As the pink light faded and everyone returned to the grave after receiving their reward, they were still not released from the pile they were stacked in piles and Ye Cang was still in his Magical Girl signature pose. ThornyRose said speechlessly, “Hey, wake up. We're back…”

Ye Cang then crossed his arms instead of doing the pose. “Magical Girl… that's quite interesting…”

Zhang Zhengxiong's fierce expression scared Ye Cang and made him quickly log out from the game. This is bad. “Let's rest for awhile.”

Upon returning to reality, Ye Cang opened his eyes and rushed to Zhang Zhengxiong's room. As he was passing through the living room, he bumped into Flasher Uncle and Lil'Tong. Lil'Tong was explaining how she promoted the religion and how sincere the believers were. Flasher Uncle felt Lil'Tong was harder to deal with than other fangirls. Seeing Ye Cang’s worried face, he interrupted Lil'Tong and followed Ye Cang to Zhang Zhengxiong’s room. Upon entering, all they saw was Zhang Zhengxiong's body covered with a blood-red qi and the suffering look on his face. Luck was on his side as there was a blue chill flame protecting his heart. 

Just when Ye Cang was about to use his power to suppress the energy, Lin Le whose eyes were blood red (Lin Sen) stopped him. “Not too much force. You'll just make him go crazy. He’s now in a state where his will and perspectives are going against the energy.”

The pain written all over Zhang Zhengxiong’s face reminded Flasher Uncle of the very first day he met him. 

“Hey, young man, your talent’s awesome. I like it. Would you have any interest in becoming a artist?”

“Brother, Nana, that fella in the windbreaker asked me whether I wanna be an artist…”

“Sounds so suspicious. What sort of art is that?”

“The art… is this! HAHA! Elephant Attack!”

“Brother Lil'White, that's so impressive! I wanna learn too! I wanna learn too!”

“Brother, why don't we give it a try? Who knows, maybe it can get girls to touch our private parts...” Zhang Zhengxiong saw Flasher Uncle playing with a random fan. 

“Master, wait for us! Don't go!”

Flasher Uncle then recalled the times when he was in special training and the moments they shared together along the way. Actually, I've been treating the three of them as my own sons. He then gradually opened his windbreaker and hopped onto Zhang Zhengxiong. Sitting on top of him, the elephant's spiritual energy leaked out in order to heal Zhang Zhengxiong. Though constantly being absorbed by the red aura, the healing energy still seemed to reduce Zhang Zhengxiong’s suffocation. At the same time, Flasher Uncle was turning weak and happy. Even though the bloody energy was still red and clear, Ye Cang could feel a healing energy but different from Flasher Uncle's. It was more intensified. In the end, Flasher Uncle fell to the ground with a pale face as if his death was near but nothing stopped him from still putting on a perverted smile on his face.

Lil'Tong cried, “Founder! Founder! Don't leave Lil'Tong alone!”

“Everything’s gonna be alright. He’s just exhausted as he has consumed all his energy. No biggie. He just needs a few days of rest,” Ye Cang checked Flasher Uncle's body and Lin Sen shook his head with a bitter smile, “Looks like he evolved during the resistance just now. I don't quite understand his current level. From nothing to something and then skyrocketed to that level… there aren't many…”

Just when Ye Cang was about to touch Zhang Zhengxiong, he noticed from the corner of his eyes, that the snake earring turned alive and entered his chest in a blink of an eye. Lin Sen contracted his pupils and pressed his hands on Zhang Zhengxiong's body. “This fella sure has got something unusual…”

Through the genetic chain, they saw the snake swimming gently in Zhang Zhengxiong's body with love and affection.

“Medusa…” Ye Cang mumbled as he recalled the one that sacrificed herself to petrify Cthulu. 

Lin Sen did not say anything but nodded. He then stared at Ye Cang’s spine. This fella… Just then, Zhang Zhengxiong's left hand unconsciously lifted up and there seemed to be a crack in the middle of his palm. It looked like a closed eye. Seeing that it was almost going to open, Lin Sen tore his own shirt in a rush and covered it up. “You must remember. Except for himself, no one should try to look at this eye and we better not let anyone know too. When he wakes up, put a seal on his hand. He has now activated the power Ran Min gave him and he turned the berserk into a single energy consisting of killing intent, blood aura, madness and healing powers.”

