“Gagaga…” As Akelala laughed, lava was shot out from its mouth and it infested the hallway. Everyone was suffering from third-degree burns and Wu Na made an attempt to quickly create a piece of ice on the lava. However, the first piece just melted in a matter of seconds. She had no choice but to keep wasting her mana to maintain the shape of the ice. “WTF! How is it possible to fight it?! We’ll die before we could attack it!”

“Sister Nana and Lil’Wang, keep the ice so we can stand on it!” Little Ye Tian ordered. 

However, Lil’Wang was not contributing in keeping the ice frozen and stood on the edge of the ice instead. He then summoned mud golem. “Come over here! Stand on the golem! Despite being a little too slow, it won’t be affected by the lava!”

Tigerkin Little Ren grabbed NalanPureSoul, picked Liu Bei up, gave Cao Cao a piggyback and put Sun Quan sitting on its shoulders. Together, they jumped on the mud golem. Wu Na did the same and was fast enough to create a piece of ice for AV to stand. Ye Cang was standing on a rock pillar and SpyingBlade also managed to hook on to some stoned altar. Luck was on their side that the tankers had fire resistance. They were barely surviving with AV’s healing. Meanwhile, MistyVeil stood on the spear she pierced into the wall, preparing to attack and CloudDragon was also on it, “The landscape is so troublesome and that put us at a disadvantage from the start…”

Ye Cang shouted, “Nana, don’t maintain the ice anymore. Make it rain! Replenish your mana!”

Everyone then thought of what Ye Cang had said. If Ye Cang’s iced lotus blooms, it can create a space sufficient enough for all of us to move. Even though the landscape will not be flat, it still requires some time for the ice to be melted.

Little Ye Tian told Wu Na, “Sister Nana, don’t bother with anything else. Once father’s ice explodes, replenish your mana and wait for the cooldown and once it’s done, wait for father’s instructions and everything’s gonna be alright!”

“Got it.” Wu Na started to sing the verse and a guiding blizzard was appearing. A thin layer of ice was slowly forming on the surface of lava but it was melting at the same time too. Ye Cang clenched his fist and an iced lotus exploded. Everyone quickly jumped down to besiege the boss which was covered with a magma shell. However, it was not difficult for Akelala to crack the ice and it roared out loud. Once again, a cloud of flame burst out and they quickly hid behind the ice pillars. The rapid melting of the ice pillars triggered their thoughts. If it wasn’t for the iced lotus, this technique would have cooked us up already. 

Even though the ice was melting at too fast a speed, it made the lava to slightly solidify. That was an advantage for Ye Cang to unleash Healing Tide. Water splashed at everyone, wave by wave, replenishing everyone’s health at the same time. In the end, he made another iced lotus bloom in the center and activated all remaining tactic abilities. The ice magic started to slow down Akelala’s movement. Everyone gave their all to attack the boss as that was the last straw. As they charged on, the boss’ solidified skin started to crack and a red light shone from within.

“Be careful!” LordAsked predicted that the energy would explode at any minute.

Zhang Zhengxiong immediately activated The Image of Holy Sky and doubled up the team’s reduction of damage received. Surrounded by colorful clouds, he came behind a rock pillar.

Ye Cang was hesitating on whether he should activate Assenroche’s Shelter. The cooldown takes three days. If I use it now, the latter of the journey will be riskier. Let’s just keep that in view for now. A’Xiong had activated damage reduction. We should be able to stand alive.


The slime exploded and numerous rings of flames were scattered, sent flying in all directions and chasing everyone to the back of their nearest obstacle to take cover. Those who did not manage to find any took refuge behind a tanker. Since FrozenCloud did not have a shield and her mere body shield skills were not enough, she and Wu Na died. VastSea dragged Little Ye Tian and Lil’Wang behind a rock pillar and used the shield to avoid as much damage as they could. All of them tried hard to avoid rather than directly blocking the damage. Although injuries were unavoidable, they managed to keep themselves alive.

On the other hand, LordAsked and the other close-range combaters cramped together behind a hill formed by solidified lava. He and the rest barely survived after activating the flame shield. Staring at the sky full of flames and lava, he pondered. Even the aftereffect is strong enough to kill us, how the f**k are we going to hide?!

Akelala’s body size reduced tremendously after the explosion and its lower body was absorbing lava as much as it could to grow back to its usual shape. It entered into a defensive and weaker mode. 

“Quick! If it explodes one more time, we’ll all be reuniting in hell! Attack it before the lava penetrates through the solidified skin!” CloudDragon dashed at the boss, activating a series of his signature moves.

Lin Le brushed his Crystal Drive and the Blade of Dragon Steel shone. He unleashed his ultimate from the side. Once Rich, Dick Big! Throwing money everywhere! Power of Money! Money Maintenance! Activate all accessories skills! Surging Dragon! War Axe Returning Dragon! Whirlwind Strike Storm! Armed Destruction! Seven Deadly Slashes! Beheaded Slash! Once he was satisfied with all his slashes, he summoned his handcart and activated Handcart Tornado and Handcart Home Run. The damage dealt when outbeating close-range combaters was incredible and indescribable. He disrupted the boss’ absorption and weakened it till it reached the end of its life.

 “This combo of his is just too scary,” LordAsked was dumbfounded at the damage dealt by Lin Le, the great heavy weapons user. Even though it’s not my first time having a first-hand view of his attacks, whenever I see his overwhelming ability, I’ve got this feeling of nurturing a heavy weapon user in my team. It’s super effective against bosses even if the user isn’t very strong. But this fella is truly one of the best players in China. If you ever face him in a battle, your life will definitely end before you even know it.

“It’s coming to an end…” ThornyRose saw the slime starting to dim.

“Yeah, luckily this slime will not split upon death…” Zhang Zhengxiong heaved a sigh of relief as he smiled. 

“Not again!” SpyingBlade was speechless.

The slime once again shone in red.

“Hey, are you serious?! Come on!” Lil’Wang quickly backed off.

Moments later, the slime burst into four small yellow crystals and turned into four slabs of lava slimes.

“Can’t you just shut your f**king mouth up?” LordAsked facepalmed and quickly dashed at a random slime within his sight. 

“It’s not my fault. That’s the boss’ natural characteristic…” Zhang Zhengxiong went on to restrain another piece of slime.

VastSea also gave a helping hand and blocked one of them. Knowing that the slimes were not that strong and all of them were moving towards the same direction, he shouted, “Don’t let them gather! Rose, stop the last one!”

ThornyRose stopped the last one from moving towards the center to attach itself to another one. She screamed on the inside. WTF! She slammed it real hard with her shield, trying all sort of ways to slow its movement. “Stop watching! Make a wave of speed reduction as fast as you can!”

Ye Cang who replenished his mana stood up and cast another wave of Healing Tide. The ice explosion he caused in the center successfully reduced the speed of all the slimes.

With Little Tadpole’s help, ThornyRose felt less pressured. She pondered. This toad and the Ten Colored Soup should be the strongest tankers in the team. One is flexible with inexhaustible health and the other is completely undefeatable. They always fill one another’s spots, especially Little Tadpole who can be a healer, a tanker and a damage dealer at the same time. Most importantly, it always provides the best help at crucial times. That tongue of its had saved thousands of lives and the boss corpses from being polluted by that someone.