Cao Cao was arranging some documents when something suddenly struck his mind, “So, Yuan Shao, his elder brother is actually his son?!”

“Hey, hey, stop making things complicated. Our rankings are still in a mess…” Liu Bei said. 

Sun Quan pondered. Heh. The idea of acknowledging Yuan Shu as father isn’t that bad after all. His ‘sons’ were all great heroes who destroyed him…

When they arrived at the palace side of the bridge, they first asked Ye Cang to sneak in to test the waters of the interior. He came to the outer cloister. The middle was empty and below it was a mixture of an abyss and a magma sea. Fire elemental guards were in the form of dormant lava. He carefully walked through the inner hallway and reached a second cloister. In the middle of it, a luxurious yellow crystal was on top of the lava altar table, surrounded by a cluster of flames. Knowing that it might be too hazardous to get any closer, Ye Cang decided to go through the hallway around it and he came to a great hall. It was spectacular to see streams of oozing lava flowing through the ditch in the hall. Looking from afar, he thought that it looked just like a workshop. It was so enormous that rooms were enclosed everywhere. As Ye Cang was about to take a step forward, he stopped as he guessed that there were traps and also guards protecting the place where traps could be disarmed. Assuming that was enough, he turned back, rejoined the team and briefly described the place.

“The yellow crystal in the second cloister should be the boss,” ThornyRose suggested.

“Prepare some fire resistants. Those who can use water or ice elementals, get your asses ready.” Once LordAsked said so, Lin Le immediately inserted ice elemental crystals into his Arm Crystal Drive.

Their entrance to the palace awakened all fire elementals that rushed towards them almost immediately.

Zhang Zhengxiong teamed up with VastSea while LordAsked teamed with FrozenCloud. Each team was guarding against two different pathways when Ye Cang noticed some fire elementals with a bracelet summoning even more fire elementals from the lava. “Careful! Fire elementals behind are summoning more of their kind!”

“SpyingBlade, Lil’Wang, Lele, Brother CloudDragon, go attack those with bracelets! Help them open up a path and cover them!” Little Ye Tian sent the team’s three best attackers and Lil’Wang who could summon water elemental to deal with it. These elementals are not easy to deal with. A small explosion will occur during their death. Luckily AV boy’s healing effect is good enough. Turning around to see the affection from AV’s stare, she sighed. Even being beautiful is a sin… *sigh*

The fire elemental magicians seemed to have noticed the danger and they reacted by combining three new fire elementals into one big fire elemental. 

“We must finish them off as quickly as possible! Or else, we can leave our lives to their hands and say goodbye!” CloudDragon stared at the ten-over-meter tall fire elementals. This is considered a boss already! And they’re coming in packs! Ye Cang immediately took out his scepter from his shadows and transformed it into a water spear. With Shadow Steps and Thunder Flash, he quickly backed them up. He activated tactics abilities, Charge, Powerful Attack, and Pursuit. CloudDragon was amazed when there was an electric current flashing past him. Fighting him individually is suicidal. He’s an all-rounder. He will definitely have a way to counter you and you can’t predict what role it will be. In a blink of an eye, Ye Cang killed one huge fire elemental by himself. Using the Combination of Arcane, he combined Healing Tide and Tidal Wave together. The process of combining the fire elementals was slowed down and Lil’Wang’s water elemental started attacking the summoners. SpyingBlade and Lele killed them one by one a few moments later. Despite so, there were already seven gigantic fire elementals being summoned successfully. Zhang Zhengxiong felt the pressure as if the world depended on him. This is worse than fighting the boss. I guess this is what it means by being outnumbered. No matter how strong the boss is, I’m sure I can manage it all by myself. Just when he was being confident, the seven fire elementals formed a magic circle and seven large flame bullets were shot at them.

“Run and don’t look back! Let me defend this wave of attack!” The water droplet in the middle of the slime ring on Zhang Zhengxiong’s finger turned red at once and he dashed towards the precalculated landing point of the bullets.

ThornyRose pondered. ShakingBear is certainly optimistic. He’s the most reliable one among the three tanks. If we can’t turn the table around, we’ll just need to sacrifice cousin Liu Bei. Not a bad idea, huh... Liu Bei immediately turned to her, “Hey, you mentioned my name in your heart!”

“.......” ThornyRose quickly disagreed, “Impossible, my beloved cousin!”

