls to make tiramisu. Oh...” Tian Zhongzheng patted A'Long's shoulders with a heavy heart and said with a heavy voice, “When you’re looking for a girlfriend, you must find a gangster-like female. Because those girls who look normal could be a pervert…”

“Actually, can one really make tiramisu with testicles?”

“...... That's not the main point!”

Tian Zhongzheng felt sad and lit a cigarette. “Zhao Li'er has gotten out of the hospital for at least 6 months. She is definitely coming. Kingkong needs to be more careful.”

“Should we be a bit more cautious with Exploding Metal and Technical High?” A'Long felt that last year's incident might happen again and it would be a full-force fight. The two enemies would definitely not let go of such a great opportunity. 

Tian Zhongzheng smiled. “Isn't it what I wanted? The crows in Phoenix Spirit will always fly higher than them!”

A'Long stunned for a second and smiled bitterly. With his eyes filled with killing intentions, he answered, “Understood.”

“A'Long, don't be worried, I have a trump card to play against them,” Tian Zhongzheng's words made A'Long confused. “Trump card…?”

With the stick of cigarette in his hand, he pointed at the west, “Phoenix Spirit will turn into a fiery hell… since this will be my last chance to shine.”

A'Long stared at the west and nodded as if he knew and turned around, “Then, I'll ask my teacher and The Worst Five to retreat first.”

“Alright, go ahead.” Tian Zhongzheng lifted his fringe on the left, revealing a scar, “Zuo Tianxin, for that swing of the baton, I'll return you ten times! The entire South Zhejiang belongs to me! Ahahaha! Ahahahaha!”

Tian Zhongzheng was laughing out loud at the sky. 

“Tian Zhongzheng! Get your ass back to my class! Or else, I'll call your girlfriend!” a random teacher called out at the top of his lungs. 

“Woah, please don't! Don't do it! I'm coming!” He quickly extinguished the cigarette, buttoned his uniform well and rushed down from the rooftop. 

A'Long almost slipped at the stairs. 

On the other side, the people from Ghost Claw were strolling the streets. With his hands behind his back, Ye Cang was skipping and hopping around like a girl, acting cute while avoiding the occasional puddles. Seeing him immerse himself in the Magical Girl character, everyone was speechless, especially ThornyRose who could not take it any further, “Hey, can you stop acting? It's too much. Aren't you tired of it?”

“Oh, Lil’Rose, this is the very difference between you and an emperor-ranked player like me. I love whatever I do. That’s how it should be. Since I’m already a Magical Girl, I will have to try my best to be one. Just like going on stage to dance, I must wear proper clothes and put in the right emotions. The same goes for cooking. I must keep on finding those precious ingredients , create my own recipe and bring out the best taste of the food. Forget it. It’s useless of me explaining since you wouldn’t understand.” Ye Cang pointed at ThornyRose in a girly manner, “So, gambateh, dumb dumb Lil’Rose~ Lil’Cang loves you yo~”

Initially, ThornyRose felt Ye Cang was quite reasonable but the longer she listened, the more she bit her teeth, especially when getting more frustrated by the little girl’s voice.The last action Ye Cang did was so insulting that she grind her teeth and veins appeared on her forehead. Wu Na immediately pulled her away. “Forget it. Just let him be. You know how stubborn he is.”

“Xiaoxiao, log out, go to my room, and quietly burn all the things I have related to Magical Girl,” LordAsked said with disappointment after Ye Cang’s behavior got registered in his mind.

“Brother, including your very first and the one you love the most?! The Magical Girl - Emilier?! She witnessed us growing up!” Ji Xiao was emotional as he recalled that his brother snatched the money they saved for three years to buy the limited edition Magical Girl - Emilier. It was so precious to him that he had been resisting the urge to touch it.

“Emilier, sorry...I...I… Argh, let me think about it,” LordAsked sighed as he recalled all the happiness Emilier brought to him.

“Another insane fella…” VastSea said to CloudDragon, staring at LordAsked. 

“.....” CloudDragon said. “I think what the Acting Emperor said was reasonable. Even if you’re just doing one thing, do the thing right. Just like you.”

“I haven’t done it well. I’m still a long way…” VastSea’s words made CloudDragon silent for a second. I’m going too easy on myself. He then looked at VastSea. “I’m nowhere near too. Thank you, VastSea.”

VastSea nodded. Magical Girl. I’ll go ask that Lil’Wang for some resources later. Even if it’s just fantasizing, I need materials too…

NalanPureSoul was surprised that LordAsked was actually a great fan of Magical Girl. Wait a minute, I’ve filmed the Magical Girl before and mini-figures of my character were out on the shelves. Worst still, it’s the same version as Emilier was in. The Dark Magical Girl - Bajasy. Hey, could it be that he has it…too? No way, I must go to his room to have a look.

Ji Xiao heaved a sigh of relief. I knew the box of Magical Girls under my brother’s bed were all his treasured “babies”. Just then, NalanPureSoul came over and whispered to him. “Your brother loves Emilier right, then what about Bajasy?”

“Oh, you meant that evil character? Feels like you’re a fan too. Well, my brother is a hardcore fan so he definitely has it. When he just got it, the first thing he did was twisting her head off and used it as a decoration on the toilet plunger. But to be honest, I personally like Bajasy more than Emilier. Hehe. That horny… I even masturbated…” Not waiting for Ji Xiao to finish his grossy nonsense, NalanPureSoul pressed him on the ground and started walloping him.

LordAsked was curious when he saw NalanPureSoul beating Ji Xiao. I bet he said something wrong again. If this was in the past when I didn’t know about his identity, I would have used this as an excuse to declare a war against him. But now… Oh, Xiaoxiao, this is your real brother though. *sigh* I’ll tell him after some time.

After going through a few streets, the Ghost Claw troop arrived at Phoenix Spirit High School’s entrance. The guard was already nowhere to be seen. On the field, there were only a bunch of teenagers with grey uniforms. Some were carrying baseball bats and some even had metal rods. All of them were sneering at the troop.