The Super Convenient All-in-One Blacksmith Workshop was given to the most suitable candidate - Zhang Zhengxiong. Everyone then requested one or two equipment to be forged once they returned. As they left the room, they decided to explore the place at a slower pace so that they could keep their eyes on Ye Cang who was not allowed to explore any rooms by himself unless it was necessary. The rooms they explored were quite luxurious in terms of what was hidden in there, including rare medication, materials, skill books, and equipment. Yet, most of them were in dark gold rank and platinum was the highest among all. Since the members of the team had no dark gold items, their findings did not come in handy. Seeing such a scene, MistyVeil smiled bitterly. My guild could only get like what...two platinum items at the max? And these fellas are not interested in any of these platinums at all…well, can’t help it. They’re already equipped with diamond rank ones.

As they got deeper, the dwarfs were getting stronger and harder to deal with as they had great strength, thick armor, and plenty of health. They often came in a group of ten, including a dead priest. However, Ye Cang’s effort in disarming the traps made their journey somewhat smoother. In the end, they reached a staircase leading them downstairs. Beside the stairs were two streams of lava. CloudDragon felt uneasy and Zhang Zhengxiong laughed condescendingly, “This is no lava, it’s just iron liquid.”

“To be exact, it’s metal in molten state,” Little Ye Tian explained.

They went down the stairs and arrived at a huge underground palace, wide and spacious. Surrounding them was the stoned wall and below the wall was a raging fire with molten flowing endlessly down into it. Ye Cang then summoned Little Blue Feather and activated Eagle Eye. Through Little Blue Feather’s eyes, he reached a circular area and then another similar one but only larger and much more overflowing molten metal. Two sleeping dragons? At the very end was an even larger circular altar and on top of it was an enormous furnace and a smithing table. A dwarf with red heavy armor and a war hammer was sitting on a stone throne. Streams of molten iron were circling his feet against the backdrop of a lava-like waterfall. He looked dead but still intimidating. Sensing the danger, Ye Cang ordered Little Blue Feather to return because he saw the eyes of the dwarf move a little. 

“There are two dragons ahead, a large circular field towards the end and a red-armored dwarf sitting on a throne. He looks strong,” Ye Cang explained.

“The dwarf must be Lightning Fist. What are the colors of the dragons?” Little Ye Tian asked.

“Both are red. Their sizes are similar to a special field boss’ and they’re approximately 40 meters long,” Ye Cang replied.

“Then, they’re not the dragons from the five. Each of the five dragons should be at least a hundred meters long. The two dragons you saw might be just some guards protecting the boss,” Little Ye Tian nodded.

“Lele’s dragon-slaying blade is hungry and thirsty already…” Lin Le was trying to imitate villains in movies as he wiped his blade.

“Then this should be a place for us to take a break. There’s no point rushing inside and awakening them. We better be prepared first,” ThornyRose sat on the stairs.

“Lele’s dragon-slaying cannon is hungry too…” Lin Le pushed his handcart cannon.

“Woah, this needs a thorough discussion. We’re only using it on Lightning Fist and we have to go dutch. As for the details, the shots are at five-star strength, cooldown at 5 minutes and only two shots…” LordAsked gave his suggestions.

“No! Lele wants to shoot eight ceremonious five-star shots continuously,” Lele was not happy with it.

Little Ye Tian then calculated the money needed for eight five-star shots without cooldown. “I’ve worked it out. Lele’s idea needs approximately a few hundred million gold coins…”

The horrendous amount gave MistyVeil a chill. LordAsked knew that unleashing continuous shots will bring up the bill exponentially. Two shots are still acceptable even though it burns a hole in the wallet. But from the third shot onwards, the numbers will go beyond imagination. Even though the power and effect were great, the basic rules should be followed.

“Let’s follow Brother Asked’s suggestions but we’ll play by ear for the third shot and the cooldown,” Ye Cang’s words made CloudDragon, LordAsked, MistyVeil, and Gongsun Qian cry inside. No matter if they were reluctant, they knew that it was the best solution as a third shot could be unavoidable if two shots were unable to finish the boss. ThornyRose was very happy on the other hand. If the corpse isn’t polluted, we can earn a lot from this raid. Unwilling to disclose the fact that Lele has gold coin reduction, she put on a helpless look and said, “Well, we have no choice. That’s the only solution. It’s decided then.”

“Two dragons. ShakingBear and ThornyRose on one while VastSea and I will take on the other. PureSoul, I’ve found two ice elemental magic from my cart. Take it and learn it up. The worst case is I’ll find a chance to erase your memory but let’s not talk about it now. Among the mages, you have the greatest Intelligence, spell power and instincts. Even if you aren’t the main damage dealers in this raid, at least be useful.” LordAsked made NalanPureSoul sigh. That’s the only way. He then chose a single target spell and an AOE spell. This quest is very important to everyone. I’m not a ranger. Learning all sorts of skills will bring harm to my career, especially those spells that specifically counter other elementals.

“Alright, let me cook a great meal for all of us to replenish our status and then we’re good to go!” Ye Cang took off his hood and put on a white headband. Everyone’s eyes opened wide and thought about their mouths and stomachs, especially when they knew Ye Cang was going to use the slime gel he got from the lava slimes. Jesus, those are totally inedible!

Ye Cang took out a  big pot, placed it on the molten iron and started cooking. He added a few handfuls of fire elemental crystals and of course, Akelala’s slime gel. Without any water, he added the fire cloudy mushrooms grown at that place, the lava shark Lin Le fished and some ashes of the fire elementals as the soup paste. What else should I mix them with? Ye Cang went on to search for ingredients that gave fire resistance. In the end, he added the molotov cocktails into the pot. All of the others dropped their jaws in awful disgust. Is it still edible?! Isn’t it equivalent to self-destruction if we eat it?! Flames rushed out as soon as the molotov cocktails touched the broth and Ye Cang nodded with his great satisfaction. “Yes, the fire effect of the great chef, checked…”

WTF! He still cares about the effect?!

Just then, he recalled the demon that can breathe fire. He dismantled it and put all of it inside, not missing out its penis too. Next, he added some blood and flesh of the hellhounds and a bone from the ogre that turned into a gigantic skeleton demon back in Thousand Peak Mountain. Not to mention, he even casually scooped up a bowl of molten iron from under his feet as if it was just water. After a round of identification, he realized that it was full of minerals and metals, including mithril, silver, thorium, black iron, and many more in trace quantities. Hmm…not bad. He poured the whole bowl inside and everyone made the decision to log out. Last, I shall pour my secret sauce! The best sauce made out of the boss’s organs and zombie fluid. One small bowl is enough. It’s so precious.

As Ye Cang was stirring the pot of food, he threw in a few penes inside. Strong equals fire resistances! Yeap! That’s right! That must be it!

The last time, it was a skull smiling evilly in the air but this time, it was souls and spirits screaming and struggling as if they were enduring some endless torture. A strong and malodorous odor filled the air in an instance. It took away Ye Cang’s consciousness and the rest just could not describe the smell at all. It was nothing but a pure stimulus. An explosive one. Just the smell itself could put all five senses in torture. It was even worse than pouring chili water into the eyes, the nose, the ears or even into all of them at the same time. They all quickly logged out.