As MistyVeil was buying the skill books, CloudDragon and LordAsked pondered. This lady has fallen into that scumbag’s trap. It's just the beginning and she is already buying an obsessive amount of items. In the end, Ye Cang will definitely grant her a loan policy with lots of terms and conditions. That will also be when a high interest rate comes into play. Recalling their experience, they were disagreeing with what the lady was doing.

Looking at their expressions and the eye contact they were giving her, MistyVeil knew they were up to no good. This entire team is full of either liars or scammers. Just one wrong move and I’ll fall into their traps. She then pitied the guild disc in her bag. I had to trick Ji Xiao to tell me the truth. These bastards.

After resting and waiting for most of their skills to be cooled down, they continued their adventure. Ye Cang pointed at the hallway far away, “Welp, I’m not going in there. It is infested with traps and guards are everywhere too. It’s not like I can’t get through them all alone but it’ll be dangerous if I get discovered. Hmm, I don’t think I’m gonna take the risk. Your lives are nothing but if I die, it’ll be a shame to the team…”

“......” Everyone rolled their eyes. Don’t you know we seriously hope that you’ll just die every time? The best will be the boss dying and bringing you along so that we can touch the boss safely. ThornyRose then recalled the horrible incident back at Beginner’s Village. We got wiped out and he was the only one left… then… there’s no then anymore… but that fella doesn’t die that often when battling bosses. It’s either we all died and he is the one left or we all died and he escaped.

Ye Cang then led the others to the outside of the hall, made a few attempts to disarm the traps and kept away the materials and the trap-triggering machine.

Standing in front of the door of the hall, Little Ye Tian carefully observed the texts and hieroglyphs on it which were all created by the dwarfs. Ye Cang translated, “The Land of Furnaces, the source of all weapons.”

“This should be the largest forging workshop in the grave. Legends had it that the Star of Broken Sky was born in this place. War Fist was the main blacksmith and Lightning Fist helped out… We’ll discuss when we enter,” Little Ye Tian recalled the incident in the literature.

Inside it, there were rooms in every corner. Drains were flowing with lava. Ye Cang gave  a hand-signal to tell them that there was a guard at the corner of the room and everyone nodded as they sneaked over. Zhang Zhengxiong dashed at the dwarf zombie who was carrying a hammer into the wall and the team ended its life as fast as they could, trying to reduce the noise to the minimum.

As Ye Cang opened the door inch by inch, he scanned the entire room with his night vision and saw a few spiritual lamps at a few corners. I can’t get past those lamps. If I use Shadow Steps, I might accidentally run into a trap. Suddenly, a feeling prompted Ye Cang to look at the room on the left side of the hallway. He smelt treasure. “You guys attack from this direction. I’ll head over there for an inspection first.”

“Old Zhao, Little Tian and Brother Asked will be following you,” ThornyRose said.

“That’s unnecessary. I have invisibility and Shadow Step. With them coming, I won’t be able to move,” Ye Cang explained.

“Or how about this… All of us will follow you and fight our way through. Once we’re done, we’ll just come back out,” ThornyRose smiled. 

“Alright, very well, that’s the final decision,” ThornyRose replied before Ye Cang could answer. 

Ye Cang raised his eyebrows and disappeared in a blink of an eye like he was part of a magic trick. ThornyRose exclaimed, “He is going after a chest! Get him!”

Without the slightest hesitation, everyone immediately gave chase, trying all sorts of ways to stop him. 

Upon opening the door, two dwarf zombies and a grey demon were the first things that came into Ye Cang’s sight. 

“Intruders, your fresh blood will be my cooldown potion. Muahahaha...” one of the dwarfs had a deep and scary voice. 

A chest in the corner of the room caught Ye Cang’’s attention. He slashed at the enemies with his arcane sword and cast arcane shockwaves, knocking the dwarfs away. Endless arcane bullets were aimed at the enemies and bombarded them. The grey demon instantly blinked in front of the chest. “This is Lord Lightning Fist’s precious treasure. I won’t let you take it!”

Without the need of words, Ye Cang slashed at it with his arcane sword. Yet, the arms of the grey demon enlarged at an instance and blocked the attack as if they were made of steel. It took a deep breath and filled the entire room with a breath of fire. Ye Cang quickly turned into electric current and zipped out of the room. When the breath was over, he dashed in again. With his heavy ballista, he pinned the dwarfs on the wall and activated most of his skills after dashing at the demon with the arcane sword and his cooking knife. Dance of Slashes! Dashing Straight Thrust! Multiple Straight Thrusts! Flame Shot! Shadow Frost Strike! Darkness Single Strike! Not dead yet?! Rising Dragon Kick! He pulled out his guns. Overload! A large number of energy bullets were released and shot towards the demon in the mid-air. Not only that, his heavy ballista was once again utilized to pin the demon on top of the room. Just when he was about to touch the chest, he sensed something chilly from the back which made him point his gun backwards and open fire. He shot CloudDragon who was coming in with his Lightning Fingers but his fingers pierced through the bullets. Ye Cang had no choice but to turn around and knock him away with his knees. After that, someone slammed at him. Staring at Zhang Zhengxiong who used Super Speed in the slime ring, he muttered, “You…”

The crowd around the chest was so packed that there was no way in. Gongsun Qian and MistyVeil were speechless. It’s very tiring for us to fight the boss and we still have to prevent such things from happening. Gosh, it’s so tiring staying in this team. Worst still, he’s the team leader we all agreed to pick…

Lin Le opened the chest casually, “Not much of good stuff actually. Just some materials and parts and this Super Convenient All-in-One Blacksmith Workshop.”

Super Convenient All-in-One Blacksmith Workshop: Yeap! That’s right! You didn’t get fooled by your eyes! This is the outdoor set of the blacksmith master - Abullas Jones used. It includes a blacksmith workshop, an anvil, a forging hammer, large and automatic all-crystal bellows. All are luxury items made out of God’s Iron! There is only ONE set in the entire world! ONLY ONE! What are you waiting for? Allow yourself to enjoy the happiness of forging outdoor which is more exciting than having sex! Young man! For the sake of your biceps! Swing your large hammer!

Ye Cang got up, “See, I told you. Didn’t get any equipment huh! If I’m the one who opens it, it must be a divine artifact! You guys have been missing the divine artifacts piece after piece. Isn’t that sad and embarrassing?”

Everyone shook their heads, having no reason to agree with him.

“Ordinary humans will just stay ordinary. You’ll never be as great as me,” Ye Cang sighed.

“If we ever rely on that hand of yours, we’ll be wearing cardboards,” Wu Na was always the first to argue with him.

“Not even cardboard, we’ll be naked! How can this fella even get a piece of cardboard from the chest?” ThornyRose added on.

“Hmph! Actions speak louder than words! I will prove you wrong!” Ye Cang was pissed.

As the others wanted to open their mouths, Ye Cang shouted, “No more objections! I’ve made my decision! You guys are insulting my personality!”

Their sighs showed that they were tired of his unreasonableness as they knew it was impossible to communicate with Ye Cang in human language when it comes to corpses, chests, and cooking. Nobody knows what’s inside his head. Worst still, he’s the most influential leader in China. For now at least.

“Team leader, you must reflect on your actions…” Ji Xiao sighed and Ye Cang glanced at Zhang Zhengxiong. “Beat him up…”

Zhang Zhengxiong grabbed Ji Xiao, pressed him against the wall and started whacking his butt.

LordAsked smiled bitterly. Xiaoxiao, even though you were just saying what was on everyone’s mind, do know that the fella in front of your eyes is the team leader and that young man’s lover.