“I’m done with my form. Am I an official one now?” Ye Cang handed over the form and Lil’Love looked at him with a smile. Her index finger and thumb were brushing against each other. 

“......” Ye Cang understood the meaning of that hand gesture. Wow, the Magical Girl Association is this corrupted? They still want to rip me off. He then saw Lil’Love staring at his skirt. Looks like I can’t be an official if I don’t give her this skirt. Embarrassedly, he took off the skirt and his elephant panty was revealed. “Sis Lil’Love, this is for you.”

“Good child. Well, I asked for this mainly because the skirt fits me. Here’s something in return. A Magical Girl accident insurance… I don’t need it now so I’ll give it to you. Do know that in every Galaxy Storm Era, the Goddess of Magical Girl - Darsha will grant five most outstanding Magical Girls an insurance contract. This was my reward when I was young. It’s now yours as I transfer it to you. Be appreciative. It might save your life at a crucial time.” Lil’Love took out a pink contract and changed the name on it. Ye Cang felt a source of mysterious power surging through his body and the contract flew into his body before disappearing.

“Alright, get out of here. I want to try my new skirt.” As Lil’Love swung her hands, the hexagram appeared and engulfed Ye Cang. In a blink of an eye, he vanished into thin air again. Staring into the mirror, Lil’Love smiled bitterly as if she recalled something. “Oh my, I actually gave Darsha’s contract to someone else. Oh well, even though it was precious, she needs it more than I do. Since I’ve seen her death point, I must save her. This is my responsibility and duty as the Pink Savior - Lil’Love! I’m always the best of the best!” She put Ye Cang’s glorious skirt on her old and wrinkled body and spinned in front of the mirror. A cheerful smile was written on that creased face. “Lil’Love is here to save the day!”

In the mirror, there was a beautiful young lady smiling back at her.

“I...Lil’Love...never regret...of becoming…” Staring at the young lady in the mirror, tears ran down her cheek. Her body gradually turned into pink stardust and memories flashed back in the center of her mind. The memories of how she became a Magical Girl, how she defeated the Demon King of seventeen galaxies, how she saved the citizens in thirty different galaxies, how she met her lifetime partner - A’La, how she became the instructor for Happy Growing Magical Girl, how she became the principal, how she witnessed the death of her lover while holding his hands and lastly how she came to the isolated Magical Girl Association for retirement. “I’ll see you...next life...A’La.”

The stardust leisurely flew into the enormous lovely phoenix statue.

A blonde girl walked into the room to see the stardust. In a sad tone, she said, “I’m too late huh, grandmother...Never thought that you would give your life-saving contract to someone else and speed up your own death...What Pink Saviour...you’re truly an idiot.”

Just then, another red-haired young lady walked in, caressing the girl’s head and stared at the stardust with much respect and gratitude, “Sacrificing oneself to save the others. Isn’t that the Magical Girl’s duty? Mother had accomplished her duty and went to find your grandfather. So...let’s witness her leaving and send her off, Lil’Co.”

The blonde girl burst into tears as she recalled her memories with her grandmother. Burying herself in her mother’s embrace, she sobbed, “I will. I will. I’ll be the strongest Magical Girl that surpasses her! I definitely will!”

The red-haired lady did not answer but just caressed her back. With tears rolling in her eyes, she stared at the pink statue. The Ever-lasting Heart of A Girl. That’s our home.

Wind Spirit High School. Third Floor.

As ThornyRose and the others were engrossed in looking at their rewards, they also noticed Ye Cang's disappearance. 

“Where’s he?” Just when ThornyRose asked, the hexagram appeared along with Ye Cang. However, this time around, he had no skirt but only a panty with an elephant image. 

“What happened?” Wu Na asked.

“Nothing much. Just that I was being sent to the Magical Girl Association to change my status. I’m now an official Magical Girl.” Ye Cang turned around, bent one of his legs and made a pose with his hand on his waist.

ThornyRose and the others were in total speechlessness. They were getting tired. 

“Alright, Magical Girl, put on your pants,” ThornyRose facepalmed. 

“Ah! Lil’Cang forgot to wear his skirt! Don’t you peep at me, you perverts!” Ye Cang quickly covered her panty. 

“You’re the real pervert, alright?!” Everyone was pissed. We’ve enough of you!

“They are truly the Three Heroes from the East District. A female impersonator, a flasher and an innerwear thief.” Wu Na’s words made FrozenCloud and the others nod in agreement. They once thought naive thinking that the team leader was the most normal one among the three. 

Ye Cang put on the original skirt and did not bother anything against his favors. As he pouted cutely, he looked at his rewards. 

“Congratulations! You’ve successfully become an official Magical Girl. The limitation on the skills are unlocked and the Lovely Paper-Scissors-Stone is no longer needed to trigger other skills.”

“Congratulations! You’ve mastered Magical Girl’s Tactical Cape.”

“Congratulations! You’ve mastered Magical Girl skill - Lovely Hammer Kill.”

Lovely Hammer Kill: Unleashes a cute awakening hammer smash. It can cause concussion, stun and knockaway.

Magical Girl’s Tactical Cape: All attributes increase 15 stars except for Intelligence. Intelligence reduces 25 stars. When using a skill, the power of love will automatically correct its path to tag and track the target. 

Ye Cang then tried Lovely Flying Kiss and a relatively strong elite dodged the kiss attack. However, the kiss automatically changed direction and knocked him into the wall. 

“WTF, what kind of insane skill is this. It can track people…” ThornyRose was disgusted and speechless.

“Lil’Cang’s Lovely Flying Kiss Tracking Version.” Ye Cang then activated Lovely Dash and started killing enemies from all directions.

“I’m starting to doubt that this is actually the man that I married with…” ThornyRose stared at his feministic appearance back and mumbled to herself.

“Ever since the day I liked him, I doubt that three times a week on average,” Wu Na sighed.

“......” CloudDragon, LordAsked, and the others pondered. Girls nowadays are crazy...

“I’ve never doubted it before,” NalanPureSoul smirked. 

“......” ThornyRose and Wu Na silently landed their gaze at his private part. 

“Zhaozhao, you wouldn’t have a girly side too, right?” Gongsun Qian smiled. 

“I think Fang Ci would be a better candidate instead of me. Am I right, Fang Ci?” SpyingBlade's words made Fang Ci roll his eyes, “What are you trying to say? As if you’ve never worn a female costume before.”

SpyingBlade then recalled the horrible scene of their adventure in the Imperial Capital a few days before. SpyingBlade sent a stare at his direction. Hey, don’t you dare. With an arm around Fang Ci’s shoulder, he smiled, “Just kidding.”

“Hmph.” Fang Ci knew SpyingBlade was afraid that Gongsun Qian would know of their risky adventure.