“Lovely Hurricane Kick! Lovely Dash! Lovely Hammer Kill! Lovely Hammer Smash! Lovely Flying Kiss! Poke the eyes! Slap the face! Love you guys yo! Lovely Body Slam!” Ye Cang was like a mad dog biting anyone it sees and Zhao Li’er was amazed by it. This fella is this strong? He’s relieving our pressure. “A’Jie! Go up! I’ll cut off the back for you!”

“Thank you, my baby!”

“Don’t force me…”

“You come up earlier too.”

“There’s no way you can go up.” A deep voice came from nowhere and A’Jie turned to look at a long-haired man. “Are you the what...Song..something?”

“Yeap, senior. It’s me. Song Huiqiao…”

“Oh, now I remember. A’Kai, can you handle this?” 

“Leave it to me, leader,” A’Kai brushed his dojo clothes, bowed to A’Jie and dashed forward. When the enemy sent a sky full of kicks at him, A’Kai endured a few kicks, grabbed his leg, and suppressed him on the ground. Instantly, he restrained him with a hit from the elbow. Song Huiqiao was surprised. This man’s Aikido is very strong! He quickly swung the other leg to knock him off, sending a series of kicks as well. A’jie pondered. Wow, just one year and he is already this scary? Although A’Kai is only in the first year of high school, he is the strongest in Ghost Claw. Even Zhao Li’er and I together might not able to defeat him. Luckily, his low intelligence failed him and I managed to recruit him. 

“Not bad, your attacks are very strong but that’s all you can go.” A’Kai knew he had to use his full power. Grabbing the opportunity, he knocked Song Huiqiao away and took off his clothes, revealing his fit and muscular body. As he threw away his arm guards, the two heavy items landed hard on the ground. With a clap, he quickly dropped low and made a ‘Neji’ stance, ready to fight. His eyes were locked on Song Huiqiao and his qi energy was glimmering. His aura was so strong as if he was a dragon. “Come on.”

“Time to run. This fella is getting serious.” A’Jie quickly went past Song Huiqiao. “Oh, junior, you improved a lot. But come and fight me if you defeat A’Kai anyway.”

“......” Zhao Li’er was speechless. Don’t speak as if you’d defeated A’Kai before. She looked at A’Kai. Damn. This fella even tried to control his own power on the first match?! Are all the juniors insane nowadays?

“You guys go ahead and provide some help too,” Zhao Li’er saw a man walking over with a metal rod, “Kingkong… I crushed your brother and it’s your turn now?”

“We don’t know who is crushing who yet, Bone-cracking Girl…” Kingkong growled and rushed at Zhao Li’er with his brass knuckles. Zhao Li’er dropped low and prepared for counterattack. He is different from his brother. His martial arts are stronger. If I make a careless move, that’d be the end of my life.

Everyone then followed A’Jie up stairs. Just then, they heard the sound of motorcycle engines and Kingkong stopped his attack. “It’s just as how the leader thought. They are here.”

Zhao Li’er came to the balcony and looked down. Metal Explosion and Technical High are here! Zuo Tianxin is here too. “Do we still continue?”

“Why not…” Kingkong rushed at her with his fists and Zhao Li’er pondered. He wants to continue even in this situation? Does that mean…? Tian Zhongzheng that kid sure has the guts. No wonder he is the one who is rivalrous to Brother Zixing.

A’Jie came to the rooftop to see the man who looked like a crow, Tian Zhongzheng sitting on the fence. A girl who was in a black uniform playing with a black compass then caught his sight. She had a small butterfly tattoo at the corner of her eyes and a mysterious yet dangerous aura was surrounding her. He frowned, “Ghost Phoenix...what the hell are you doing here?”

“I came to watch you guys fight each other and maybe help you guys a little if it’s necessary?” Ghost Phoenix leaned against the fence as the bikes roamed.  An evil smile was written on her face. “Here he comes. Tian Zhongzheng, Zuo Tianxin is yours. Leave Cang to me, his legs are mine…”

Ghost Phoenix took out her phone, “Tiger, ask Glasses and the others to come over. The show is about to start.”

Upon ending the call, she walked down the stairs and walked past A’Jie. “Hehe, never knew you’re like that… It’s such a waste for me to...in the past… Well, thank you for believing me once.”

As she shook her head, she walked down the stairs without turning back. 

A’Jie turned around and stared at Ghost Phoenix’s back.

To A’Jie, Ghost Phoenix was a close acquaintance. She was his deskmate in primary school for six years. She was cheerful, kind, beautiful and had a smooth thigh.Their relationship was pretty good until… she was harassed by the class teacher and she injured the teacher with a compass. She was then expelled. Also, ever since that day, A’Jie got addicted to comics. He met her once again when he followed Brother Zhang to the battle in the square. I’ve only then understand...the beautiful lark was dead and it was replaced by a mad and fallen Ghost Phoenix.

Ye Cang and the others saw GhostPhoenix who was walking down. Seeing her having no intention to fight and she looked extremely strong, they avoided getting into trouble and walked up the stairs.

Ghost Phoenix was shocked at Ye Cang’s new appearance, “Wow, even such a cute girl dressed as a Magical Girl joined these bad ass fights...Ghost Claw sure has great talents. Can you give me an autograph?”

“Sure, Lil’Cang, love you yo~” Ye Cang swiftly signed and Ghost Phoenix took out her phone to take a selfie with him, “Thanks…”

Ghost Phoenix then continued to walk down stairs while her eyes were still locked on her phone. “I’ll let Liangliang see this. He would be jealous of me…”

“Don’t mind me. That girl just now was quite hot,” Lil’Wang smiled.

“Why don’t we go for an adventure with the school girls this week?” AV mumbled.

“I think this is a great idea, Master AV,” Liu Bei said.

“Master, please make the arrangements,” Cao Cao answered.

“He is indeed our leader…” Sun Quan nodded.

All of them then arrived at the rooftop to see two leaders staring at each other, well prepared. As underlings, they stood aside to cheer for their leader, preparing for any battle.

Seeing Ye Cang standing beside A’Jie, Tian Zhongzheng shouted, “Hey, are you really that short of people?! Don’t you have better guys in Ghost Claw?! A martial arts master from kindergarten the last time and a Magical Girl from primary school now? God, I should have just recruited a cheerleading team from the primary school.”

Just when A’Jie wanted to return his words, Ye Cang stood forward with a Sailor Moon stance. “Shut up! Quickly return our boss’ girlfriend to him! Or else, Lil’Cang will represent love and punish you!”

ThornyRose, Wu Na, LordAsked and the others slowly took a step back.

Tian Zhongzheng froze for a second before laughing out loud whereas A’Jie placed his elbow on Ye Cang’s shoulder and acted in a cool manner. “That’s right. With the punishment of love, my hand of Dark Storm is itching. Tian Zhongzheng, stop all these now! Hand over my girl and break one leg of yours. I could forgive your sins on behalf of the Ghost Claw troop…”

“Not a bad cooperation,” Ye Cang smiled without changing his stance.

“You too,” A’Jie said.

“Two idiots are stuck together…” Tian Zhongzheng felt like he could not communicate with them at all and swung his hand, “Go go go! Be careful of the people from Metal Explosion and Technical High!”

“Warriors of love! Charge with me!” A’Jie turned around and swung his hand.

The battle commenced.