Wu Na and the others dashed out of their rooms. Staring at Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan, she said, “Quickly light up a cigarette to purify the air.”

The three of them happily took out their sticks. This is the only time she allows us to smoke in the living room. Wu Na took a deep breath and said for once, “The smell of cigarettes is so soothing…”

Ye Cang walked out of the room with a confused face but sat down with a can of beer anyway. “By the time we log back in, the food will definitely be very delicious. But it might be a little spicy because I added a bit too much of chilis.”

“What?! Chili?” Everyone could not believe it. Gosh, you call those molotov cocktails and molten iron chilis?!

“It could be relatively spicy, but just bear with it, alright? Hmm…I haven’t named this good dish. How about Ultimate Hella Hot & Spicy Lava Slime Explosive Soup!”

As Ye Cang took a gulp of the beer, Wu Na grabbed Liu Bei’s cigarette, “Just one sip. I need to calm my mind…” Everyone was thinking if this was the first time she had such a close contact with a stick of cigarette.

ThornyRose jumped off from the balcony and landed in the garden. The sweet scent of flowers stimulated her nostrils and she looked like a sick patient in a hospital garden. The butler who was watering the plants stared at her in bewilderment. “.......”

Meanwhile, MistyVeil quickly asked her butler to make her a cup of high-grade chrysanthemum tea to calm her nerves. Upon thinking that she would still have to log in and eat the food, she shivered. I don’t think we can play on the same team with that fella anymore.

VastSea dragged the toilet paper closer as he began to fantasize.

LordAsked felt like he could not live without the lunchbox from the hawker stall. There are so many other good foods but I just wanted to eat at that cheap-ass stall. Did I subconsciously rely too much on the stall because I ate it at the worst times? Oh, who cares. Imma order two sets now. Wait. Two is not enough. Let’s make it five! Two for Xiaoxiao and three for myself! More meat! More vege!

Just when VastSea was about to release it, a call came in. He sighed. Who da fck will call at this time?! He then saw CloudDragon’s contact on his phone, “What’s the matter?”

“Let’s stay together?”

“Stay what?!”

“You know, me, moving into your house and staying together with you. I hope I can learn from you for a period of time.”

VastSea looked up at the sky to ponder and then nodded in the end. Indeed, he needs to improve his mentality as a professional player. Actually, failure is not the worst thing for a professional player. No matter what, one must learn to calm himself in the shortest period of time. CloudDragon may have great talents but he shares the same weaknesses with Flame Emperor. Egoistic. Flame Emperor is in his worst times now but if he manages to overcome it, he will be hard to deal with. The same goes for CloudDragon. When I first entered the league, I’ve crushed a lot of teams that couldn’t even enter the quarters. This has never stopped me from appreciating every single chance that will lead me and my teammates to victory, even if I have to beg the others or sacrifice myself! From nothing to something, I’ve witnessed a lot of strong and incredible players who popped out of nowhere. Well, maybe true talent could beat anything but the aim of a professional player to improve on himself is to lead his team to victory and not to his glory. Flame Emperor took all the glory himself and denied the effort of others. Hence, with CloudDragon’s fearlessness, my betrayal, and the newly op players - the Three Emperors, it was one of the reasons for his defeat. I don’t wish to see CloudDragon walk his path. Even though the Three Emperors had dominated the world, we still have a long way to go. Who knows what lies ahead of us in the future? In China, especially in an arena full of incredible players, we must never let our guard down. I could only keep on breaking my limits and put my back into the team because my talent is limited. But he is different. If I had the talents of Flame Emperor, Acting Emperor or even CloudDragon, I will definitely not let them be a waste… Why would those people with great talents give up on themselves? I don’t understand. Only if God could grant me talents like Earl Gerrald’s… I don’t wish for Flame Emperor’s or Acting Emperor’s anyway.

Upon thinking about it, VastSea let go of the tissue paper he was clenching on. Staring at it, he pondered. Maybe that’s my talent. The Master of Fantasizing. Hehe. He then said. “Sure. Come. I wanted to discuss some tactics with you too. With you staying at my house, it will be easier for us to communicate.”

VastSea then put the tissue roll back onto the table, took off his clothes and started exercising. Even though he was relatively skinny, he was fit. His muscles were solid but did not look extreme. He was doing a single-handed handstand push up. Staring at the poster of him losing miserably, he started counting, “1, 2, 3, 4…”

As everyone returned to the game, no screams were coming out from the pot anymore. A thick layer of oil on the surface of the soup was preventing most of the disgusting stench from leaking out. Everyone tried hard not to faint but they failed. Ye Cang shouted, “Quick! Just eat one scoop and I’ll keep it!”

He took the lead in scooping a bowl and drank it. It was as if his entire chest was burning with explosive flames. He could even see himself spitting out sparks. Hot! So hot! Super duper hot! He then rolled on the ground, twitched and lost consciousness.

Everyone quickly followed up. In the end, MistyVeil and Lil’Wang were the only people who needed to eat the same bowl twice. At last, they all had their buff.

Ultimate Hella Hot & Spicy Lava Slime Explosive Soup: After consuming, health will recover by 10% every second but food poisoning is a lethal risk. Player receives 200 fire resistance, damage received from fire elemental damage reduces by 50%, damage increases by 30% and defence increases by 40%. Player also receives high-level saving, advanced body strengthening and advanced explosive effects. Since the player is deeply poisoned by the flame, he or she can use fire breath three times with each breath capable of causing a large area of flame damage. Using it on allies will recover their health.

“Quickly put it away!” ThornyRose shouted and Ye Cang kept the pot. Just then, they heard dragons roaring madly. Ye Cang quickly translated, “Wow! Such a delicious soup! Quickly bring it in! Let me have a taste! That’s what they really said.”

Everyone stared at him with a poker face. If it’s really that good, they would have come out and drank it already. The dragons must be saying the opposite. The truth must be - WTF! What kind of disgusting soup is this?! Quickly get the hell out of here!

“Let’s go! Since they’re not out yet, we’ll go inside! The space here is narrow. A battle here is a disadvantage to us,” VastSea said and everyone entered the second circular area through a tunnel. The two dragons were howling and glaring at them with tears in their eyes.

Ye Cang said draconically. “Gala!”

He subconsciously pointed at ThornyRose and the two dragons stared at her with a killing desire. ThornyRose’s heart sank. Shit! He must be blaming me again! Can’t you think before blaming others?! I’m not even the main tanker here!

“Quickly defend it!” VastSea and LordAsked immediately dashed at the dragon on the left while Zhang Zhengxiong went to the one on the right. ThornyRose followed up despite knowing that the two dragons stared at her with mad eyes as if they were about to crush her into pieces. I think I might not be able to circle around them well. Or maybe, all I could do is to dodge. That motherfcker must have done it on purpose...