Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan were having a hard time fighting the blonde female gangster. Sun Quan switched hands to hold the iron chain as his left palm had completely broken. Meanwhile, Cao Cao was circling around her and while his purlicue had been bleeding. Liu Bei was nowhere to be found. That bastard ran away?!

“Senior! Let me help you!” The blonde female heard a voice coming from behind. She turned around to have a glance and saw a girl in a Wind Spirit Uniform who had long black hair with a middle parting fringe. Oh, that’s my type. “It’s alright. I’m fine.” Her heart was thinking otherwise. 

Without noticing that the girl was holding a metal rod that seemed familiar, she turned back.    “Dang!”

A severe pain was felt from the back of her head. At the edge of fainting, she turned around to see the kind smile of the junior and her heart sank. Cao Cao quickly grabbed this opportunity to attack, getting a direct hit at her chin with his wrench and knocking away a few teeth of hers. Sun Quan circled his chain on her throat with just a swing and stared at the junior. “Wow, you’re definitely the bastard, Liu Xuande that I know…”

“Get her in. We’ll have to teach her a lesson…” the feminized Liu Bei opened the door of the changing room with a sweet and polite smile as he touched his bleeding forehead. 

“Hehehe…” Cao Cao was grabbing her leg and Sun Quan was pulling the chain. “Hey, don’t give me that evil smile, would ya? This is a school, take care of your image. Drag her in, beat the shit out of her and sign on her bra. That will do.”

“I contributed the most so I’ll sign on her panty! No objections!” Liu Bei grabbed the other leg and tied it with a chain.

“Alright, alright. You da best. Gentlemen will give it to the ladies. Write whatever you want. Hey, Old Cao, what should we write by the way?” Sun Quan closed the door. 

“A poem. The Sea. It will be useful for her to figure out the moral lessons in life.” Cao Cao took out a gel pen.

“Seeing her so reluctant to put in effort reminds me of Ziming (Lü Meng). Alright, I’ll include this then. ‘I should learn from Lü Meng, be hardworking to amaze people. I’ll never forget it.’ Hahaha,” Sun Quan said.

“It’s not only about studies, you must correct her moral values and ethics. ‘Never fail to do anything good even if you deem it as petty; never dare to do anything evil even if  you consider it as trivial’.” Liu Bei suddenly recalled the words he once told Shan’er. Swiftly, he lifted her skirt and wrote it.

“Very well. We’re done,” Liu Bei kept away his pen and the blonde seemed to be waking up.

“It’s physical punishment time…” Sun Quan raised his iron chain with a smirk.

“Zhongmou, you’re seriously revengeful,” Cao Cao gradually picked up his wrench.

As the blonde was waking up, her sight slowly focused on the wrench, the metal rod, and the iron chain that landed on her one after another and also the disgusting smile, especially from the long-and-middle-parting-haired girl. Once again, her mind went blank and she lost her consciousness.

“Congratulations! Your team has successfully defeated Karate Girl - Xiao Ke. You’ll receive a random skill, an item or equipment and a level up of an attribute ranging from one to five stars.”

ThornyRose was shocked and on cloud nine. Wow, those three fellas are this strong?! CloudDragon was also stunned upon receiving the message. Those three paladins?!

Liu Bei and the others came back with wounds all over their bodies. Little Ye Tian immediately opened her backpack, treated their wounds and gave a few painkillers to Sun Quan. “How did you guys defeat the boss?”

“We won with unexpected tactics…” Liu Bei smiled.

“Which means changing your gender and wearing a female uniform. When Lil’Sun and I were battling hard, he offered help for the enemy and then ambushed her from behind,” Sun Quan rolled her eyes.

“Soldiers win with different and unexpected tactics and Liu Bei wins by being a bastard,” Cao Cao’s words made Liu Bei smirked even though he was being called names. 

ThornyRose was speechless when she overheard their conversation. “......” These three fellas are trickier than one another. They are sure the weirdos who slept with all the females in the chief's family in Beginner's Village. 

Ye Cang also received his reward which was a skill - Lovely Dash whereas Zhao Li’er finished her fight and came to them with wounds. Her right arm was dislocated and she adjusted it back, enduring the pain. A’Jie’s voice then came from somewhere far away. “Sister Li, meet on the third floor! Follow me and let’s go on the endless hell journey! Let’s go my baby~”

“I swear I will break his leg once before I graduate…” Zhao Li’er did not answer him but just mumbled. She then grabbed her metal rod and went up. Sounds of bones cracking were heard as she moved up as everyone followed. Ye Cang then activated Lovely Dash and swung his hands and legs as if he was a girl late for class. “I’m late! I’m late! I’m late! Take this! Lil’Cang’s Lovely Dash! Love you guys yo~”

All the enemies nearby were knocked away by Ye Cang who was running.

Zhao Li’er turned around to glance at Ye Cang. Hmm… this fella is strong. She may look like an innocent teenage girl but she is actually a bloodthirsty wolf. I bet her personality must be cruel too. Even though she did not talk much to him, she was quite shocked to see Ye Cang’s cute hands breaking enemies rib cage as he swung left and right. Looks like the juniors are people with scary powers. Hmph. Staring at the staircase, she felt like crying. Time flies. The year before, at this exact spot, he lifted my skirt! With sadness overwhelming her, she turned around and continued to run up the stairs.

Upon arriving on the third floor, the stage reward notice popped out once again. 

“Since your performance was ranked SSS, all attributes +10 stars. Since you’re a Magical Girl, your Intelligence reduces 20 stars. You’ll randomly get a class equipment and a class skill. Warning! Warning! The Magical Girl Association has noticed your sincerity and has specially allowed you to upgrade to an official Magical Girl. Do you wish to head to the association and accept the offer?”

Ye Cang nodded and a hexagram pattern shone below his feet and swallowed him up. He then vanished.

After the light faded, Ye Cang realized he was in a castle decorated in pink and filled with dolls and toys. An old woman with a sailor suit and a hat was sitting behind a round table. On top of it were many files, documents, inks and stamps just like in an office but everything  was in a cute design just like a little girl’s toys. Behind the lady was an enormous lovely phoenix statue. Its wings were wide opened and it was made out of shiny pink crystals.

“Hey, newbie, over here…” the old lady pushed her glasses and glanced at Ye Cang. 

Ye Cang jogged over. “Old lady, you…”

“Who are you calling an old lady?! I was once a Magical Girl too, ya know?! The sexiest one! My body is sexier than yours and my breasts are bigger than your god damned head! The entire Magical Girl industry knows me, Lil’Love! You’re just a part-timer, do you still wish to be an official one?!” the old lady who called herself Lil’Love shouted.

“......” Ye Cang sweated, “Of course, of course, I do, Sister Lil’Love.”

“That’s more like it. Here’s the form. Fill it up.” Lil’Love casually tossed him a career-switching application form. 

Staring at the form, Ye Cang thought it was almost the same as the job application form. As he was filling his particulars, he asked out of curiosity, “Sister Lil’Love, how did you become a Magical Girl?”

“Keep your mouth shut and fill up your form.” Lil’Love glared at Ye Cang. With a sigh, she walked down memory lane. All of them become Magical Girls because they are stupid. The same goes for me. My IQ test showed that I only have a 79. My parents had no choice but to send me to the Magical Girl training class. Even though I was once famous, my dream was to actually be a lawyer or a blacksmith. *sigh*