Seeing the situation turning to their advantage, they heaved a sigh of relief even though there were only a few who could still stand straight amidst the rest who were all lying on the ground. Moments later, Ye Cang came back to the rooftop while pulling Jenna’s hair. Jenna at this time, had already lost her saintess robe and her face was full of wounds and swells. Her fingers and toes were all broken and she was on the verge of losing consciousness. 

All the people from Ghost Claw, Phoenix Spirit, Nightingale, and even the opponents saw Ye Cang writing ‘I’m a bitch!’ on Jenna’s naked body with a pen. He then tied her with a rope and hung her upside down on the fences at the rooftop, facing outside. The satisfactory smile on Ye Cang’s face was exactly the opposite of the shiver that went down everyone else’s spine. All of them cheered, “Lil’Cang! Lil’Cang!”

“Unforgivable! Ridiculous! You this fella who disrespects the ambassador of God!” Just then, a saintess with a ferule on her waist appeared, standing on the water tanker and staring at all of them who looked just like ants. On the other water tanker, a man in a dopo with five stripes on his shoulder was examining Ye Cang as well, “Olive, be careful, this girl is not easy…”

“Never thought that you would come too...the Star of Five Stripes… Qiu Qianmi…” Olive looked at Qiu Qianmi with caution as the memories of her losing to him during the exchange were still fresh in her mind.

Tian Zhongzheng’s heart sank. This is the end. The president of the student council of Gospel Hall Noble Girl’s School and the Star of Five Stripes of Pristine Experimental High School are here. Don’t tell me the monk from Holy Dragon Temple Private School had also made his way here too.

Just when that thought came, a monk appeared sitting on the edge of the fence. The bloodstains at the corner of his mouth aroused Qiu Qianmi’s curiosity, “Jie Piao, are you hurt?”

“It’s Jie Pu! Not Jie Piao! I ran into an accident,” Jie Pu then recalled the moment when a fat woman carrying a lovesick man blocked his way. Since she did not have the intention to move aside, Jie Pu pushed her with a bit of momentum. That was to no avail and only stirred her up instead.

“You bald head! How dare you molest me in front of my boyfriend?! Apologize now! Or else, I would be real mad!” Li-chan carefully lowered Sun Tianxing. Her fatty flesh was shaking with dangerous red energy and her eyes were turning demonic. Jie Pu felt the strong sensation and quickly unleashed a palm attack - Ten Layers of Gold Strike. Yet, it was as useless as punching a cloud of cotton.

“God damn it! How dare you touch me again?! I’ll whack the shit out of you shiny bald mirror!” With a simple backhand punch, Li-chan sent Jie Pu flying tens of meters away and the ground was shaking as though there was an earthquake when the weighty woman continued to chase after him. Jie Pu spat a mouthful of blood and he was shocked. My Golden Shield was broken in the blink of an eye as if being crushed like a piece of paper. Worst still, she didn’t hit it at my weak spot. She totally crushed my Golden Shield. He then swiftly apologized, “Oh, miss, it was my fault for being impolite! I hope I can be forgiven! I’m sorry.”

“Now that’s what I’m talking about, bald head! I’m not those girls who would make a big fuss without any reason. Alright, I’m not going to waste my time on you. I’m gonna bring my darling home to meet my dad - he would be very happy when he knows about it. Let’s go, darling.” Li-chan picked Sun Tianxing up and walked out of the school gate. Staring at her back, Jie Pu felt the inferiority. There is always a higher mountain. With a bitter smile, he entered through the gate, using his shippei to balance himself. Suddenly, a man’s voice came from behind, “ me…”

Jie Pu lowered his hat brim as he was perspiring. Mister, good luck. As the saying goes, ‘someone has to do the dirty job’.

Jie Pu smiled bitterly as he was thinking to himself.

Ye Cang stared at the two of them and asked, “Are you guys on the same team with this bitch?”

The Star of Five Stripes shook his head with a grin, “They (Jenna and Olive) are. I’m just here to watch the show.”

Knowing that Ye Cang was about to face so many strong enemies, Zhang Zhengxiong pondered. I’m useless as usual. Just like what happened at Heaven’s Sword Sect. I’m always the one being protected. But, do I really have to be protected in the games?! NO!

