Lin Le received the blade. It was maroon in color, had a hard-toothed edge like a saw and a carved figurative dragon's head at the end of the hilt, making it look intimidating, especially to the opponents. Seeing him holding the blade and carrying the war axe behind his back, everyone felt it looked awkward. He is tiny but his weapons are enormous. Well, he surely is the only person with the highest Strength. 

“Alright, next will be the skill books,” Ye Cang threw out a couple of skill books. 

Athersdam - The Book of The Curse of Wind (Part 1): The magic book written by the Rage of the Wind Demon - Athersdam. Learning it allows the user to master three attacking advanced level wind elemental spells. It consists of Athersdam's Roar, Hurricane Body Shield, and Raging Storm. 

The Holy Trident: Accumulates holy power for 1.5 seconds and deals destructive and explosive holy damage in a semi-circle area in front of the user. It causes stun effects and the effects are doubled when going against evil creatures. Cooldown: 10 minutes. Cost: 50 holy power and 60 mana. 

“As far as I remember, this is one of the skills commonly used by the Chrysanthemum Emperor in his early age. It has AOE damage and controls, big coverage and high damage,” ThornyRose said. 

“As promised, this belongs to you,” Ye Cang directly gave the Holy Trident skill to LordAsked and LordAsked had no time to reject. Well, at least I got something. This fella is obviously controlling the rights to fight for items. It will be the Roar Emperor's turn to fight for items next time. But this is one of the strongest skills I’ve seen. I have too many AOE skills now, it's time to pay attention to some surviving skills or single-attack skills. 

“As for this Book of the Curse of Wind, is there anyone who wants it?” Ye Cang looked at Wu Na and she shook her head, “Don't give me things like that. It’s not gonna be useful.”

“Are you an idiot? At times like this, you should take it and then give it to me, got it?” Ye Cang pulled Wu Na over and talked with their backs facing the crowd. 

“......” Wu Na then awkwardly raised her hands as they stared at her with cold faces. “Well… I need… it.”

“Alright, alright, quickly take it and learn.” ThornyRose could not take it anymore. No matter what, Wu Na will never be as shameless as Ye Cang anyway, except when she’s playing mahjong. 

Ye Cang immediately buried his head behind the Book of The Curse of Wind and learned it up. I need this book because I don’t have enough strong combined skills. The skills combined through Combination of Arcane can’t even beat a single elemental skill. But the weird effects are surely interesting. He then quickly leveled up the three skills until the limit and combined Raging Storm with Chain Lightning, Athersdam's Roar with Hurricane Wind Body, leaving one slot empty. 

“An octagon-profiled true ranger…” CloudDragon shook his head. This fella really becomes nothing other than an all rounder. Long-ranged and close-ranged physical attacks, long-ranged magic, magic martial arts skills, support, healing, backups, and tanks. You can name anything under the sun. He’s also the only one who can waste such resources for the sake of building that octagon. 

Just when they were about to enter the palace, a message came from the system. 

“The World's First Martial Arts Competition has begun! Please sign up on your own accord! The qualifying rounds will begin in two weeks! Please up your game, warriors! This is an international level competition!”

“What’s supposed to come will eventually come. And it’s an international level competition this time,” LordAsked mumbled. 

“As this involves teams from overseas, we have to be united, well, at least for the ten-men event,” ThornyRose said. I know all of them would put their backs into tearing one another’s ass apart when the competition starts but rain or shine, we have to secure the ten-men event at the very least. 

“This... what competition… what does it mean?” Ye Cang asked. 

Ye Cang’s stupidity and naivety were getting over the limits. ThornyRose reluctantly explained, “This is a martial arts competition in the entire game. It is divided into five categories, individual, doubles, three men, five men, and ten men. Each player can only sign up for a maximum of two of the categories.”

CloudDragon was curious about the ten-men category mentioned by ThornyRose earlier, “What are you trying to say?”

