Ye Cang identified the two dragons. The one on the left was named Kanja and the one on the right was Shalor. 

The Dragon Servant of Lightning Fist - Kanja and Shalor: Born with a pure lineage of fire dragons and after being tamed by War Fist, they were gifted to Lightning Fist as a reward for the Star of Sky Breaking. Their thighs and wings are best for barbecue while their hearts and meat are precious ingredients. 

Zhang Zhengxiong immediately attacked the dragon with the skill from his blood halberd. Pierce of Giant Dragon! He pierced through Shalor's throat and a large amount of blood came splattering out due to the severe damage, weakening the dragon. Seeing a tail slapping the ground and sharp claws coming at her, ThornyRose quickly dodged. Jesus! He’s the one attacking you! Not me! 

LordAsked also activated the same skill as Zhang Zhengxiong’s which he had gotten from the raid in Thousand Peak Mountain. With VastSea distracting the beast, LordAsked made his way to the back unnoticed and pierced the other dragon's throat. Once again, streams of blood burst out and it was further weakened. Lin Le dashed over and slashed the dragon with his Blade of Dragon Steel and blood axe which both had special effects against dragons. After a series of attacks, the dragon's blood splashed everywhere like an exploding volcano. Similarly, CloudDragon who had the dragon-slaying gauntlet also followed Lin Le who was on his way to attack Kanja. NalanPureSoul was stunned at such a scene. The damage caused on the dragons is no joke. These items and skills are scary, especially Lin Le with his blade. He was slashing through the dragon's armor like slicing tofu. 

Both the dragons roared in pain and prepared to flee. However, Shalor failed as Ye Cang’s heavy ballista shot at the wound on its throat that was caused by Pierce of Giant Dragon. It was then pinned on the ground while Kanja who managed to fly up into the sky took a deep breath to absorb all the flames from the molten iron before exhaling them to the players together with the flames of its own. Just then, everyone gathered together and breathed fire at each other. The damage was nullified by the healing from their fire breath. Also, it was Little Ye Tian’s instant discovery that mixing flames from both sides would cancel out any harmful effects. This was done despite the disgusting need to smell one another’s breath. They looked as if they were competing who had the smelliest puff if it was not a cross-infection of a virus. All of them covered their mouth at the end of the nauseating fight. 

Regardless, LordAsked dashed at the dragon as he pondered. Why is the game getting more and more disgusting when I play with them? 

Little Tadpole then landed directly on Kanja’s back and continuously hit its head madly as its heavy weight was dragging its body down. Moments later, Little Tadpole jumped and pulled the dragon’s wings, sending it knocking straight down to the ground but the other dragon was about to counterattack. However, it was in no luck as Lin Le took its consciousness away with Handcart Homerun. He jumped up high and executed the dragon. Since it was a critical hit and a successful lock on, the dragon was dead. The battle which everyone thought to be tough was half-ended by Lin Le at the moment when they did not expect him to be that strong. Wow, he killed a dragon with half its health remaining?! Even though it was a successful lock on, his strength was definitely a point to note.

The dragon being crushed down by Little Tadpole had also reached the edge of death. Its ability to rise and re-attack was gone. Most of the main attack dealers had equipment or skills that were effective against dragons as their attacks were all on point. As the dragons slowly passed on, they were happy and relieved but they let down their guard sooner than usual when the battle ended sooner than usual too. A familiar voice was heard, “Hey, why isn’t there anything on this dragon? Oh, I know, it must be with the other dragon.”

Suddenly, everyone who was at the hot and confined place was as if being splashed with a bucket of chilling water. “Don’t let him touch the dragon anymore!”

ThornyRose and the others quickly formed a human wall, blocking and restraining Ye Cang in all sorts of ways. Lin Le then touched the corpse, “There are two silver dragon diamond items and fire elemental skill books.”

“Pay us the price of two silver dragon diamonds!” LordAsked shouted.

“The items are already in this dragon! So what has it got to do with me?! If you let me touch this dragon, there will definitely be divine artifacts, at least one!” Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders. “Having that fella as the team leader is basically training our reaction in the virtual world…Well, it sure is hella training alright. We shouldn’t let our guard down. The battle style is quite similar to his. This fella is totally a master of chances, being exceptionally good at creating opportunities. This is just triggering. If he has the chance, the destructive power will be infinitely increased,” VastSea smiled bitterly as he explained.

To CloudDragon, VastSea’s words were reasonable. Indeed, being absent minded for even a split second would be too late if he had polluted the corpse. My reaction time and awareness have improved in some ways. If you have battled with him before, you’ll know that he will never let go of any chances. He might even make some mistakes on purpose as a disguise to kill his opponent amidst the confusion. Hence, his one-on-one battles are always fast. If you’re willing to race with him, it’s a joke, you’ll definitely lose...

Meanwhile, ThornyRose had the urge to kill herself. Staring at the equipment she had, she wondered. If it wasn’t for him, my items would be much better…

As all kinds of complaints dawned upon him, Ye Cang stayed silent. “Let’s distribute the items…”

“......” His calm look etched on his face gave everyone the impression that he will definitely not give up.

“Hey, what if we defeated the boss and all of us died except my brother and I? I think that will be interesting,” Zhang Zhengxiong’s words earned himself a few disagreeing glares.

“Shit, I feel like going home,” SpyingBlade shrugged.

“Can you not jinx it? Your brother’s hand is shit and your mouth is poop. We don’t need anymore pressure from you,” LordAsked pondered. If it comes true, I bet I wouldn’t play this game… after eating so much biological food and wasting so much money and still getting such a result…. No, I can’t imagine...

“So, that’s why we have to be well prepared. Defending the boss’s corpse has more priority over killing the boss, got it?” CloudDragon suggested.

Everyone nodded heavily and stared at Ye Cang.

“Can’t you guys just let me touch the final boss…” Ye Cang mumbled.

“F*ck off!” the team shouted. The air turned blue as a result of recalling their endless experience with him quests after quests.

Ye Cang knew that he should keep it low for now. Humming a song, he dismantled the fire dragon corpse and took the items Lin Le handed over. The silver dragon diamond items which were the heavy armor handguard and the belt had great fire resistance. The handguard was given to Zhang Zhengxiong and the belt was passed to LordAsked. Since the fire elemental skill was better to be given to close-ranged combaters, the Dance of Flames was given to Lin Le instead. The remainders were distributed to the rest by LordAsked and Ye Cang continued to dismantle the other dragon. This is a corpse of a true dragon, any food made from it will definitely be precious. I can’t let go of anything, not even the blood or the penis. That will make a great wine. Same goes for the bones. Creative recipes flashed through Ye Cang’s mind at the sight of such preciousness. Indeed, one could only gain more knowledge about ingredients the more he cooks and not to mention, his cooking skills will improve too, just like me... Ye Cang felt that through this journey, his cooking skills were greatly refined. He smiled with the knife in his hand like a crazy murderer.