All the seven flame bullets were instantly taken in by the reddening Zhang Zhengxiong whose arms were burning red as never before. He resisted and combined all seven into one massive bullet, preparing to swing it back to the enemies. Little Ye Tian did not think it was feasible and quickly shouted, “Don’t throw it back! Find somewhere empty and throw it there!”

Flame immunity. The only concern is there might be a chance they can reabsorb the flames. Little Ye Tian knew my fire elemental creatures had the ability to evolve when burning in flames. Zhang Zhengxiong reluctantly tossed it to the empty space on his right.

LordAsked was stunned for a second. Why does this fella always have these weird skills? I’ve been observing him since Thousand Peak Mountain. At crucial times, he always uses skills that I’ve never seen before, for example that slash from the boss in Thousand Peak Mountain. He turned gold and reflected the boss’s attack as easily as a rubber tree shooting its seeds. I don’t think he suffered a lot of damage from that. LordAsked then laid his eyes on the ring as the red water droplet bounced off, leaving the space empty. That ring has at least seven different colors… Does it mean...

At the back, Ye Cang immediately cast the magic combined by Hurricane Body Shield and Atersdam’s Roar. A chilling wind was surrounding his body and numerous lightning tridents were sent out. Shadow Frost Strike! Icicle Shots! Chilling Wind! Ye Cang threw out all the ice elemental spells he learned. CloudDragon also changed his qi points to chill energy without losing his momentum when killing the creatures. Meanwhile, Lin Le used all the attributes given by the ice elemental crystals on his Crystal Drive, allowing him to slash the enemies like slashing tofu. As for SpyingBlade, his situation was relatively awkward as the explicit effects were far weaker than the rest. His soul was dampened at the sight of tigerkin Little Ren coming to back them up, slashing enemies victoriously with its ice elemental blade. “Looks like I have to start collecting elemental weapons. How am I going to compete with them without elemental weapons?!”

Most of the enemies at the back were gotten rid of and only seven gigantic fire elementals were left. Wu Na who used to be the weakest in the team had now become the main damage dealer. Little Ye Tian was using all her mana to back Wu Na up. For the very first time did Wu Na feel somewhat like a superstar, “Now y’all know my strength, huh! Is still underestimating me?! Behold... the ice mage! The strongest in the team!”

VastSea said something unexpectedly, “Something BlackIce could have done it with three fingers…”

“No wonder you haven’t gotten yourself a girlfriend!” Wu Na splurted back.

“Hey? This fire elemental is so strong. I can’t restrain it. Oops! It’s coming to you! Be careful!” VastSea smiled.

“Brother! I’m sorry! Help me!” Wu Na quickly apologized. Damn. You can never afford to offend tankers. they’re on the top of the world.

VastSea immediately blocked the creature’s path and casually circled around it without creating any pressure for the healers. Staring at such a scene sparked Little Ye Tian’s thoughts. He’s so good at it. In terms of circling around and poking the enemies, he’s even better than LordAsked and Brother A’Xiong. The only thing he lacks is damage-reflect talent. But equipped with his over-practiced skills and focus, at least he managed to reduce the damage to the minimum. Before father and the rest earned themselves their fame, it was undeniable that he was the best in China. One of the world’s best support and tanker. This is no joke. Even if he switches to become the attack type, he wouldn’t be easy to deal with. I’ve watched him battle before. He was being forced to use a mage type. Even I might not be on par with him, not in terms of predictions and instinct but purely the overall situation analysis and including who you should protect. It’s all about the experience. He might not be old but he definitely is the ‘oldest player’ in our generation. His experience is rich. *sigh* I bet his life must be boring enough to leave him with so much time and energy to focus on just one thing. 

CloudDragon and the others who came back were dumbfounded as they looked at the tankers. FrozenCloud was not contributing much. Zhang Zhengxiong was restraining two of them and  LordAsked was doing the same. VastSea, equipped with the weakest equipment was restraining three and he seemed to have more energy left than the others. The life-risking situation did not stop the other two from fully utilizing their talents but VastSea was solely relying on his instincts. Ye Cang shook his head. Who says that he’s not a genius? This fella’s talent might be even better than CloudDragon’s. But this talent is not a physical one but a mental one, one that reflects inner character. Similar to Old Zhao. An indescribable talent. Is it hard work? Maybe. But, with just hard work, reaching such a level is almost impossible, especially when you’re only an ordinary man.