In the end, with great effort, they managed to kill all four of the slimes. Zhang Zhengxiong stared at the corpses and mumbled, “They wouldn’t clump together right?”

“Again?! Hey!” Just when SpyingBlade shouted and was getting enraged again, the four crystals shot up facing the sky, combined together and landed on the ground once again, preparing to absorb the lava. Though lethargic from never ending rounds of attack, they had no choice but to quickly attack the crystal like mad and drunk people who were about to drop dead at any time. At last, it came to their surprise and relief that the crystal dimmed before it could absorb any more lava. Yet, Zhang Zhengxiong was still curious, “Do you think it will self-explode?”

“Dodge!” SpyingBlade shouted and hid under the solidified lava hill. A few close-ranged combaters followed. Meanwhile, LordAsked and the others took cover at a corner underneath his shield.

“Oh, there’s no way he jinxes it every time.” As ThornyRose finished her last word, the yellow crystal shined a glimmering gold light and it was unstable.

Ye Cang immediately went into the crack on the stoned wall with Shadow Step. Hey, there’s a treasure pack here. Why didn’t I notice it earlier? Hehe…

Meanwhile, NalanPureSoul and some of the rest hid behind the rock pillar. VastSea and ThornyRose sandwiched them, prepared to obstruct the flow of the explosion.

Equipped with extreme tank attributes Zhang Zhengxiong had, he was the only one who was not really afraid of the explosion. However, he also knew that he could not endure all the damage. As long as I’m not dead, my own skills can recover my health. I don’t even need Little Ye Tian or AV’s help. Hmm...I guess I have the wisdom of  Little Ye Tian’s or at least somewhere close?

“That fella is really a jinx. Life is really hard…” LordAsked smiled bitterly. That fella has top-class equipment, top-notch instincts, many healing skills, and high resistance but he doesn’t have brains!

“Everything I said came true. Will it split into a bunch of lava slimes after the explosion? I don’t believe it!” Zhang Zhengxiong’s words gave them a shock of their lives.

“Boom!” The crystal exploded. Since the damage was still within a limited range, there were no casualties. An uncountable number of crystal pieces ended up all over the place. Instantly, they all absorbed the lava and turned into hundreds of mini lava slime. ThornyRose facepalmed at the sight of such a scene, “Someone shut the hell out of him!”

“......” Staring at the mini slabs of slime, Zhang Zhengxiong said again, “Do you guys think that they will combine with each other?”

Immediately after, the slime pieces started inching closer to one another and combined themselves, forming a larger piece from every pair and the process continued.

“Quickly kill them all and stop the ‘slimy-fusion’!” CloudDragon shouted. If this continues, the boss will be reborn! The lava landscape will be formed again. Our battle spirit will be dampened and we might be forced to use the ultimate that we have been saving. This is only the second boss!

Ye Cang used the recovery magic stored in his hood and started casting Healing Tide. Waves of water splashed in the whole area, making everyone wet. He then unleashed Shadow Frost Strike until his mana had been completely depleted. He was left with no choice but to sit down to recover his mana. I can’t go down yet. Since Nana has died, I’m the only one with large area water and ice elemental magic. NalanPureSoul couldn’t do much. Summoning his flame demon was not an option either and the only skill he could use was the arcane bullets. 

NalanPureSoul also predicted that he would be the least useless in this battle as the creature’s fire resistance was too high. I hope there will be some ice or water elemental boss or creatures. Or else, I’ll be a useless teammate from the beginning to the end. What a waste of my fire elemental equipment and don’t wanna look like a freeloader.

Everyone was frustrated with killing the slimes but they succeeded in the end. Realizing their victory and looking at the mess, Zhang Zhengxiong wanted to say something but SpyingBlade quickly covered his mouth. The crystals then combined and flew back to the altar quietly. There was no sign of movement anymore. Only then, SpyingBlade dared to let go of him.

“Actually, I just wanted to say that the pieces will combine together. That’s all,” Zhang Zhengxiong just made everyone doubt his thoughts.

Ye Cang swiftly flew down from the wall, aiming at the crystal but was blocked by a ‘human wall’ which prevented him from touching anything. Lin Le then took the crystal, crushed the altar table and touched it. “So, the table is the corpse of the boss and this is the lava slime crystal…”

Zhang Zhengxiong asked for the crystal when he felt his ring was moving, “Pass that to me.”

Lin Le handed over the yellow crystal and Zhang Zhengxiong gave the crystal a tap with his ring. Instantly, the crystal shrank into the shape of a water droplet and combined with his red water droplet, making it shine more brightly. The ring’s attributes were greatly enhanced, especially in terms of fire resistance and health recovery speed. The skill had evolved into two optional skills. 

Light Explosion - After absorbing the fire elemental attacks, the user can unleash an explosion that is equivalent to the damage received or to heal his teammates and increase their fire resistance and fire elemental damage at a proportion.

ThornyRose was jealous of Zhang Zhengxiong for having such a ring. That slime ring is totally insane. I’ve witnessed its growth and how much it has evolved. That’s the real divine artifact. Besides, it won’t be disqualified for the whole duration of the game.

Noticing that Ye Cang did not show the slightest sadness or disappointment in his expression, everyone felt something was wrong. SpyingBlade then realized, “This team leader must have opened a chest…”

Ye Cang then recalled the treasure pack he discovered in the crack. Well, it was empty. But I mustn’t let them know. He argued righteously, “Bullshit! You’re defaming me! Lele already said it. The altar table is the corpse. I’m just sick of getting things stolen by you ordinary people all the time…”

Everyone stared at him with a cold speechless face as they all knew how insane and evil Ye Cang was. There must be something wrong with him acting calm. He must have polluted something. What he said has no logic. Since they did not have any evidence, they could do nothing but to remain silent.

“Oh Old Zhao, keep an eye on that fella. He has some kind of treasure-seeking talent. That’s the scariest part…” ThornyRose pulled SpyingBlade over and whispered in his ears as she did not wish to let the others know about it in order to prevent unnecessary panic. She even showed him the attributes of the hero talent and SpyingBlade sighed, “Such a good talent but it’s given to the most undeserving person…”

“Since the lava had not overflown, let’s revive the dead and then distribute the equipment,” VastSea pointed at Wu Na and FrozenCloud who were lying in a pool of magma.

Liu Bei and Sun Quan started to revive them one at a time.

Wu Na who was just being resurrected let out a cry, “What did we get?! It didn’t get polluted, did it?!”

“Nope…” ThornyRose said and Ye Cang ignored as he took the equipment and the skill books handed over by Lin Le.

“Flame Burst Shockwave… Brother PureSoul will take it.” Ye Cang casually gifted NalanPureSoul an AOE fire elemental skill book and nobody objected. NalanPureSoul mastered it. This skill is exactly what I need. It bursts out with me being in the center, knocking away all the enemies in my surroundings. The damage is very high too. The second high-quality skill book was a battle skill, The Heart of Raging Fire. Once activated, rage points would not be depleted but could not be learned if the user had a similar skill. Lin Le was then disqualified from taking it. VastSea, CloudDragon, ThornyRose, Zhang Zhengxiong, RedMoon, and FrozenCloud were the only people left with rage points. Since warrior types were encouraged, especially tankers, the skill was given to VastSea for his relatively outstanding performance.

As for the remaining skill books, they were divided among RedMoon, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan and MistyVeil. MistyVeil even bought away the remaining unwanted ones.