Qiu Qianmi was so disgusted with the tentacles that he could throw up anytime. There’s no end to this! No, if this continues, I would be buried alive at this goddamn place. He then stabbed his Mahogany sword into the ground. “Reverse of Heaven and Earth! Indifference of Yin and Yang!”

The forcefield expanded all of a sudden. Lin Le glanced at him, “Brother Lil’White, that spot is the weakest point. Hey? How did I know this? That’s strange.”

Qiu Qianmi was shocked and just when he wanted to reverse the forcefield. However, Ye Cang was already dancing on the spot and Qiu Qianmi found herself being strangled by tentacles after spitting a mouthful of blood. “It’s impossible that someone can break it right in the beginning!”

Little Ye Tian wanted to remind Ye Cang but Lin Le was a step ahead. I finally got the answer after millions of calculations. But how can he be faster than me? Does that fella really rely on his instincts?

“Hehe, time to pay the price for love!” Ye Cang blinked to his back and pierced his magic staff into his ass. “Lovely Ass Piercing! Lil’Cang, love you yo~ Boom!”

Qiu Qianmi felt an indescribable pain at his ass. He blasted the tentacles with qi, covered his bottom and gasped for air, using his sword as a support.

“He must be feeling so painful…” Tian Zhongzheng was terrified when he saw a stream of fresh red blood flowing out of Qiu Qianmi’s ass.

The moment Qiu Qianmi took out a calabash and opened it, the aroma of a high-grade wine instantly filled the atmosphere. “I don’t care anymore! I’ve got to use the inherited legendary skill!”

“Drunken God!” Qiu Qianmi exclaimed when he finished the wine in one gulp.

A sense of burning energy enveloped the area and could be strongly felt. He was staggering and his movements were unpredictable besides being random. Ye Cang contracted his pupil. I can foresee his movements but the actions get messy after three seconds. The difference is too big! He then plucked the pearl on the Happy Growing Magic Staff. “I have something too! Happy Growing!”

The pearl on the Happy Growing Magic Staff was a candy made out of unlimited sweet fluid excreted from the Happy Growing Tree and contained the Power of Growth that accompanied the tree. Consuming it would permanently increase the attributes of the magic staff and temporarily obtain the Power of Mad Growth. Ye Cang’s hair was swaying and a pinkish energy was surging in his body. Magic power in the shape of a heart kept on popping out and even his white hair turned pink in a blink of an eye. The circular suckers on the tentacles had no exception as well. Their circumferences curved towards the radii and stopped when a heart shape was formed.

“Storm of True Love Flying Kiss! Accept all the love from Lil’Cang!” Ye Cang sent out a kiss that cloned itself in multiples. Facing a storm of thousands of kisses, Qiu Qianmi burped, “Just in time~ Five Leader! No! No! Full Blossom!”

The energy from the taichi sword blocked the attack from the kisses. Qiu Qianmi was like a drunk man but every skill and technique of his did not fail to crush the disgusting kisses and Ye Cang’s attacks were to no avail. Well, you forced me! I didn’t want to use it in the first place.

On the other side, after unleashing the Real - Sudden Hell Kill, Zhang Zhengxiong picked Jie Pu’s corpse up and tossed it with just a swing. His killing desire was fading as he leaned against the wall exhaustedly. However, the scary blood energy did not seem to leave him alone. LordAsked then mumbled, “Is this really the blessing from Mad Grappler?”

“I don’t think so. It looks more like Evil Ryu,” CloudDragon was confident as he had done a lot of research on scary characters in grappling games.

On Lin Le’s side, Olive who was severely injured finally chased the two spirits away after activating Hundreds of Thousands of Flowers for the second time. She sneaked behind Lin Le with Mirror of Flower. Yeah! If I finish him off, those two troublesome spirits will not be having their field day too! When Tian Zhongzheng was about to remind Lin Le, it was already too late for him to realize Lin Le’s ahoge was pointed at her. At the very moment she appeared, Lin Le kicked backwards like a donkey right into her chin, sending her into mid-air like a cannonball. Not turning his back around did not compromise his accuracy at that kick. It was as if he knew she would appear at the exact spot and at the exact time. “I hate it! Lele found the interesting part!”

