“Congratulations! You’ve received Magical Girl’s mini battle panty.”

“Congratulations! You’ve mastered skill - Caning Hands and Capture.”

“Congratulations! Your Strength increases 4 stars.”

Magical Girl’s Mini Battle Panty: Intelligence reduces by 10 stars, Strength +20 stars, Dexterity +10 stars. Since you’ve received Sense of Security, you’ll master another Magical Girl skill - Lovely Shield. You can choose any image or pattern for your panty. Different images and patterns will grant you different attributes. (ps: Every Magical Girl has her own panty that will never get torn or broken and will protect you forever!)

Lovely Shield: Once activated, it can absorb a certain amount of damage. The lower the Intelligence, the greater the damage absorbed. Whenever you use a combo of Lovely Paper-Scissors-Stone, you'll receive a love sign. One love sign can be used to activate a layer of Lovely Shield.

Ye Cang thought for a moment before deciding what image to use. I think I should reminisce about the loss of my elephant. He then pulled his skirt up and put it back down with satisfaction once he saw the elephant image on his panty. Oh, I haven't used any of my chances on the lottery machine. Including this one… I have 20 chances. He summoned the lottery machine. 

“Congratulations! You've got nothing.”

“Congratulations! You've gotten nothing. ”

“Congratulations! You've…”

Until the tenth time, the Bad Luck Lottery Machine once again descended. Ye Cang nodded satisfactorily and pulled the trigger. 

“Congratulations! You’ve received the Magical Girl’s Happy Growing Magic Staff.”

Magical Girl’s Happy Growing Magic Staff: Equipping this magic staff increases all attributes by 13 stars, skill damage by 13% but reduces Intelligence by 25 stars. You also receive a Happy Growing Effect. (Whenever you receive a reward, your attribute will increase by 3 stars permanently, magic staff’s attribute +1 permanently, skill damage +5% and Intelligence reduces by 5 stars) This magic staff has an upgradable effect - ???

Ps: Happy Growing Wood is Magical Girl - MG367’s treasure. The Happy Growing Tree will only grow one new branch full of the power of Happy Growing every five hundred years. The local Magical Girl staffsmith forged it into a magic staff that could accompany the Magical Girl throughout her life. Do know that a good magic staff is the most important item to Magical Girl. Take good care of it.

He continued pulling the trigger for ten more times but all the attempts were futile. The Bad Luck Lottery Machine appeared once again. Pull the trigger!

“Congratulations! You’ve received master Magical Girl skill - Lovely Smash.”

Lovely Smash: Pretends to knock over something and falls to the ground in a cute manner. Cause a crushing effect and knockaway effect upon contact with the ground.

While everyone was focused on looking at their rewards, they noticed Ye Cang pulling something and getting something moments later. With much curiosity, they asked, “Boss, what are you doing?”

“Getting my rewards. It’s alright now.” They saw Ye Cang holding a 30-centimeter long pink Magical Girl Staff. On top of it, there was a dark pink crystal. Oh, this is one good item. Ye Cang hung it behind his waist. Staring at the staff, ThornyRose wondered. He is looking like a Magical Girl now and the items are getting more advanced. What the heck is the system thinking? Why didn’t it choose me, the best candidate, to be the Magical Girl? “Let’s go. The healing bay is over there. Let’s treat our wounds first.”

Holding on to each other, they arrived at the healing bay and healed themselves for a bit. Little Ye Tian put all the medical equipment and medicine into her backpack without the slightest hesitation. Since my battle power is not enough, I must try to provide back support for others. However, CloudDragon and LordAsked were confused as they felt that Ye Cang’s reward was way better than theirs even though they share the same boss reward. Before they knew it, Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le had also gone through some changes. Along the way, they had no pressure in battling those small elites. Lin Le could even shoot Sky Shaking Qi Cannon. Explosive qi stream was shot out of his palm, knocking away tens of rebellious teenagers at once and even a simple swing of his fist could knock an elite away. Wow, just how many stars does he have in Strength?