In reality, the stone given by Ran Min humbly glowed with red light and an endless killing intent was surging in Zhang Zhengxiong.

“Ahh!!! Roar!!!” Zhang Zhengxiong howled like a hungry beast scaring all the smaller animals away. 

“Congratulations! Your Madness Energy went berserk, all attributes are increased in multiples. You’ve permanently mastered Real -  Sudden Hell Kill, Killing Storm Shockwave Punch, Galaxy of Illusions and you can enter into Bloodlust mode.”

Blood-red energy flowed out from Zhang Zhengxiong’s body like a stream of river. His hair seemed to be dyed red and his bone fractures were repairing themselves. He then gradually got himself up and stared at the enemies with terrifying dark red eyes. He looked like a demon who just descended from another planet. A deeper voice came out from his mouth as he was staring at Jie Pu, “You will be my opponent…”

“Mister, you do have a strong killing intent…” Jie Pu could not afford to be careless. The monster downstairs taught me a lot of lessons in life just now.

ThornyRose and the others noticed the familiar scene and they all turned to look at Lin Le who also noticed everyone giving him a glare. “Not bad, Lele is about to go berserk too! Berserk! Berserk! Evolve! Evolve! Oh, God! Grant Lele power! Power!”

Lin Le rolled left and right and was then panting for breath, “It’s so tiring. Lele gives up.”

“......” Everyone was speechless and some rolled their eyes. 

However, it was at this time Zhao Li’er was alerted that Lin Le’s body was peculiarly being picked up by an invisible force. Lin Le’s wounds were also quickly recovering and he could walk as usual. A uniformed blonde female zombie glimmered and caught everyone’s attention.

“......” they were confused and curious. Is he somehow related to God or something?!

“Your Reflection of Love is successfully connected. All attributes will be equivalent to Little Beauty’s. You’ll permanently master Substitute Attack, Space Jump and all skills of the substitute can be activated and used.”

“Brother Lil’White, that saintess whipped me so hard just now. Why don’t you let me teach her a lesson?” Lin Le dug his hands into his pockets and raised his chin high.

Staring at their evolution, Ye Cang pondered. Indeed, it’s the influence of the Battle of Holy Spirit. Just how mysterious this virtual world is? “Looks like I don’t have the say. Be careful.”

Ye Cang then turned to look at Qiu Qianmi and smirked, “You opponent is Lil’Cang yo~”

“Then, I should be careful,” Qiu Qianmin drew out his Mahogany sword.

Tian Zhongzheng quickly called for Huang Shu, “Hey, the gods are about to fight. Quickly get me to the corner.”

“Me too. Me too…” the yellow-haired shouted. 

Zhao Li’er helped Ghost Phoenix and A’Jie to get up and limp over to another empty corner.

“Sister Li, the awakening of my too late or else I wouldn’t have the slightest fear for them…” A’Jie said softly.

“Me too...the compasses I bought were not enough.” Ghost Phoenix was hopping over with only a leg.

Zhao Li’er could not stand looking at him, “I think it’s better to stop the bleeding on your head first. If that continues, you’ll really be awakening your Sharingan.”

After putting down A’Jie, Zhao Li’er used some gauze and medicine to treat his wounds. Bullshits coming from the two of them gave her the urge to throw them off the rooftop. “Shut up, will you!” she could not resist.

Zhao Li’er then stood up, turned around and walked back towards the battlefield.

“Sister Li, don’t go! I bet their battle will be no different from last year’s. Just wait for the ambulance,” A’Jie’s words stopped Zhao Li’er from taking her next step.

“There’s something I need to confirm. Be careful, you two,” Zhao Li’er continued to hobble her way to Lin Le.

“Do you think the odds are with them…” Ghost Phoenix leaned against A’Jie’s shoulder.

“No one knows. They sure are from Ghost Claw but I don’t know any of them.” A’Jie slowly took out a packet of nuts from his pocket. “Let’s treat this as a practice drill. We’ll go watch a real movie when we’re out of hospital.”

“Alright…” Ghost Phoenix was shy. “Would you need a practice drill for sex?” 

“......” A’Jie sweated dripped cold sweat.

It took the two of them some extra strength to open the packet together. From being leaders of the South and West of Zhejiang, they’ve now become handicapped audiences eating nuts while enjoying a show not meant for them.