A’Kai’s strong battle power aroused Cang’s interest. He dragged his baseball bat with him. They stared at each other and A’Kai unleashed his qi energy, knocking away all the people in his surroundings and indicating his intention for a fight. “Come.”

Cang frowned when he realized the strength of the energy. That was not an excuse not to dash forward but he did it with more caution. A’Kai heaved a breath before pushing with his hands, grabbing the baseball bat, pulling it over, blocking him with his legs and giving him a shoulder throw. Cang immediately let go and smiled in mid-air, “But can you dodge this?”

He pulled out a baton that was hanging on his waist underneath the windbreaker and smashed it hard at A’Kai’s eyes. 

Streams of blood gradually flowed down from the corner of his eyes but A’Kai did not quiver. He tilted his head and glared at Cang with contempt, “You this piece of filthy rubbish has just made me really mad.”

A’Kai roared and his qi energy overwhelmed him. “Qi Storm - Wind of Eight Directions!”

A hemisphere qi shockwave was unleashed in all directions to knock everyone away, including Ye Cang. With a dash, he appeared before Cang, grabbed his ankle and slammed him to the ground hard, knocking his consciousness out. Just when A’Kai was about to get up, he sensed great danger behind him and turned around to see a saintess with a white wooden cross decorated with flowers pressing her hands on his back. His heart sank. A silent explosion occurred and there was a handprint on A’Kai’s chest. It was pushing out from the inside. Sounds of bones cracking were heard and he spat a mouthful of blood before falling to the ground.

The black-haired saintess gave Cang a soft kick. “Get up…”

“This fella is so strong, my younger sister,” Cang mumbled as he gradually regained concentration.

“He’s average and that’s just it. The so-called martial arts master is not here? Oh well, you’ll handle the remaining ones yourself. I’ll be waiting for you over there and we’ll go home together.” The saintess sat on a bench nearby, wiped her cross, placed it beside her and closed her eyes for forty winks. 

Ghost Phoenix stared at the black-haired saintess from afar. “Gospel Hall Girl School, the owner of One Flower, and the judge of the student council - Jie Na,” she exclaimed, admiring her aura.

Jie Na’s appearance and her Gospel Hall uniform gave everyone a chill down their spines when they saw her. A’Jie was knocked away by Yun Tiansing and Tian Zhongzheng was having a tough battle with Zuo Tianxin which led to their heavy injuries. Even though on my side, Cang had been injured, we’ve lost our battle spirit. She knew A’Kai’s battle power. Now that we’ve lost the strongest in Ghost Claw, it looks like the end is near.

“Ghost Claw and Phoenix Spirit! Don’t give up! Lil’Cang loves all of youuu!” Ye Cang shouted at the top of his lungs as he jumped on the water tanker. Neon lights shined in all directions and he started dancing. The people who had injuries and dampened battle spirits were recovering. The saintess got up and looked at Ye Cang. “This little bitchy lady is not simple. She’s interesting.”

As the dance ended, everyone stood up with energy. The saintess put on her cross. “It’s not gonna end if that goes on.”

The saintess once again joined the battle. Even though they received Ye Cang’s buff, she defeated them like a piece of cake. Ghost Phoenix had her left arm and right leg broken after getting hit by the saintess. Tian Zhongzheng who managed to grab Zuo Tianxin’s hair after some time got ambushed by the saintess and fell on the ground, losing his energy to fight.

“Never thought that the ending would somehow be like this… The end… The end…” Tian Zhongzheng lied on the ground and smiled bitterly as he gradually grabbed a few pieces of hair with his shivering hands.

