“I don’t drink Vitagen with a straw!” A’Jie hit his crotch with an elbow hit.

“I also don’t eat Konjac gel with sauce either!” Tian Zhongzheng also slapped A’Jie’s crotch with his hand.

The two of them gasped for air as they jumped a step backwards, kneeling to the ground and grabbing their private parts while moaning in pain. They said a testicular blow is a hundred times more painful than childbirth.

“You bastard!” they shouted unanimously. 

“Let’s have a truce! No dicks can be hit!” the two of them shouted once again.

“Wait a second, let’s take a break. God damn it, Tian Zhongzheng, are you really that jealous of my dark dragon’s size?” A’Jie felt like his testicles were about to crack.

“Ha! Jealous?! Believe it or not! Once my Pillar of the World wakes up, I bet it can connect the earth to the moon like a bridge!” Tian Zhongzheng also felt his testicles crying in agony. 

After a round of arguments, the two of them gradually stood up and stared at each other. Like his title ‘The Lightning Flash’, A’Jie dropped low, stepped forward and instantly appeared before Tian Zhongzheng with an uppercut. Tian Zhongzheng was caught off guard with such speed. So this is the Lightning Flash - A’Jie? He immediately covered his chin with his hand and kneed A’Jie’s chest. With a swift motion, A’Jie knocked his temple with his elbow. Even though Tian Zhongzheng could not really catch up to A’Jie’s speed as he was in a defensive mode, he still managed to dodge some of his vital attacks. Regardless, he would still get a lot of cuts and wounds from A’Jie. Knowing Tian Zhongzheng was in a defensive mode, A’Jie had a bad feeling  so he sent a Lightning Beheading Kick at him just to be safe. Just when he raised his leg, he caught sight of Tian Zhongzheng smirking.

Although Tian Zhongzheng was pushed sliding away while enduring the force of the kick with just a slight shake of his shoulder, he grabbed A’Jie’s leg while A’Jie quickly sent another kick at his chin with his other leg. Yet, Tian Zhongzheng once again defended with his arms and slammed A’Jie onto the ground. 

A’Jie felt as if his soul was almost knocked out. His mind was spinning and his vision was blurry. However, he was lucky to be able to poke Tian Zhongzheng’s temple while being slammed. The two of them were dizzy but A’Jie’s case was more serious. Even though he was losing consciousness, A’Jie still managed to pull his leg out from the opponent’s hand. They battled once again as they came back to their senses.

“Boss! Lil’Cang is coming to save you! Lovely Dash!” As Ye Cang dashed forward, a shortie holding an adult magazine popped out of nowhere, “This is their fight, no one can interrupt!”

Ye Cang knew the kid in front of his eyes was strong and the book caught his attention. Magical Girl’s Gangrape. Looks interesting. “Can we read that together?”

“Sure.” The shortie was stunned for a second and then nodded. They came to a bench and went through the magazine together. Both were extremely excited and could not take their eyes off it.

“Never know that the Magical Girl can take on so many important things at once,” Ye Cang was shocked. 

The shortie stared at Ye Cang then back to the magazine. “Don’t you know?”

“I’ve never tried before...but Lil’Cang thinks it’s quite interesting,” Ye Cang said in a cute manner.

“......” The shortie felt somewhat weird but shrugged his shoulders. Whoever that accompanies me to read it is my friend. He reached out his hand, “Huang Shu is my name. Second year in Phoenix Spirit High School.”

“My name is Lil’Cang and I’m a Magical Girl yo!” Ye Cang shook his hand with a smile.

“The next chapter is more interesting…” Huang Shu flipped the page but covered the image, only revealing the title ‘Unbelievable! Shocking news! Magical Girl was bullied by thousands of Cthulu’s creatures because of it!’

ThornyRose and the others saw Ye Cang encounter a shortie with a ribbon indicating one of the Phoenix Spirit Four Beasts. That kind of fight is not something he can handle alone. Just when they were about to dash over, they saw them walking to the bench and reading a magazine together. They seemed to be engrossed in a great conversation. Hey, he is our enemy! Aren’t you going to punish them with your love?!

ThornyRose facepalmed, “We don’t have to care. Just treat it as she’s restraining a boss.”

While everyone was unaware, Lin Le popped out behind them and noticed the magazine. This is a good one! He then quietly sat beside them. “I want to read too! I want to read! Brother Lil’White, ask him to start from page one…”

“Oh, Lil’Huang, this is my younger brother. Well, since we’ve only done two pages, let’s start all over again.”Huang Shu sighed and flipped to the first page.

The three of them had their heads behind the book and were in their own world.

“I finally know what I should suggest to the drama crew! This one! All of these! There are just so many! Let me grab a pen and jot them down…” the idea popped up on Lin Le’s mind.

“Drama crew?” Huang Shu was confused.

“Yeap, I’m thinking of a story and a character for the drama crew to add in a slot. They’ve already promised to give me a chance but I haven’t finished brainstorming,” Lin Le replied.

“What kind of story? Nice to meet you, my name is Huang Shu.”

“I’m Lele. This is a very touching story…” After shaking hands with Huang Shu, Lin Le explained from the first season until the latest episodes very clearly as if he was the director. With that, the three of them spent their time together reading the magazine and chit-chatting. They entered their fantasy world and were ignorant to everything happening outside. Even the battle around them meant nothing. 

“I’ll go take a look at them,” Zhang Zhengxiong knocked away two elites and dashed over with curiosity. ThornyRose grabbed him back, “Hey! The enemy has already taken two of our people and you wanna be the third one?! Are we still going to pass this level?! Get your ass back!”

“I think that’s an adult magazine. I saw the logo,” the observant AV exclaimed. 

ThornyRose, Wu Na, CloudDragon and the others who were battling could not believe their eyes and were totally pissed. The final battle is going on on the rooftop and my team leader and co-leader are reading an adult magazine with the enemy… They surely are emperor-ranked players…What a great time sense they’ve got.

On the other hand, Tian Zhongzheng and A’Jie were having an intense match that gave rise to never-ending injuries. A stream of blood leaked out from A’Jie’s forehead and made his vision blurry-red. “What’s the matter? Have you run out of energy?”

“Stop acting. You’re way weaker than Zhang Zixing…” Tian Zhongzheng combed his fringe to the back and wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth.

“That’s also my line! Don’t try to steal it! Now die! This is my last seal!” A’Jie shouted. “Unleash!”

A’Jie removed the bandage at his wrist, revealing a fair and skinny hand. 

Tian Zhongzheng spat some blood and patted his chest. He then dropped low and stared at A’Jie, “Unleash my ass! You need two hands to jerk off!”

“Bullshit! The left hand is where destiny lies!” A’Jie attacked once again and people could not see clearly where the swift movement of his hand was heading to.

“Idiot. Only with two hands can a man feel the romance…” Tian Zhongzheng kept his cool, took a deep breath and stared at A’Jie. The two of them were once again caught up in an intense battle as if there was no tomorrow.

“Just how addicted to masturbation these two people are…” AV, Wu Na, and the others wondered as they stared at the two of them, eyes filled with sympathy but they did not even know where the sympathy came from. That’s been part of their life. Can they even live if they can’t do that anymore?