Moments later, Lin Le was exhausted and so he sat down. Oh, there’s still a limit for him. Yet, he got up immediately after closing his eyes for a second. “Recharge completed! Take this! Lele’s Invincible Sky Shaking Cannon! Biu! Biu! One more shot! One more!”

“......” Everyone was speechless at Lin Le who was aimlessly shooting his cannon depending on his luck behind Zhang Zhengxiong who was guarding the stairs.

WIth Zhang Zhengxiong’s impressive palm technique and imperishable defence, everyone was lucky to have a safe zone to catch a breath. 

“VastSea, Fallen Star Pavilion one, Lil’Dino, we’ll be guarding this side!” CloudDragon activated the skill used by the scarred man. His kicks knocked away the leftover elites and dashed towards the crowd in the stairways, unleashing Thousands Rapid Kicks. Meanwhile, Lil’Wang and AV decided to protect Little Ye Tian.

“Hey, Old Cao, do you think this is a place for studying? It’s so messy…and...no girls at all?” Liu Bei grabbed a red-haired man’s head and smashed it onto the wall forcefully and repeatedly.

“Well, it depends on what kind of study you’re saying. Academics or martial arts. Female students… Wow! I found one! I found one! This young lady didn’t learn to be a real lady. Instead, she is here fighting like a real gangster. No way, let me teach her a lesson. It’s a waste of her life.” Cao Cao broke two gangster’s wrists and walked towards a good-looking blonde.

“It’s too dangerous for you to educate her. Leave the teaching job to me.” Sun Quan kicked a few gangsters to Cao Cao and dashed at the girl. However, moments later, Liu Bei and Cao Cao realized that Sun Quan’s body was flying in their direction before landing right beside them.

“Oh, a nasty one. I like it. Old Cao, shall we go together?” With a smile, Liu Bei helped Sun Quan to get up.

“Let’s go!” Cao Cao smirked at the blonde female gangster.

“I must teach her our Jiangdong manners!” Sun Quan took out a black chain, grinding his teeth.

Expecting that the opponent might be strong, Liu Bei took out the titanium rod with his left hand and another metallic baseball bat with the other. 

Cao Cao took out a master-ranked wrench and cracked many bones when he was on his  way.

“Old Liu seems to be fighting a boss,” SpyingBlade noticed the situation in the hallway.

“Those three bastards. The number of creatures here is too big and they are strong. Let’s not bother them first. There are too many people coming up from the stairways. Lele and A’Xiong are barely defending and Zhao Li’er isn't done with her side yet. We must survive until she gets here.” ThornyRose turned around and came to her realization that crowds had already surrounded Zhao Li’er. We would sacrifice a lot if we go there but we can’t guard the enemies from the front and back at the same time. “Where’s the Magical Girl?!”

“Team leader went to the classroom over there to block the elites. Feels like he is killing monsters.” FrozenCloud who got her bone broken returned to the safe zone created by Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le and she saw the Magical Girl - Lil’Cang beating the enemies badly in the classroom not far away. Little Ye Tian quickly helped her treat her wounds since she was good at it.

ThornyRose nodded and did not say anything as she looked around. This situation is too chaotic. Humans are everywhere and movement is limited. The main team is at the center of the main building which is still far away. Going there would be a suicide as we would be surrounded by attacks from front and back. For now, Zhao Li'er is battling a boss behind us and the people from Ghost Claw are helping us out so we’re not really that pressured yet. If we were to go into the hallway between those two stairs in front, we’ll be chopped into pieces and I can guarantee that. Well, let's stay here for now to observe the situation. Better be safe than sorry in a dire situation like this. We will wait for those people to gather together and rush up the stairs in one shot. That should grant us a more favorable reward. She then grabbed a metal rod and dashed towards CloudDragon and VastSea together with FrozenCloud.