He then pointed a handgun gesture at Olive. Out of nothing at all, a massive energy was accumulating and an explosive shockwave was shot. 

Knowing that she would die as soon as she got hit, Olive activated Mirror of Flower once again. She disappeared in thin air, reappeared behind Lin Le and prepared to hit his neck with the ruler. However, a gigantic explosive shockwave was the first thing that welcomed her when she reappeared. She was shocked. Impossible! How did he know I was coming at him?! Didn’t he aim at me when I was in mid-air?!

A cute smile was written on Lin Le’s face as he made the sound with his own voice, “Bang!”

It was a direct hit. Olive’s bones were broken and a mouthful of blood leaked from her mouth as she landed on the water tanker she stood at in the beginning. Her consciousness was completely lost.

Tian Zhongzheng who witnessed the entire battle was in disbelief. That finger was definitely pointed at her but somehow the shot was released after a 180-degree rotation. And by no means he turned around. Olive appeared when he shot. The timing was absolutely perfect! He couldn’t have hit her if he was 0.01 second slower. Is...this…like predicting the future?!

Ye Cang’s lovely energy knocked Qiu Qianmi off. He jumped up into the sky and raised his hand  high as he took a deep breath. “A Magical Girl Is Nothing If She Can’t Destroy The World! Motherfucker! Real - Lovely Nuclear Bullet! This is the last love from Lil’Cang! Love you guys the most!”

The clouds on the sky were like white cloth with spots of pink dyes which gradually spread to every corner of every cloud. Pink air particles were also accumulating into his hands. Even the sunlight turned pink and moved towards his hands as if he was accumulating energy from everything pink in colour. An enormous love energy ball was formed. Qiu Qianmi sensed an extremely dangerous feeling and he shot his sword at him. Ye Cang casually kicked away the sword and threw the ball up the rooftop. 

“Hey, hey! Bro! Is this a wipeout?!” Tian Zhongzheng quickly rolled towards the entrance of the stairs even though he knew it was useless. He saw Huang Shu placing the precious adult magazine on his private part. Lin Le raised his head to look up at the gigantic love, “I want to be a Magical Girl too…”

“I know it’s you after all…” Zhao Li’er hugged Lin Le. 

There were only question marks in Lin Le’s head.

Knowing it was the end, Qiu Qianmi sat on the ground, tore off the Five Stripes with a bitter smile and stared at Ye Cang who just accumulated an energy bomb to blast the world. “Magical Girl huh? I’ve lost… Why does it feel like a battle from Wuxia and Xianxia novels?”

Zhang Zhengxiong was trying hard to resist the killing intent as the giant heart landed on them.


In an instance, a pink light was the last thing everyone saw before their minds went pitch black.

As the light was fading away, there was not a single person who could maintain their consciousness. Ye Cang gradually descended, touched down and received all the tentacles back to his body. Since he did not feel a thing on his face, he took out the mirror and felt a sense of relief. Not only has my skin gone back to normal, but it also looks even smoother than before! Staring at the tentacles retracting into his body, he pondered. Hmm, so the tentacles are the most important thing to a Magical Girl after all!

“Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed it! Your performance was ranked GX. You’ve obtained a chance of Hero Spirit Special Realm. The Magical Girl has the option for special realm class. Your Bulimia will permanently strengthen and enhance. You’ve received one Pink Special Realm key and a few crossing-realm rewards. All attributes permanently increase by 30%, receive Magical Girl - Darsha’s primary hairclip, class talent points +5, skill points +5, Charisma +50. Since your Intelligence was negative 300 in this realm, here’s a special reward - Intelligence +150. Luck +??? Error! Error! Removing the reward of Luck!”