“The Three Emperors, FlameEmperor, Four Heavenly Kings, SpyingBlade and VastSea. Let the world witness China’s strongest lineup once again,” ThornyRose's words made LordAsked wonder for a second. “Well, it's hard to confirm that FlameEmperor will join us. Even if he does, that bad temper of his… I’d say it’s better to put ourselves out of trouble. Count the little girl in. We need good support in our team anyway.”

“Bro, FlameEmperor's temper is better than yours…” Ji Xiao's words gave  LordAsked the urge to push him down into the ferociously burning lava. 

Little Ye Tian shook her head. “Let me analyze. With father's individual strength, he'll definitely join the individual and ten-men categories. Lele should join the doubles and ten-men, Brother A'Xiong should join the three-men and ten-men, Brother PureSoul should join the five-men and ten-men and the same goes for Old Zhao and Uncle VastSea. I'll join the five-men and ten-men or FlameEmperor can take the spot as well. As for the empty space left in our five-men team… even though I don’t really like this, Aunt MistyVeil can go for it. And the three men team will be taken up by Brother Fang Ci and I. With our current equipment, level and progress, our chances are high. We might even emerge as the overall champion too. I understood Sister Rose's point, she wishes to establish a new golden standard. If we’re going to do that, everything must be ready. We’ll discuss the arrangement of the second team when we return.”

ThornyRose heaved a sigh of relief. It's good to have a secretary. In the past, I wouldn't even think of winning but now, all the top-notch star players are on our side of the game.

Even though CloudDragon wished to challenge all the teammates in the ten-men team, he knew it was more important to win the championship for the rewards were more luxurious. In this season, I must make my character far greater than those in the past. I must challenge the legendary again and fulfill my very dream. 

Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan, AV and Lil’Wang smirked at each other and decided to sign up for the 5v5.

“Maybe we get to face the top hundred beauties team…” AV rubbed his hands. 

“Top hundred beauties?” It caught Cao Cao's attention. 

“Yeap, the top hundred beauties. There’s a ranking for the top one hundred beautiful ladies in this game. We have three in our team, MistyVeil, NalanPureSoul and Gongsun Qian. Their placings are quite high but the world's number 1 is a chief of a tribe in Africa. Her name is Ajasnar.”

“She’s black?” Liu Bei knew where Africa was. 

“Oh, no, no. Ajasnar is a mix-blood. Due to some weird genetic modifications in the DNA, her skin is white but she portrays the body shape of a black. She’s extremely beautiful. I’ve masturbated tens of times to her poster,” AV shook his head as he was too impressed. 

Liu Bei and Cao Cao erected right after a single glance at the picture. Sun Quan was speechless. You get hard that easily? From just a simple picture? His curiosity led him to crane his neck forward to have a quick look at what was so mesmerizing. Her eyes were starry, her face was smooth like a baby's skin, her lips were thick and her teeth were white. She was not fat at all. She had a slim waist and an extremely long pair of legs. Her face was a gift of God. Top-notch. Indeed, top-notch. He smirked, “Hehe. If we ever encounter her, be sure to let me be first.”

“Hey, who do you think you are? Do you think you can just go as you wish? We'll go from the eldest to the youngest. You're the last.” Cao Cao lifted his shoulders and rolled his eyes. 

“Oh, so you wanna do it that way. After my dad passed away, my elder brother relied on the help of Yuan Shu and called him stepfather. Since my elder brother called him stepfather, it should be the same for me as his younger brother. My sister got married to Liu Xuande, so he should call Yuan Shu as father too. Also, Liu Xuande's younger brother - Zhang Yide married Xiahou Yuan's sister. Xiahou Yuan and Xiahou Dun are brothers and you're some kind of Xiahou Dun's far end relative's cousin or whatever. You should call Yuan Shu as father too. But anyway, Yuan Shu is our father, so we’re on the same rank!”

“I think he’s got a point there...can't believe Yuan Shu is my dad…” Liu Bei nodded slowly. 

“....... ” Cao Cao was speechless.