Knowing that he could open one chest, Ye Cang sat aside and waited patiently. His boredom let him recall that he had some rewards unclaimed since he logged out in a rush. It was a key and a beautiful Lovely Silver Hairclip.

Pink Key: When the love energy inside is completely filled, it can open up a random special realm. Current energy level: 0%

Magical Girl Darsha’s Primary Hairclip - Lovely Silver
Category: Accessories
Requirement: PaleSnow
All attributes +47%
Charisma +47%
Darsha’s Heart - Level 1: When receiving damage from an enemy, there is a chance of immunity and turning it into lovely healing effect. The amount of healing is 18% of the damage.

Lovely Silver - Level 1: When unleashing a skill to attack, there is a chance of recovering 14% of your mana.

Honorable Face - Level 1: Any attack that deals damage to your face will grant you a berserk effect. All damages will be doubled and damage received reduces by 50%. Lasts until the end of the battle or when the user has lost the ability to battle.

PS: This is The God of Magical Girl - Darsha’s favorite hair clip in her third grade during primary school. It was also the first item she bought with her own savings. It accompanied her through various battles. She accidentally lost it during a battle and there seemed to be secrets hidden within.

Ye Cang pondered. This hair clip is not a bad one. Its attributes are strong and it doesn’t use up the slot for accessories. He immediately attached it on the left side of his hair.

“Hey, do you really think you’re a Magical Girl?” ThornyRose wanted to scorn him. Yet, when she saw the attributes granted, she was stunned and stared at her own watch. Why is my reward weaker than that little hair clip?! Gosh! It can be considered as a divine artifact! It’s soul-linked and it can grow with the player. Are we even playing the same game?!

As Lin Le woke up, they took one chest and threw it far away. Ye Cang dashed forward, rubbed his hands and prepared for his chest-opening ceremony.

On the other side, they quickly urged Lin Le to open the rest of the chests, “Quick! Open them! Since he’s still far away.”

Lin Le opened three chests one by one, took the items out and examined them.

Ye Cang got rid of his worries by shaking the chest to get an assurance that it was not empty. Just when he opened… and after a blink of his eyes, he closed the chest in strong disbelief. A few seconds later, he opened it again, “You bastards! How dare you give me an empty one?! You guys must have stolen the items in this chest!”

“F*ck off!” everyone shouted unanimously, irritated with his behavior.

Suddenly, Ye Cang could strongly sense there was something below the center of the bridge. He pondered. How can I get it while avoiding them? He walked towards Lin Le calmly, pretending he was just about to distribute the items but that was not enough to avoid SpyingBlade’s observance. He noticed Ye Cang’s eyes were fixed upon a certain direction under the bridge for a second. So, he truly has a chest-finding talent and it sure is better than mine. He then pretended to walk to the place by accident. Oh, it’s here. As he was quickly bending over at the edge of the bridge, Ye Cang turned around and exclaimed, “Let go of my treasure!”

Everyone prepared. All kinds of controlling and restraining skills were ready.

SpyingBlade hooked up a red treasure chest with a silver dragon logo, “Wow, we’re so lucky. This is a chest with a silver dragon logo.”

“Give it to me! I’m the one who discovered it! Such a good chest will definitely have a divine artifact! Let me open it!” a mixture of anxiety and adrenaline overwhelmed Ye Cang when he heard that it was a chest with a silver dragon logo. I’ve never opened one before! Instantly, he activated all the speed-enhancement skills he had and entered into a serious mode. LordAsked immediately stunned him with Massive Shockwave Splash. Phew. I almost let him slip away but luckily, mine is an AOE stun skill.

As Ye Cang nullified the stun, CloudDragon appeared before him and poked his acupuncture point with Lightning Fingers to immobilize him but Ye Cang managed to cancel the effect. With Shadow Step, he appeared behind SpyingBlade with the urge to snatch the chest. Just when he was about to grab it, his soul shivered and he was frozen. Despite being just a short stun, SpyingBlade had thrown the chest back to the crowd. Ye Cang once again turned into a lightning pulse and dashed towards the chest. He popped out from the pulse and just when he almost grabbed it, a sensation came from his waist and pulled him backward. Little Tadpole swallowed Ye Cang in a gulp and Lin Le grabbed the chest. He opened it, “Wow! Brother Lil’White! There’s good stuff!”

