“Tian Zhongzheng, over here. Over here.” Tian Zhongzheng heard Zuo Tianxin’s voice as he took a step backward. “Wow, your fighting skills have never improved? Knowing that I would come, can’t you just train yourself a little harder?”

“Oh, just in time for me to beat you up.” Tian Zhongzheng combed his hair, “Hey, young kid, let’s put our hatred aside for a second. I’ll come back once I finish whacking his ass…”

“Well, the same goes for me.” A’Jie turned around to look at a white-haired guy with a black jacket and piercings at his lips and ears. That man was the seventh leader of Metal Explosion - Yun Tiansing. Each of their smiles carried a hidden meaning. A’Jie was friendly enough to reach out a fist bump to Tian Zhongzheng but that was unexpected. He is surely the successor selected by that fella Zhang Bixing. After returning the fist bump, they shouted together, “Kill him and you’re next!”

The enthusiasm was so infectious that it raised everyone’s spirits. Huang Shu gave the magazine to Ye Cang, “I’ve got to help. You guys have to be careful too. The people from Free Armor Troop, Metal Explosion and North Zhejiang Technical High are unexpectedly harsh and cruel.”

“Can’t you stay?” Lin Le was only halfway telling his stories.

Huang Shu shook his head, “Because he’s the first person who gave me the limited edition magazine set. Lele, I would be happy to finish listening to your story if only I have the chance in the future…”

Seeing Huang Shu turning his back and leaving, Ye Cang slowly got up, “It’s true love. Can’t help it.”

“It’s so touching. The limited edition’s got to be interesting…” Lin Le stared at his back.

Feeling bored, a man in a windbreaker took off his sunglasses and sat on the reservoir. “Lil’Zuo, Tiansing, can you guys be any faster. I’m dying here…”

“Oh, you won’t be anymore, Cang…” From the tunnel, Ghost Phoenix was leading her support from Nightingale to wipe out their enemies. Nightingale’s presence turned the table and Technical High’s chances of winning suddenly became unknown.

“Ghost Phoenix…” Cang sniggered as he stared at the lady who was playing with a compass. “All I did was just accidentally injure your brother, is it necessary for a revenge?”

Compasses flew in the direction of Cang endlessly.

“It is…” Ghost Phoenix said coldly, “Glasses, KingOfPower and BigCow, get me one of his legs.”

“Not a problem.” The three of them spreaded out and dashed at the people from the Free Armor Troop.

“Crazy bitch…” Cang picked up a baseball bat. “Well, I guess I could test my Iaidō and Isshin-Ryū on you. For the sake of this revenge, I’ve trained really hard, you know.”

“Brother Lil’White, which side should we attack? It seems like the fight between our team and the grey uniforms has been put to a halt.” Lin Le looked around to check.

“Fight those in silver uniforms, in jackets and windbreakers.” Ye Cang then joined the battle with Lin Le. Meanwhile, ThornyRose felt the battle was getting harder and there was no room for complacency. Why does it look like North Zhejiang is stronger than Ghost Claw and Phoenix Spirit? If it wasn’t for Nightingale’s help, I reckon this will definitely be a defeat. She was frightened by the speed of Cang’s swing of his baseball bat. Even though Ghost Phoenix joined the battle, the number of casualties was still increasing. Little Ye Tian was analyzing the overall situation and claimed that their chances of winning were at the bottom. Only 30%, not even close to 40.  But that’s just for now. I haven’t considered other factors like whether East Zhejiang would initiate any moves. If you ask me, I’ll insist that they won’t. The East of Zhejiang is home to only religious schools and they are the strongest in B City. Holy Dragon Temple Private School, Gospel Hall Noble Girl’s School, and Pristine Experimental High School. If these three schools were to join the battle, we can pack our bags and head home already. Even if all schools in the north, south, and west join forces, neither of the three can be brought down. Yellow-haired told me that the president of the student council in Holy Dragon Temple could destroy any school in the north, south, and west all by himself. Of course, the strongest is no other than the team leader of the Stars of Five Pillars from Pristine Experimental School. Rumors have it that the three schools were established at least three hundred years ago and the Holy Dragon Temple and Gospel Hall Girl School were never close to beating any of the team leaders of the Stars of Five Stripes. All three schools had strict rules and regulations and they were not interested in crow battles. So, that was why all four sides had never broken the ice until last year when the presence of a martial arts master caught the interest of the people from the east. This was just a rumor and no one seemed to be bothered.

