The entire Phoenix Spirit had turned into a scene of carnage. Ghost Claw, Phoenix Spirit, Nightingale (belongs to Ghost Phoenix), Metal Explosion and North Zhejiang Technical High were all messed up. Tian Zhongzheng looked at Zuo Tianxin from above and shouted. “Hey, you! Come up!”

“I will…” Zuo Tianxin smiled while pointing at his forehead, “This time, I’ll carve you a horn on the other side. Only then it is balanced.”

“Wow, that’s scary. Let’s calm down with a cigarette first.” Staring at the mess in front of him, Tian Zhongzheng asked Sun Tianxing to bring the hostage over. 

“Lil’Jie-chan! Don’t save me! I already belong to him!”

A fat lady weighing approximately 200 kg walked up to the rooftop. Her face was so swollen and bruised that it was difficult to recognize her at all. Hugging Sun Tianxing’s harm and blushing, she shouted as she was continuously rubbing her face against his arm.

“Wow, can’t believe she is doing that…” XV blurted.

“We were all beaten up and fought so hard just to save this thing…” LordAsked was speechless. 

“And looks like she’s become a betrayer…” Fang Ci kept her sight on the fat lady who was somehow molesting the other guy. 

“Hmm… looks like Lil’Dino when she was young…” Lin Le turned over after blasting someone away with his qi bullet.

“But to be honest...she looks somewhat prettier than Lil’Dino,” Zhang Zhengxiong turned around and had a look too. 

“......” FrozenCloud slipped, lost control and almost fell. 

“Sun Tianxing! How dare you snatch my woman!” A’Jie glared at Sun Tianxing who’s confusion was written all over his face.

“F*ck off! No matter how desperate I’m, I wouldn’t get this kind of girl as my partner!” Not waiting for Sun Tianxing to finish, the fat girl shut him up, “Stop talking! Kiss me!”

“Li-chan! Ah! Sun Tianxing! I’ll tear you apart!” A’Jie had a fire raging in him..

Hey, are you sure of this? Everyone pondered.

Sun Tianxing was completely dumbfounded by what had happened to him. Li-chan pulled him away and said with tears rolling in her eyes, “Guys, don’t fight each other just for me. I would be guilty! Even though I’ve fallen in love with him, I would still feel pain if either of you gets hurt.”

“I’m sorry, A’Jie...I’m sorry… Relationships can’t be forced after all…”

Eyes filled with anger, A’Jie clenched his fists and let go a moment later. A small stream of blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth. Staring at the sky, his bandaged hand was covering his forehead. “Relationships cannot be forced, huh. I see. Haha. I understand now. Then what’s the meaning of our encounter after all? Haha.”

A’Jie let down his hand and leaned against the fence with a faint smile. “I understand now. I’ll give you my blessings. Tianxing, treat Li-chan well or I wouldn’t forgive you! As for me… loneliness will accompany me for life. I will be the zombie wandering in darkness… Wherever I go, I’ll go alone…”

“......” Everyone gasped.

“OMG! What the hell have I done wrong?! Why do you have to force us to watch a drama between these people…” Lil’Wang felt like banging his head against the wall after witnessing the school-theme TV programme between the fat woman and the two men. Everyone was in disgust as they shivered. Tian Zhongzheng stared at Sun Tianxing unbelievably, “… *sigh* you’re truly my successor! I flirted with the previous leader of Ghost Claw’s sister and now you had an affair with the current Ghost Claw leader’s girl. So cool. Even though you might feel that you’ve released some kind of stress, you… *sigh* I think you should still visit a psychologist just in case. But I wonder… do they handle non-vision related blindness in this area…”

“No boss! I didn’t! I really didn’t…” Sun Tianxing wanted to push the fat lady who was hugging him away but realized that her hands were like a clamp, clamping him so tightly. He felt the oil on his lips. Eww...My first kiss! Oh god! “Let go of me! I say let go of me!”

“I’ll not let go! A’Jie had already given us his blessings! There is no reason why we shouldn’t be together! Darling...kisses, hugs, raise up high…” Li-chan lifted Sun Tianxing and kissed him once again.

“I think I’ve just witnessed a tragedy of a man…” AV had a cold shiver  as he saw Sun Tianxing being raised up high. 

“But his tragedy is priceless…” Lil’Wang felt a little pity for him.

“So touching…” These words from Lin Le triggered ThornyRose, Wu Na, and the others to shout at him, “Which part is it that is touching enough for you?!”

“Boss, are we still going to continue fighting?” the blonde beside A’Jie asked. 

“Why not! Charge! Now, we are fighting for the sake of  justice! But don’t hurt Li-chan and the guy.” A’Jie’s voice was getting softer, sounding a little hurt, “Since...we’re still friends…”

“Alright, that’s understood. Let’s continue! Bring down Phoenix Spirit! Ignore that fat ass and the boy!” the blonde shouted. 

“Who the heck are you calling a fat ass?! Are you seeking for your death?!” Li-chan’s bloated body started to turn red and her eyes were like devils. The blonde sensed great danger and he quickly apologized, “Oh, I’m so sorry sis.”

“That’s more like it. If you weren’t Lil’Jie’s follower, I would have beaten you to death just like beating a speed bag!” Li-chan turned around to see Sun Tianxing who lost consciousness due to her overwhelming hug. “Oh no! He must have fainted because of the overwhelming love. Lil’Jie, you’re a good man but I’ve to bring him away… You definitely...will find the one you truly love…”

“Bring him away. Just go. Before I decide not to spare his life…” A’Jie turned around and said coldly. 

Li-chan carried Sun Tianxing and swiftly headed down to the healing bay. 

Staring at their backs, A’Jie mumbled, “You’re right. Maybe from the day we met, it was destined. You belong to Shōjo manga and I belong to Shōnen manga. We were never meant to be together… must stay happy...always…”

“......” Everyone was frustrated. WTF! Are you done yet?!

Their patience failed to stop them from fighting each other again. As a result of being disgusted and losing their rationale, the battlefield was in a total mess. Tian Zhongzheng jumped down from the fence and marched towards A’Jie. A’Jie did the same too as he slowly took off the bandage, “Ordinary human, have you felt the power of the seal?”

“I’ve felt it but… don’t always use the same hand to masturbate. It’ll soon be broken.” Tian Zhongzheng took off his school uniform and revealed his skinny yet energetic upper body as he walked.

“Hey, the peasant from the village, I don’t use my hands. I use Fleshlight!” A’Jie sent a kick at him at lightning’s speed.

Tian Zhongzheng blocked it and counter-attacked with his elbow. “Not only does your brain have a glitch, you don’t even have common sense. Konjac gel is the best performer in the industry now!”

“OMG! Can’t believe you’re this sickening and disgusting! How could you bring yourself to eat it after you used it?!” A’Jie dodged the attack with good reflexes and sent a kick at his chin. Once again, Tian Zhongzheng did not get knocked away and unleashed a returning karate chop. “Eat your ass! Will you suck away the nutrient with a straw after using your Fleshlight? Just like how you drink a bottle of Vitagen?!”