Ghost Phoenix who was weak and kneeling on the ground saw the blood-thirsty Ye Cang chasing Jie Na like a cat chasing a rat. She was shocked at his blood-soaked face and wicked eyes. She told herself, “I must never touch a Magical Girl’s face…” Just then, a voice from behind stunned her for a second, Cang said, “Goodbye.”

Turning around to see Cang holding a baseball bat preparing to behead her, her heart sank. In a flash, she saw a familiar smile appearing before her very eyes.

A sound of bones cracking was clearly heard.

A’Jie’s head tilted to one side and fell into Ghost Phoenix’s embrace. Streams of blood from his head stained his face red. Cang once again raised his baseball bat but that did not concern Ghost Phoenix. Tears ran down her cheek and dripped on A’Jie’s face. “Why… why…”

Suddenly, a hand grabbed the baseball bat. Cang stared at A’Kai in disbelief for being able to still stand straight after being wallopped by Jie Na. A heavy hit landed on Cang’s chest and sent him to the fences. After glancing at A’Jie who was at the brink of death, A’Kai’s eyes were filled with a strong intent of killing. Enduring the pain from his chest, he dashed at Cang. “You are unforgivable!”

A’Jie tried to maintain alertness as he murmured, “ for you...on that day...when school ended...For edition...cuckoo brooch...I protect you...when… you needed me...the most...I’m sorry...sorry…”

A’Jie’s body had completely gone weak and soft. His muscles could not stop  his clenching fist from letting go and dropping the cuckoo brooch. Ghost Phoenix stared at it, looking at the bloodstains that enveloped it.

Outside an accessory retail store. 

A girl with a ponytail and a backpack was holding hands with a short-haired boy who was yawning. 

“A’Jie, look at that brooch. It’s so beautiful. It’s not only expensive but also a limited edition. *sigh* It’s still not for sale yet…”

The boy glanced at it. “Let’s go. It’s so ugly. It looks like nothing but a bird stepping on a puddle of shit.”

“That’s a cloud...idiot.”

Ghost Phoenix stared at A’Jie who gradually lost consciousness as her vision went blurry. It was as if the short-haired and introverted boy picked up the brooch and pinned it on her chest. “A’Jie, you bought it huh… Do you know? At that time, you were the only one who trusted me… I somehow dared not talk to you or even see you… because I’m afraid that you might be eventually looking at me with those eyes too…”

A familiar sensation came from her thigh.

“The really good...just like before.” A’Jie opened his eyes and frail words were coming out of his mouth, “Just now...that feel...Naruto’s...fearless...look at me...I’ve Sasuke’s ability…”

“You know what...I’m Naruto…” Ghost Phoenix hugged him tight and joked with tears rolling in her eyes.

With the remainder of the orange hues from the setting sun shining upon them, they smiled at each other as if the scene had returned to the times when they were boys and girls.

“Leader…” A’Kai who defeated Cang stared at the two of them while leaning against the fence for support. Not even able to continue, he fell onto the ground, unconscious.

“Wow...the actually genuine…” AV who was lying on the ground waiting for assistance sneered at them. 

“Oh god, what have I done wrong… Why do I have to witness this… Gosh, it’s so real…” staring at such a beautiful scene made Lil’Wang feel like dying.

“Save some energy and wait for the team leader to come and save us. I believe he’s almost done.” SpyingBlade could not move any of his arms or legs as they were all broken.

“Hey, Rose, look at your pose. It’s just so graceful.” FrozenBlood looked at ThornyRose who was in a legs-up-the-wall pose.

“Oh please, look at yourself before you speak,” ThornyRose was pissed at FrozenBlood who was lying in an S-curve position.

Jie Na was running for her life as if a dog intended to eat her after chasing her down. Seven of her fingers were broken. Hiding in a classroom, she took out her phone and used the three remaining fingers to send a text. 

“Oh Big Sis, where are you?! Lil’Cang is not good with hide and seek. Poor me…Getting bullied by big sister...”

Ye Cang’s voice from the outside reached Jie Na’s ears and made her skin shiver. At that instance, a loud sound was heard. “Boom!”

The wall beside Jie Na burst into a thousand and one pieces. A young girl’s arm pierced through the wall and touched Jie Na’s horrified face. “Oh, I touched you, Big Sis! You’ve been found by Lil’Cang yo~”

As his fingers pulled away, Jie Na felt as if a merciless fire was burning and growing on her face. Streams of blood dripped out. Terrified, she hopped on a table and dashed out through the window from the third floor with only one thought -- I need to get the f**k out of here! The demonic lady’s voice could be heard trailing from behind, “Oh, come on, treating me as a ghost again? Alright, this leaves me with no other choice. 1~ 2~ 3~ 4~ Do hide well yo, Big Sis! There’s a punishment if Lil’Cang finds you~ 5, 6, 7, 8…”


Pristine Experimental High School.

A handsome long-haired man with a dopo and five stripes on his suit shoulder was doing some qi training against the sunset. He picked up his phone as he got up, “Jie Na is actually asking for help. Looks like the rumors about the martial arts master are quite on point.”


Gospel Hall Noble Girl’s School.

In the church, the message received by a staunch saintess with a ferule on her waist paused her  prayers. She stood up in anger and screamed at the top of her lungs, “What a disgrace! This is a punishable sin! Oh, Mother Mary…”

All of a sudden, a calm light engulfed the nun and she then vanished with a smile. 


Holy Dragon Temple Private School

The monk who was meditating in the pavilion in the middle of the pond had also got hold of the message. He grabbed his kāṣāya and shippei from beside him and put on his monk hat. “Is this regarding the martial arts master?”


Phoenix Spirit High School.

Tian Zhongzheng came back to his senses while the Magical Girl was killing Jia Na. He then asked the yellow-haired guy who had suffered from heavy injury, “Just asking, is Ghost Claw Primary School and Kindergarten some sorta mysterious organization?”

“I’m not sure either…” the yellow-haired man was starting to get confused too. Last year, the martial arts master from the kindergarten killed everyone in the whole field in just an instance and this year, a Magical Girl from primary school who appeared out of nowhere battled a judge from Gospel Hall Noble Girl School. Does it really mean that our primary school and kindergarten are hiding some dark secrets? Well, I’m about to graduate anyway. I’ll leave it to the juniors then…

“Lil’Huang, you are still reading that thing at this time?” Tian Zhongzheng saw Huang Shu who had just defeated Fang Zhiheng leaning against the wall, busy occupied with his adult magazine.

“In my house, my sister is monitoring me 24/7. If I don’t read it now, I bet I would forget all these touching scenes after a long period of time…” Huang Shu could not move his left hand anymore.

“......”  Tian Zhongzheng was speechless looking at that fella and saw Zhao Li’er come up with heavy injuries as well. “Oh, you’re late…”

 Zhao Li’er ignored him anyway and sat beside Lin Le without saying a word. She put down her metal rod and leaned against the wall as if she was his guardian.