Zhao Li’er and the rest managed to reach the second floor but a muscular man in a sleeveless shirt stood in the middle of the walkway, blocking their way. Holding a metallic baseball bat, he said, “Hey b*tch, I’ve been waiting for you.”

“GoldTwo, have you forgotten your pain from last year?” Zhao Li’er walked towards him with a smirk, dragging her metal rod, “You guys get past him through the classrooms behind us. I’ll catch up in a bit.”

Upon entering the classroom, Ye Cang and the others saw a man with a scar on his face. He was wearing the Wind Spirit’s uniform and sitting casually on the lectern with a hand in his pocket as if waiting for their arrival.

The scar-faced man put on a smile, “Last year, a few newbies made me suffer, especially that shortie. *sigh* It’s unfortunate that I would have to get my revenge on you guys.”

Upon thinking about it, he felt a slight pain at his crotch and then got up.

“This is the first boss! Everyone be careful, especially of the hand he put inside his pocket!” Little Ye Tian thoroughly observed him before quickly taking a step back. It’s definitely an instant kill if I get too close.

LordAsked immediately picked a metal rod up and dashed at him. CloudDragon stepped on the table beside him and sent a flying kick forward while Zhang Zhengxiong grabbed a chair and tossed it with all the strength he had. The man crushed the chair into pieces with spiraling qi energy with a swing of his hands and with a pull, his hand in his pocket grew longer at an instance and attacked CloudDragon who was approaching with a flying kick. Even though CloudDragon dodged the attack from harming his vital spots, his leg was dislocated. At the same time, he pondered. Shit! This is bad! It wasn’t just an attack but also a grab! The scarred man smirked as he grabbed CloudDragon’s ankle, pulling him back. His right fist was ready with a heavy punch. LordAsked knew that if that punch landed directly on CloudDragon, he would die. Swiftly, he reversed his grip on the metal rod and aimed at the man’s elbow. However, once he got close enough, a kick came out of nowhere and knocked his metal rod away. His purlicue was bleeding. This is way too insane. He gasped. My left wrist is broken.

Just when CloudDragon thought he was about to collapse, a photoelastic bullet was sent directly into the man’s face. Since his leg was still in mid-air, he had no choice but to turn his body to dodge the attack, canceling his spiral shockwave attack but his hand was still grabbing CloudDragon’s leg firmly. Using that opportunity, CloudDragon turned his body and swung his other leg, aiming right at the man’s throat. Zhang Zhengxiong was also closing in with his qi palm.

“Useless beings.” The man let go of his hands, put it back into his pocket and turned around, sending two kicks at one go. One landed right at Zhang Zhengxiong’s abdomen and the other on CloudDragon’s shoulder. The two of them were sent sliding out of the classroom together with a couple of classroom desks.

Lil’Wang and AV then chained the man’s legs with an iron chain and they pulled. Nothing happened. The persistent boss swung another kick, sending them crashing out of the window. Luckily, they were fast enough to grab on the window frame filled with shredded glass stuck onto it. Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan went on to besiege him. Yet, they only managed to block a few attacks before being defeated and breaking a few bones. ThornyRose, Gongsun Qian, and RedMoon were all sent flying out from the classroom, breaking the windows along the hallway as they went. 

Seeing such a scene, Ji Xiao was wondering if he should go ahead and take on the challenge whereas Ye Cang who was standing beside him disappeared into thin air.

The scarred man lowered his head to look at the cute little girl. He could not help it but to grab her pair of tiny hands on her chest.

“Pain! Pain! Onii-chan! It’s painful! You’re exerting too much strength! Lil’Cang’s hands are in pain! Let go of me!” Ye Cang knocked away the man’s hands. “Hate it! Hate it!”

A series of beating landed on his chest. The man with the scar choked as if his chest was being hit with a big hammer. Ye Cang once again pushed him away. Boom! Even though the man’s feet were still on the ground, he was being pushed at least two meters away. “Looks like I underestimated you, little girl…”

Little Ye Tian had already backed off when they were fighting. She grabbed the mini packet filled with quick lime powder she found at the chemical laboratory nearby and tossed right into his face.

“Argh! My eyes! Damn it! It’s quick lime powder!”

Ye Cang dashed over and slid through his crotch. Facing his ass, he took out his lovely electrical stick. “Receive Lil’Cang’s lovely sweet punishment! Lovely Ass Piercing! Love you yo~”

As the lovely stick pierced his ass, Ye Cang clicked the button. A loud explosion was heard.

The man fell onto the ground, crying out loud in pain. His uncontrollable pair of hands swung around madly, attacking in all directions. Ye Cang became the victim and was slammed onto the blackboard with a cute high-pitched moan. His left hand and right knee were dislocated and his face was bruised. Enduring the pain, he adjusted it back himself and took out a mirror to see the bruises on his face. His eyes were flaming with anger.

“Congratulations! You’ve triggered the hidden attributes of Magical Girl - Magical Girl’s Face Is More Important than Life! Bastard! Die! All attributes’ stars increase by 300% and you’ve mastered Magical Girl Skill - Lovely Ora Ora Ora and Lovely Balls-breaking Kick.”

Ye Cang got up with a deadly look, holding his lovely electrical stick, acting like the lady boss of a teen gang. “You goddamn bastard! How dare you injure the Magical Girl’s face?! Looks like Lil’Cang is going too easy on you! You need more love, don’t you? A’Xiong! And everyone else! Press him on the ground! Looks like I have to drown him with my love!”

ThornyRose, carrying Gongsun Qian, crawled back to the classroom from the hallway to see Ye Cang’s scary aura and the boss who had a bleeding ass shrieking. 

Since he was weak at that point in time, everyone rushed over and oppressed him. CloudDragon jumped and landed a kick right at his neck and Zhang Zhengxiong restrained the joint on his left hand. Both of them were grabbing him hard. Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan, Lil’Wang and AV quickly stepped forward and grabbed him while Ye Cang was taking his stroll over step by step.

“Brother! Don’t take your own sweet time! Be quick! We can’t hold him that long!” Zhang Zhengxiong felt the strength of the man struggling while his own rib cage was about to break.

With a leap, Ye Cang stood in between the man’s leg and let go of his lovely stick. “Accept Lil’Cang’s love! Lovely Ora Ora Ora! Love you yo~”

Ye Cang’s fists were like a machine gun, hitting the man’s private part crazily. Chills went down every man’s spines after seeing that sickening look and hearing him saying ‘Love you yo~’ continuously for so long.

The man’s cry and scream had turned into begging, “I surrender! I sur...render! Don’t...hit...anymore!”

Ye Cang stopped. A pure innocent smile was still hung on his face despite having half of it bruised. 

“Lovely Balls-breaking Kick! This is Lil’Cang’s last love for you! Take it! Love you love you love you~”

Ye Cang hopped, turned around in mid-air and landed his leg landed exactly at where the boss’s private part was. “Die, bastard! Go to hell and regret why you would injure such a cute face of a Magical Girl!”

“No!! No!! Ah!!”


The ground cracked due to the great impact and silence filled the classroom. Covering his skirt, Ye Cang hopped over the man’s unconscious body and spoke in a cute tone, “Lil’Cang has forgiven you. Love you yo~ Hehe~”

“Congratulations! You’ve successfully defeated Scar - Zhang Gang. You will randomly receive a skill, a class equipment, and a random attribute’s improvement ranging from one to five stars.”

Staring at the corpse, everyone shivered and was disgusted as only the ankle parts of the jeans were left and everything above that was all crushed into nothingness. This Magical Girl is indeed insane.