Ye Cang nodded. Medusa's eye. Ran Min's mad blood. A'Xiong's future is full of possibilities. He was happy and sad at the same time. I don't know whether I have the chance to witness it. 

As Lin Sen helped Flasher Uncle get up, his hair gradually turned black from the tips and his eyes had gotten back their usual clarity. “Hey, why am I here?! Hey, why does Flasher Uncle look like he overmasturbated?! Hey, why did Brother Lil'Xiong faint?! I’m pretty sure that bastard Lin Sen stole my body again. Hate it!”

When everyone had left, Ye Cang stroked Zhang Zhengxiong's forehead gently and gladly. He mumbled, “A'Xiong… surpass me… as soon as you can…”

After putting him under the comfort of his blanket, Ye Cang returned to his room. He entered and stood in front of the tenth genetic lock. It was a black and white chain. I have no idea what it’s locking away. He reached out his hand but pulled back after much hesitation. I'm scared that I won’t be a human after unlocking this genetic lock. Maybe the right time hasn’t come yet. He threw the thoughts to the back of his mind and came to the balcony, staring into the moon and the sea. He closed his eyes to relax and enjoy the caressment of the cold sea breeze and the gentle sound from Wu Na’s guitar.

The next day. 

Zhang Zhengxiong woke up and noticed the difference. When Ye Cang explained to him what had happened, he stared at his left hand and found himself a black glove that could still keep his fingers exposed and tested the Blood of Madness. With Ye Cang’s help, he unlocked the sixth genetic lock and started trying out his new special power that was rather unknown. In the end, Ye Cang concluded that it was a space-shaking type after seeing Zhang Zhengxiong's palm attack made the entire space tremble. They then returned to the game. 

“Is ShakingBear alright?” ThornyRose asked. 

“Yeah, he’s fine. He just got exhausted from going past his limits.” After hearing Ye Cang’s reply, LordAsked and the others did not ask any further. Yet, they sure noticed Zhang Zhengxiong's aura was stronger and he became more intimidating than before. On the other hand, Zhang Zhengxiong was wondering. Damn. In game, I'm a healer but in reality, I'm a healer too?! He recalled the moment when his Blood of Madness aura healed a half-dead seagull. Does it really mean I can't get away from this healing thingy? 

As they entered deeper into the grave cave, they found themselves arriving at an underground bridge. Below the bridge was lava and on the other side of the bridge was a palace floating on the lava. Lin Le’s ahoge suddenly stood up straight and he took out his fishing rod and started fishing. Ye Cang was all prepared to open the first treasure chest since there would always be a reward if Lin Le started fishing on his own. Meanwhile, the others also got closer to Lin Le who was going to fall asleep while protecting the treasure chest and defending against the thief. 

“Don't you think we don't know what you're up to.”

“I'm just thinking of what’s better for your own future. See, I even opened a special realm for y'all. Scared of my luck yet?”

“Oh, your mind’s completely out. It’s the total opposite. You get good rewards from Bad Luck equipment. It only shows how bad your luck is! Don't come any closer! Stay away from the handcart.”

“Gosh, it was my luck that surpassed the bad luck. Don't you understand?! Never mind, just let me open one chest! I'll prove myself,” Ye Cang quickly begged as he knew Lin Le already hooked the third chest. 

Everyone who knew Ye Cang could tell that he would not give up if he did not get a chance to open it. Lele is in sleep mode. So if he pollutes each and every chest here, we can pack our bags and go to hell. In the end, they had no choice but to compromise. 

“Alright, you can open it, but only one. But let's wait for Lele to wake up,” ThornyRose swung her hand. 

LordAsked and the others rolled their eyes in impatience and annoyance as they saw Ye Cang rubbing his own hand and staring at the handcart with an evil look. They then sighed. Another chest is doomed. Just treat it as a reward for him to open the special realm. Even though everyone was reluctant, the chance to enter the special realm meant that their obtained rewards were luxurious.