As Cang was swinging the bat happily and cheerfully, Ghost Phoenix realized that to say that he was strong was an understatement and she might be no match for him. She could not even land a hit with her compasses. She turned to look at Glasses and the rest who were struggling as well. Someone has turned the tide. A’Jie is fighting Yun Tiansing and Tian Zhongzheng is battling Zuo Tianxin. If I can’t keep up, we will be finished in Phoenix Spirit. She clenched her compass hard as she saw A’Jie having countless injuries. What should I do?

“Leader, I’m here! This fella is strong but I defeated him!” A’Kai carried the scarred and bruised Song Huiqiao up to the rooftop.

“Go help Ghost Phoenix deal with the Free Armor Troop!” A’Jie screamed.

“Alright! You… Mr Leader, you must survive until I come to your rescue!”  A’Kai was hesitant to leave when he saw the wounds on every part of the skin on A’Jie’s body. Despite feeling concern and care, he resisted and left to fight the people from the Free Armor Troop for the benefit of all. It was an easy job. AV and Lil’Wang who happened to be nearby noticed something familiar. Oh damn, this fella actually… A’Jie… Wow, a muscular brother and a fatty woman. Jesus, our piggish boss from Ghost Claw loves both women and men!

“God damn it! What kind of f***king relationship is this?!” ThornyRose was instantly speechless and LordAsked rolled his eyes, “What do you think? A special realm door opened by a disgusting hand. I wouldn’t be surprised if the bosses become gay and start hooking up one another in the next few seconds.”

“What if all of them become Magical Girls?” Ji Xiao laughed.

LordAsked sent a backhand karate chop at Ji Xiao and pushed him to the ground, “Can you not jinx it?! Just shut up! Shut up will you!”

NalanPureSoultold himself that the next time he goes to Ji's residence, he would burn the plunger that has a figure of his head on it.

As usual, Ye Cang was skipping and hopping around like a girl, but just beating people to death whenever he felt like it.

“Sometimes, it’s hard to understand our team leader’s personality…” SpyingBlade felt that Ye Cang was no different from a mentally ill girl.

“Well, if you cut him apart it’s black on the inside,” FrozenCloud whispered.

“Hey, is it appropriate for you guys to badmouth my brother? My brother just happens to like to torture people. What’s wrong with that?” Zhang Zhengxiong was not happy.

“That’s right! That’s right! Brother Lil’White taught me a lot of life lessons! Lele doesn’t allow you guys to say anything bad about him too! I do not allow that!” Lele was getting angry.

Even though that was out of the norm, their tones did not sound like they were joking. Everyone was puzzled. 

ThornyRose put her hand on her forehead, “So that was how Lele turned bad.”

Wu Na laughed, “Don’t you know their bonds are very strong? Sometimes, I get jealous of A’Xiong. That fella could really sacrifice anything for this younger brother. Lele and A’Xiong had no exceptions too.”

“Just because they always share the same underwear?” ThornyRose was speechless.

Wu Na smiled while shaking her head, “I’ll tell you about it next time.”

ThornyRose kept silent and nodded. She was desperate to know more about this man who was going to be her husband.

“Sister Nana, it sounds like our husband has a long history. I want to know too. Please tell me more in the future,” FrozenBlood said unexpectedly and ThornyRose could not help it but to remain speechless. Wu Na stunned for a second and pointed at ThornyRose with a cheeky smirk, “I think you've to get past her first?”

“It's just a matter of time. She’s a brainless bitch.” That statement made ThornyRose jump up at FrozenBlood and the two of them got engaged in a fight.

CloudDragon who had not stopped battling hard sighed in speechlessness and helplessness as he saw ThornyRose and FrozenBlood fighting each other and LordAsked beating Ji Xiao. OMG! You guys are having a civil war in such a dire situation we’re facing?! Are we still gonna pass this level?!