Olive grabbed the silver ruler and walked towards Lin Le but he did not seem to be bothered as he was flicking away his booger freshly picked from his nose. In a blink of an eye, Olive appeared behind Lin Le. Just before she wanted to attack, she sensed a bad feeling and blocked with her arms but was still knocked away by a mysterious force. She frowned as she stared at Lin Le who was not even turning around, “A spirit?”

Olive then took out the cross on her chest and tapped it at her eyes. She could clearly see the connection between Little Beauty and Lin Le. What a strong spirit… It seems like he had to unleash the Hundred Thousands of Flowers. Her silver ferule gradually shined a faint holy light. “Mother Mary, may you punish the unforgivable sinner. Let the Hundreds of Thousands of Flowers bloom in this world in the name of your kindness and love…”

Lin Le threw a big piece of booger soaked in mucus away with a hard swing of his hand. “Beat her up…”

Little Beauty continuously attacked her like a mad lady in a wrestling match but the ruler Olive was holding could easily block the attacks. “In front of the Hundreds of Thousands of Flowers, your attacks are hilarious, not to say useless.”

“What about mine, Big Sis…” she heard Lin Le’s cold, eerie and creepy voice from behind. 

Olive turned around after seeing Lin Le brushing his mucus on the wall. However, what came to her surprise was that another spirit with white hair and bloody pupils appearing before her eyes looked completely like Lin Le. A wicked smile never seemed permanently fixated on his face. Lin Sen grabbed her head and slammed it to the ground, unleashing a blood-red explosion. 

The Hundreds of Thousands of Flowers then shined with a fierily burning light, as though signalling Lin Sen and Little Beauty to quickly back off. Olive got up, spat a few teeth of hers out and glared at Lin Le with anger and annoyance. At this very moment, Lin Le was walking towards Tian Zhongzheng and Huang Shu, “You two, quickly finish this whatever fight that you’re busy with. Tell me when you’re done. I’m not finished with the book.”

Lin Sen stared at Lin Le. Never have I thought that one day, I, Lin Sen would be a full-time babysitter-cum-bodyguard. He facepalmed. Worst still, protecting him with my life just to let him read an adult magazine in peace… Gosh, why is he a direct descendant of mine… that leaves me with no other alternatives… *sigh* This is so tiring. It feels like returning to the times when I have to deal with that little idiot Lin Lin. He turned around to see Little Beauty who was overwhelmed with energy and battle spirit. Well, maybe a zombie is rather human’s most loyal partner after all.

Seeing Little Beauty battling the saintess, Lin Sen did not join in. He looked at Zhang Zhengxiong. Ran Min? Looks like that fella gave this kid an inherited holy item. It’s awakened in reality too. But this kid sure is a rare martial arts genius. What enhances that was that the white-haired injected something to help him too. It’s just a matter of time before he becomes a God and I bet it won’t take long. Seeing a random gang member lying unconscious on the ground gave him the idea of stealing a packet of cigarettes from his pocket and he then lit it up. I’ll go help her when I’m done smoking.

Staring at Zhang Zhengxiong who looked like a monster, Jie Pu took off his kasaya. “Golden Arhat!”

Zhang Zhengxiong dashed at him with full force. Letting loose on their defence had just earned themselves a heavy punch on each other’s body. Killing Storm Shockwave Punch! Thousands of Leaves - Fire Palm! A dark-red shockwave clashed with clouds of flames. Tian Zhongzheng then brought up a topic. Is this fella really not going to help?

“That Magical Girl is your?”

“Oh, you meant Brother Lil’White? He’s my big brother!” Lin Le replied.

“Big brother? She is a guy?” Tian Zhongzheng was confused.

“Yeap!” Lin Le nodded and without the slightest tint of surprise, he continued to read the magazine with Huang Shu.

Tian Zhongzheng then started observing Ye Cang from head to toes and then focused on his private part to confirm his gender. How on Earth? Is he a cross-dresser or one of those ladyboys from the brothel? Seeing that he was not losing his focus on Ye Cang at all, Huang Shu recalled the set of limited edition magazines Tian Zhongzheng gave him. “I knew you’ve a kinky on her…”

“Just curious… *cough* *cough* I’m just curious…” Tian Zhongzheng coughed. “You know things like that aren’t easy to come by.”

