Staring at Ye Cang whose body was surrounded by lightning and hurricane, CloudDragon pondered. His close-ranged magic skills are disgusting. From the incident of Cain almost getting killed by him, we can tell he’s a born-to-be killer…

“Draw them closer! Let our team leader kill them all in a single explosion!” NalanPureSoul shouted. All the seven fire elementals were being dragged close and Wu Na activated her one and only ultimate. Moments later, a blizzard engulfed everyone and Ye Cang clenched his fist. Numerous iced lotus bloomed and all seven enormous fire elementals were instantly killed. However, that came at the cost of fully depleting their mana and energy, especially AV’s. He had been constantly recovering everyone’s health when they were being burned by the surrounding flames. Little Ye Tian admitted that AV was getting more useful and was an important support in the team. His large area healing ability is better than mine. A plant user performs incredibly well when he has great equipment. But whenever I see his disgusting pose, I can’t help but to stay away from him.

Most of the players had leveled up due to the large amount of experience, especially Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan who even advanced two levels. Most of the fire elemental skill books were given to NalanPureSoul and the fact that Ye Cang polluted some of the corpses came as a surprise but the team managed to suppress him before suffering a greater loss. Lin Le touched all the seven gigantic corpses and they managed to get a rare item from the Fallen World.

The Sealed Book of Flame Demon (A quest’s item - ??? - Assistant - Diamond - Sealed - Fallen World)
Category: Skill book
Requirements: Intelligence 500 and Will 500
Intelligence +300
Will +310
Spell Power +120
Fire elemental spell power +220
Fire resistance +115
Fire resistance +35%
Fire elemental damage received reduces by 20%
Fire elemental damage dealt increases by 15%

Fission of Flame Demon: The fire elemental creatures summoned will be equipped with fission effect. Their damage will be 50% of their health and they can clone another image of theirs which carries 50% of their attributes. 

The Sealed Book of Flame Demon: Can store up to four fire elemental spells that are of level 7 and below.

Fire Bath:  Any fire elemental damage dealt or received can recover the user’s health by 10% of the damage. It also has the chance of recovering 5% of the user’s mana.

NalanPureSoul strongly pleaded for the book. Having a sealed status means it can be unsealed in the future. This book is important to me. There isn’t a single attribute that doesn’t suit me. They all have changeable effects and it can even enhance my battle power. 

LordAsked pondered. Damn. This book is a little too strong, isn’t it? To the fire elemental players, this book is like a divine artifact. It even has mana recovery effect and the fission effect just makes his flame demon even stronger. The point is that it is a quest’s item and a sealed equipment. I’m so jealous. It’s making my eyes red.

Ye Cang then harvested a lot of fire elemental crystals, especially the high-quality ones from the seven fire elementals. Immediately, the business sense of his took over, “Fire elemental crystals here! Anyone wants to get them carved on your equipment?! At a friendly price, of course! No scams. A’Xiong, bring out the anvil…”

“Here it goes again…” CloudDragon facepalmed.

“Everyone is on the same team. Don’t ruin the harmony. Quickly help the tankers enhance the fire resistance. Quick. We’ll give it back to you once we’re done with this god-forsaken place,” LordAsked immediately threw him his shield and armor. What a shameless fella. All he wants is to earn money. 

“Well, I can get my labor fees, at least?” Ye Cang took a step back.

“Two for 10G,” LordAsked was speechless. Unbelievable. He passed him ten gold coins.

Well, that’s better than nothing. Ye Cang told himself and received the money shamelessly. ThornyRose thought. Sometimes, this fella is really as ungrateful as thieves. Among the city merchants, he has one of the worst reputations. She recalled the incident of him selling books after defeating treants at Beginner’s Village. He tricked every single person he could think of and his scams are always done openly. Worst still, if he gets exposed, he could still stay calm and wouldn’t hesitate to try his luck with some kind of grandmother’s story. What an audacity.