Little Tadpole quickly spat Ye Cang out and growled as it was confident that it was doomed. “*Croack* *Croack* *Croack*”

Ye Cang touched his face which was as sticky as super glue with his teeth grinded. “I’ll help you to evolve later… from today onwards, if I can’t turn you into a toad that can shoot fire from the mouth and spider silk from the ass, I consider myself the weakest…”

“That’s freaking cool! Brother, quickly do it!” Imagining how cool it will be for a toad to shoot fire, Zhang Zhengxiong rushed Ye Cang as he pushed the timid Little Tadpole out who was hiding behind him.

“Go! Quickly distribute the items…” CloudDragon sympathized with the pet. 

“Whatever Lele fished, we aren’t distributing them as they belong to himself. This has been the agreement all these while. But we can distribute the silver-dragon-logo chest,” ThornyRose stood out.

LordAsked and CloudDragon did not object since they had knowledge about the practice of not distributing Lin Le’s catch. Well, he’s a grandmaster in fishing anyways. Not hearing any objections from LordAsked, CloudDragon, and NalanPureSoul, MistyVeil agreed too. Even though I feel jealous, anything I say will be useless if the other three groups are not fighting for it.

Ye Cang continued to threaten Little Tadpole and Wu Na could not bear with it anymore. Little Tadpole was also shivering, “Hey, quickly distribute the items.”

Ye Cang pouted and came to Lin Le’s side.

Little Tadpole looked at Wu Na with much gratitude and Wu Na touched its head. This little tadpole can be partially considered as our savior. Thinking about it and Little Ren, we used to make feeding them as an excuse for not finishing whatever disgusting food we had.

With a sigh, Ye Cang took out the items from the chest, “If I’m the one who opens it, it will definitely be divine artifacts. If it wasn’t for my unexpected miss in the past, I bet everyone here would be holding one divine artifact already… *sigh*”

There were three silver dragon diamond weapons, one silver dragon diamond accessory and two incredible skills.

The three weapons were Lava Halbert, Thunder Rage, and Antiga’s Lost Blade of Dragon Steel.

Originally, Zhang Zhengxiong wanted the Lava Halbert but Little Ye Tian reckoned it to be given to MistyVeil. This took away MistyVeil’s right to fight for an item. The reason behind Little Ye Tian’s suggestion was that even though the blood halbert’s attack was weaker than the Lava Halbert, it could deal extra damage to the dragons and came with a particular skill to deal with them. Since we are certain that there will be dragons here, there is no reason to give up on such a weapon for just a slightly better weapon. The toufas were directly given to FrozenCloud and CloudDragon agreed. At last, since the Antiga’s Lost Blade of Dragon Steel was an overweight weapon, everyone agreed to give it to Lin Le after some considerations because it had special abilities against the dragons and it was capable of dealing relatively high damage.

Antiga’s Lost Toothed-Edge Blade of Dragon Steel
Category: Giant Blade
Requirements: Strength 800
Damage: 120 -145
Strength +100%
Constitution +20%
Strength +200
Constitution +100
Dragon Steel weapon: Damage dealt to dragons increases by 80%
Armor penetration +400
The armor penetration is doubled on dragons.
Ignores 50% of the dragon’s armor.

Dragon Saw - Antiga: Every slash will cause massive bleeding and the damage per second is 15% of the slash. It lasts for 10 seconds and can be stacked five at most. The effect will be doubled if the dragon tears.

Dragon Behead - Angita: Unleashes one behead execution, dealing 500% of damage which is doubled when used on dragons. Wounds caused by this skill cannot be recovered. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

The Weakling’s Heart To Slay Dragon: When the user’s health is at 40%, the effect is triggered. Attributes of this weapon are doubled when used on war dragons type. 

PS: Angita who often fell sick had the dream to slay a dragon since young. He spent his entire life finding a blacksmith who could make dragon-slaying weapons. However, a volcano eruption ruined his hopes. This weapon became a mystery and Angita died as a convicted murderer.