Ye Cang noticed that the daoshi’s power was beyond his expectations. That’s not beneficial to me in close-ranged combats and I keep getting sucked into his forcefield. He then backed off to be safe and took out his staff. “My loyal partner! Storm of Tentacles! Appear! Hell of Rapes!”

On the other hand, sticky and slimy tentacles filled the rooftop in just an instance. ThornyRose and the others who were all wrapped up by the nauseating tentacles were losing their cool, “Bastard! Could you at least think of us before unleashing such a disgusting skill?!”

Ye Cang pouted, “Send them to somewhere safe!”

The tentacles then picked everyone up and tossed them to somewhere far. All of them either landed with their face or had their bodies curled in an S-shape. However, that was not worse than the girls being piled on top of each other like in a gymnastics act whereas the guys were also stacked up on another side in a shameful position. ThornyRose who was stuck at the bottom was suffocating, “On his wedding day, I must ensure that he gets into an embarrassing trouble… Nana, are you alright?”

Wu Na who was at the top was resting comfortably, facing down on Gongsun Qian, “I’m still fine. Sister Qian, let’s have a game of mahjong this weekend…”

“......” Gongsun Qian then recalled the scenes of a whole different Wu Na playing the traditional tile game. “Well, it’s not too good to play mahjong so often. Why don’t we go shopping instead? Lil’Dino and Lil’Tian, wanna come with us?”

“Sure, I’ve got nothing to do anyway. But could you at least call me FrozenCloud once in awhile…” FrozenCloud was trapped below Gongsun Qian.

“Alright, Lil’Dino.”


“Sister Rose, can you not move your butt.” Since Little Ye Tian was small, she was being sandwiched in between FrozenCloud and ThornyRose. She needed a lot of effort to breathe as her face was directly on ThornyRose’s sticky butt.

“Look at that side. You’re lucky that you didn’t get thrown there,” ThornyRose was frustrated and sounded like parents telling their kids to be grateful they have food on the table. It was true. Little Ye Tian realized that AV and the others could not move at all. Wow, all sorts of 6-9 positions, especially Fang Ci’s and SpyingBlade’s. Oh, RedMoon’s there too?! How sad it is to let AV sit on her and wow...Lil’Wang’s face was stuck to her butt. She then shivered. On top of the pile of humans, LordAsked and CloudDragon were having their chest pushed towards each other’s as if they were a hugging couple. The air instantly turned blue with an endless stream of profanities they used to greet each other. The worst was Ji Xiao who was stuck at the bottom most in a C-shape. Feels like his spine is about to break. She then felt touched. Actually, father treats me quite well...

VastSea who was on top of Ji Xiao turned a blind ear to Ji Xiao’s complaints. We’re all facing the same shit. Gosh. I’m so stressed. When I log out of here, I’ll definitely need to fantasize for at least one round.

Looking at VastSea made CloudDragon wake up from being overly enraged and started to calm down. Why am I still here wasting my energy talking trash with this idiot below me? Looks like I’m not controlling myself enough. Sometimes, one can really learn a lot by just looking at VastSea’s face. As a professional gamer, disregarding talent, there isn’t anyone who can be better than him. For LordAsked’s baloney, he knew that silence was the best reply. It’s a better way to prevent me from once again losing my sanity after all.

“Goat...jour...asf...oway…” RedMoon could not speak at all as she could not even move her mouth. This bastard on top of me keeps on shaking his ass. Meanwhile, Lil’Wang was enjoying it while closing his eyes. Sometimes, great things come unexpectedly. Ahh...

Seeing Qiu Qianmi having a hard time dealing with the tentacles, Ye Cang was surprised at his achievement. So this skill is strong, isn’t it?! The sliced tentacles kept on growing bigger and longer upon touching the ground whereas the original wave of tentacles was still growing out. Sitting cross-legged on one of them, Ye Cang smirked, “You shall pay the price of challenging Lil’Cang.”

Lin Sen examined the tentacles and then turned to the saintess. Wow, the required materials of “tentacles raping a saintess” are fulfilled. He quickly extinguished the cigarette bud. Little Beauty! Don’t be scared! I’m here to the rescue!