After Zhang Zhengxiong finished enhancing the tanker’s fire resistance, they went through the outer cloister and arrived at the inner one. Little Ye Tian stopped everyone and observed the yellow crystal from afar. “We’re about to reach the alarm zone. Get ready.”

“Is it the fire elemental boss?” ThornyRose asked.

“Not sure. It might be a fire elemental spirit too.” Little Ye Tian stared at the yellow crystal, predicting the type of creature that would appear.

“Well, that’s all it can be. There’s no way we will be getting a slime again…” Zhang Zhengxiong laughed.

“......Why do I have a bad feeling about this…” Fang Ci said.

“Hey, don’t jinx it! A slime boss is one of the most disgusting and troublesome bosses…” LordAsked recalled the fear that struck him when his team was being wiped out by a slime boss in the previous season. I used almost two months and exhausted all my manpower and money to get past that level. Slimes are well-known for having high physical attack resistance and their health points are so great that’ll just have this power to make you give up. Most importantly, all of them have self-recoverable health levels. 

“Indeed, it will be hard to deal with if it’s a slime boss. Those elementals are considered a piece of cake,” CloudDragon had also experienced a battle with a slime boss. The one on Thousand Peak Mountain… If it wasn’t for that goddess’ help, I bet our whole team would be wiped out all at once.

“Just how many slime bosses will there be? Stop worrying. Let’s go…” Zhang Zhengxiong rolled his eyes and confidently walked inside. The yellow crystal started to melt and a large amount of lava burst out. In the end, true enough, an enormous slab of slime with a wicked smile was awaiting their arrival. It roared at them.

“Oh, so it really is a slime… Gosh, just how many slimes do I need to slash to make sure they extinct.” Zhang Zhengxiong stared at the ring on his finger. Whatever. Who knows this creature might give me something to add to the ring.

“You guys are sure brothers… One has a polluted hand and the other has a polluted mouth…” LordAsked could not help but smile bitterly at the gigantic lava slime.

“Lava type. Except for its physical resistance, the ice elemental magic has to be great enough too. Or else, we could only freeze the outer shell…” Little Ye Tian quickly analyzed. “Spread out! Brother A’Xiong, get ready…”

Ye Cang identified its attributes. 

The King of Lava Crystal Slime - The Burning Akelala: This creature is created from  slime crystal that has burned for tens of thousands of years. It is immune to all fire elemental damage and physical attacks. Fire elemental attacks are able to heal and enhance it. Ice, earth, and soul elemental magic are effective in restraining it. Its gel is an extremely precious spicy ingredient. If you’re a spice lover, be sure not to miss it!

Ye Cang mumbled, “The gel must be tasty…”

“......” Everyone was speechless and fed up.

“&@#%$#” the lava slime roared again.

“It says, ‘Burn! Burn into ashes and be part of me!’” Ye Cang calmly translated. “Oh yeah, earth, ice, and soul elemental are effective. Completely immune to physical damage but don’t ever use fire on it. Flames would be capable of healing and enhancing it.”

Believing that things could be exaggerated, everyone in there chose to ignore what Ye Cang translated and only remembered the boss’ attributes. Being able to identify the boss’ weakness is an important skill to the team. All the tankers surrounded the boss and Ye Cang tossed his beads. The prayer beads then turned into totems and the scepter in Ye Cang’s hand turned into a water spear. He even summoned Ten Colored Soup and Little Blue Feather to help out. This was because Ten Colored Soup had a special characteristic of not being able to be killed directly, had high fire resistance and knew all kinds of magic. As for Little Blue Feather, it was familiar with ice elemental. Little Ye Tian asked AV to go further away from her, to the other side of the cloister to reduce the risk of both dying together. Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan who mastered resurrection were ordered to protect the healers and share the damage instead of fighting. This was because their attacks were no match to their healing skills in that situation. They had no chance of harming the boss and all they could do was to resurrect any of the healers.