With the hand full of bandages pressed on his forehead, A’Jie looked at the people from Phoenix Spirit from the corner of his eyes and pointed at them with another hand, “Come out, Tian Zhongzheng. Come out.”

Tian Zhongzheng who was squatting in the middle shooed everyone else to clear a path. Staring at A’Jie’s childish pose, he sighed, “Why would this Old Zhang find some retarded shit like you to…”

“It’s none of your business. Hand over my girlfriend and break your own leg. Maybe I would still spare you rubbish a life.” A’Jie changed to another pose and raised his chin high.

“Beat the shit out of them. Go go go. It feels like talking another sentence to that retard would lower my intelligence…” Tian Zhongzheng swung his hand and turned around irritatedly, “As usual. Meet me at the rooftop…”

“I knew you’re afraid but you can never run away from the sealed hands of the Hurricane of  Black Claws. You’ll always be my prey~ Comrades, charge! Make a ladder for your king!” A’Jie put down his hand and said in a cool manner. Meanwhile, Zhao Li’er was shivering with a metal rod in her hand. If we’re not from the same school, I would really be at the opponent’s side. She then turned around to look at Lin Le, “Stay close to me, got it?”

“Alright,” Lin Le nodded obediently.

“Congratulations! You have successfully joined the frontlines. Follow A’Jie, Zhao Li’er and the others to the rooftop! Participants will be evaluated one by one according to sequence and receive rewards at different levels.”

Upon receiving the notice from the system, they started fighting around Zhao Li’er.

CloudDragon was having a difficult time. My strength only allows me to fight two people at most. I would not have the energy to fight the third one. But they looked like some small fries. Are they really that strong? That punch earlier carries qi energy. I almost got my shoulder dislocated. However, he was shocked at the sight of AV fighting two people at the same time effortlessly. Never knew that this fella is actually this strong outside of the game. This posture looks like one of the five beasts. AV tilted his head to dodge a beheading kick, took a step, poked the opponent’s throat with his hand, slammed the opponent’s clavicle with a karate chop, gave an elbow hit and turned around with a flying beheading kick. 

ThornyRose, Wu Na, and Little Ye Tian were cooperating to fight a bad kid and it was taxing for them already. Meanwhile, SpyingBlade and Fang Ci were helping each other whereas Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan were having no difficulties at all. They could even take on a few all at once by themselves. Lin Le then used his hand to make a gun sign and light particles started accumulating at his fingertip. Soon, a mini light bullet knocked down a gangster. Seeing such a scene made LordAsked wonder. Why do these three fellas have such good skills with them? But I don’t! I even saw Zhang Zhengxiong using Return of Souls to knock away seven to eight people surrounding him. He then stared at the Magical Girl. This is making me vomit blood.

Ye Cang dashed into the crowd like a suicide bomber and instantly activated Lovely Paper-Scissors-Stone - Stone. He then poked the enemies’ eyes, slapped a few people and turned around to block a blond haired man’s metal rod attack. “Do know that you’ll be punished for hurting the Magical Girl! But still, Lil’Cang will always love you yo!”

In a swift motion, he unleashed the paper-scissors-stone combo and sent him a lovely flying kiss as he raised and shook his ass. “Take my lovely flying kiss!”

A pink lovely flying kiss hit the blond and the sound of bubble popping was heard. The man was knocked away, crashing into a few people like a car ramming through a pedestrian-filled street. Swiftly, Ye Cang grabbed the hair of the nearest gangster and unleashed another combo.

“Take this! Lil”Cang’s lovely hammer! Love you yo~ Wow! I could feel your love! Cangcang is so touched! Look at my lovely hurricane kick! Oh no, I flashed my panty! Ah!”

Ye Cang’s bravery made ThornyRose drop her jaw. This mad dog is so creepy but yet so strong. She quickly went over to get some kills. Seeing the allies behind him moving at a slow pace, Ye Cang backed off. He stood beside Wu Na and raised his electrical lovely stick up high. With a loud snap of his finger, colorful neon disco lights popped out of nowhere and Ye Cang started dancing to the Magical Girl’s Dance Battle. Wu Na was stunned. This fella is really into it...

“Your Magical Girl Dance was ranked S. All your attributes will be doubled, your allies’ attributes will be increased by 50%. Lasts for 10 minutes.”

Zhao Li’er sensed the effect and stared at the Magical Girl - Lil’Cang in awe. The people from Ghost Claw also felt the granted effect. Ye Cang raised his lovely stick up high and put a hand over his ears and shouted, “Can y’all feel Lil’Cang’s love?!”

“......” ThornyRose and the others were totally speechless.

Moments later, the people from Ghost Claw were cheering for Lil’Cang.

“Congratulations! Since your support has received much appreciation, you’ve mastered the Magical Girl Skill - Lovely Thousand Years of Death!”

Lovely Ass Piercing: Unleashes a destructive ass piercing + deep exploding to a target with your Magical Girl weapon. It might cause the target to bleed, unable to battle temporarily, stunned, luck reduction and other effects causing the target to be unable to walk. (This is one of the signature assassination technique used by Magical Girl against the bad guys yo~)

As the crowd from Phoenix Spirit was building up, Zhao Li’er and the others came to the right entrance. She turned around to see A’Jie’s team dashing right into the place where most enemies were at. I’ll go there from the second floor!

“Let’s go to the second floor!”

Everyone followed her and entered the school building.

“Congratulations! You’ve successfully entered the school building, you’ll receive rewards and improvements according to evaluation.”

“Since your performance is ranked SSS, all attribute stars +10, you can randomly get an exclusive equipment, a random class skill, and a random skill.”

“Congratulations! You’ve received a master Magical Girl super mini battle skirt.”

“Congratulations! You’ve mastered Magical Girl’s class upgradable skill - Lovely Chest Beating.”

“Congratulations! You’ve mastered Hadouken.”

 Master Magical Girl super mini battle skirt: Strength +8 stars, Dexterity +10 stars, Constitution +15 stars, Intelligence -20 stars, Will +15 stars.”

Lovely Chest Beating: Unleashes a series of close-ranged struggling-to get-away lovely punches on the opponent. The number of punches will be half of the total of stars you have in Strength and Dexterity. The last punch has a knock-away effect. 

Hadouken: Unleashes a shockwave punch. The effect depends on the number of stars on Will and Strength. 

As Ye Cang moved and dodged the attacks, he took off his skirt, changed to a mini skirt with glamorous pink glittering effect and completed it with heart-shaped buttons.

“Hey, no Magical Girl will ever change her clothes as she walks in public, alright…” ThornyRose who was following behind shouted. Suddenly, an elite jumped down from above. Just when she was about to remind her, Ye Cang reached out his arms and the elite grabbed them unconsciously. The two of them were stuck together.

Onii-chan, it’s painful. Let go of me,” Ye Cang struggled his way out, got closer to his chest and punched him rapidly. The sound of bones cracking were heard. “Hate it. Hate it. How could you make me feel pain?”

“Go away!” A tight slap landed on the elite’s face.


The elite spat blood, flew out from the second floor like a flying kite and was nowhere to be found.

“What kind of girl is this?” LIl’Wang was dumbfounded. That was an elite. Even AV and I could barely fight him. Even though we have gotten our rewards and fighting one all by myself is manageable, it will still be a vigorous fight. 

“Magical Girl…” Wu Na stared at Ye Cang who was showing a sad face due to the pain and the direction where he sent the elite flying.