“Let’s go! Or else, this will really be the end.” CloudDragon dashed at Jie Na  who were surrounded by Zhang Zhengxiong, Lin Le, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan. Jie Na smirked as she took off the cross, “Y’all will pay for your silly actions. Now, regret…”

A powerful silvery light flashed in front of their eyes. Bones got broken, and casualties were lying all over the place. Everything happened in an instance and caught most of them off guard. Regardless, there were still people making silly faces and spitting at her, including Zhang Zhengxiong. Jie Na grabbed his hair and softly pressed her hands on his chest as she stared at his saliva that projectiled and landed on her dress. “You have the greatest sin…”

“Lovely Dash!”

The saintess did not let go of her hand and a thump was heard. Zhang Zhengxiong was sent flying away as he spat out blood instead of lame saliva. “Brother! Kill her…”

Turning around, she stopped Ye Cang from dashing. She then carefully examined his face and gave in to a sense of jealousy. “Such a cute face… What a pity… I feel like…”

“Destroy it! Tear it apart!” Her hands swang at Ye Cang’s face and sent him flying with a kick. The hot feeling on his face made him run as fast as he could to find a mirror and he found to his horror that there were ten bloody scars spread over his face. My face is ruined! He caressed the scars and his Magical Girl’s heart was pounding fast. An overflowing ancient power of a female could be felt on his chest and his mind. The pink elements had now turned into a sea of blood. He lifted his head to glare at Jie Na, gradually closed his eyes and clenched his fists tight. His body was shivering and blood was dripping from his face. Pinkish qi energy which was gradually giving way to a blood-red concentration burst out and he mumbled, “A Magical Girl can accept and withstand the worst form of intercourse, willingly or not, with all the long tentacles penetrating her vagina, and even death caused by gangrape. But do you know what are the consequences of destroying a Magical Girl’s face?!”

“Ah!!” A cry similar to an enchantress’s was heard and a wicked and evil smile was hung on the Magical Girl’s face.

Jie Na frowned. The power of this qi energy is too scary! Shit!

“Congratulations! You’ve set a new rule for disfigurement, obtained the title of Real - Magical Girl and mastered all Mad Magical Girl’s and True Love Magical Girl’s skills.”

Mad Magical Girl’s skill:
My Face! My Face!: After disfigurement, you’ll obtain a temporary Ultimate Madness mode. All attribute stars will increase tenfold. Lovely energy recovery speed is infinite. The attacking effect of all skills will be prolonged madly. In the Ultimate Madness mode, you cannot be knocked down and are immune to all mental effects and negative effects.

A Magical Girl Is Nothing If She Can’t Destroy The World! Motherfucker! Real - Lovely Nuclear Bullet!: Can only be used under Ultimate Madness mode. Accumulates energy and shoots a Lovely Nuclear Bullet at an area of targets, destroying everything!

True Love Magical Girl’s skills:
Storm of Tentacles! Appear! Hell of Rapes!: Summons a large number of lovely tentacles to attack and restrain the enemy.

Storm of True Love Flying Kiss!: Unleashes a storm made out of numerous flying kisses.

Little Girl’s Space Travelling Technique: This is a Power of True Love skill mastered by the Real - Magical Girl. Enables her to travel through different spaces and dimensions.

In a blink of an eye, Ye Cang disappeared before Jie Na’s eyes. She who wanted to initiate the attack at first was clueless herself. She disappeared! She completely disappeared! I didn’t manage to catch a trace of her movements!

“Lovely Paper-Scissors-Stone - Stone!”

A huge impact landed right at Jie Na’s chest and knocked her away. Unbelievably, she stared at Ye Cang’s bloody face and the pair of eyes that was filled with total madness. 

“Lovely Paper-Scissors-Stone - Scissors! Poke eyes! Lil’Cang loves you yo~” Ye Cang poked her eyes, grabbed her hair and slapped her real hard. Jie Na could not react to Ye Cang’s insane speed and mysterious space traveling. As she was flying in mid-air, she tossed the cross to the ground to activate a silvery explosion. Ye Cang took a step back and threw an evil smirk at Jie Na who was trying to run away. “Oh no, Lil’Cang wouldn’t let you go down that easily…”