“Don’t miss the chance! Attack at once!” ThornyRose dashed at the boss and the others did not mind sacrificing their health for the boss’s death too because they all knew another potential wave of molten iron would have definitely cost their lives. The molten iron figures were restrained by NalanPureSoul, FrozenCloud and Lil’Wang, together with Ye Cang’s map magic. This was their only chance.

Little Tadpole jumped up high and landed on the boss. Lightning Fist quickly rolled over, dodged it, and blocked Little Ren’s attack with his left fist. His lonely heart started to feel the happiness and adrenaline as a result of battling. He kicked CloudDragon away and clashed with Zheng Zhengxiong whose purlicue was bleeding and he almost dropped his blood halberd. Sliding across the slippery floor, he tried not to fall and jumped at the boss once again when he had the chance to. Ye Cang appeared before the boss with Shadow Step and drew his arcane sword. Multiple Straight Thrusts! Dashing Straight Thrust! With a swift motion, he dodged the elbow attack from the boss. His arcane pulses had locked onto the boss and numerous bullets went flying in its direction. Unfortunately, Lightning Fist crushed all the bullets with a swing of his hammer. “Again! Again!”

“Drink the wine!” LordAsked took out the Black Dragon Kill and took a sip. His rage points rose at an instance.

“The wine...is not bad… It’s strong enough…” Lightning Fist caught the strong smell of the wine.

Ye Cang activated the combined skill when hurricane and lightning surrounded his body. As he pulled out his arcanic sword like pulling a top, a chain of tornado and lightning appeared together. Without hesitation, Lightning Fist shouted with great energy and dashed into the tornado. Moments later, despite being engulfed with flames and almost burnt into ashes, his qi energy stopped the tornado. SpyingBlade tried to assassinate him from the back as he chopped his axe at the boss’s neck through the gap of the armor. However, it was stuck. His swift action saved him from the boss’s fist which came next and he retreated. Yet, the momentum was still strong enough to knock him away. Meanwhile, ThornyRose was hit by the boss and died in a hammer smash. This is only the first boss and it’s already this strong?! Then, what about the War Fist at the end of this quest?! Would there even be something that can be called a fight at all?!

The people who were restraining the molten iron figures started to get exhausted as too much energy was depleted. The burning red molten irons were getting closer.

“Quick! We’re running out of mana!” Little Ye Tian was resurrecting ThornyRose and she shouted at Liu Bei after being revived, “Cousin Liu! Go sacrifice yourself for once! For the team!”

“Ah…” Liu Bei who was hiding here and there came out with sweat all over his face. Looks like I have no choice. “Hey, shortie! Come and fight with your grandpa! I dare you!”

Liu Bei dragged his twin blades and went head on. Lightning Fist slammed him right on the ground and held the hammer high. “Die...wormie…”

Liu Bei’s brain was being crushed into pieces like minced meat.

Such a scene caught Cao Cao and Sun Quan by surprise and they were amazed. Oh, look just how beautiful this is! I’ve been wishing to see this since time immemorial!

Liu Bei died and his hero spirit skill awas activated. A golden dragon flew up and roared after circling around. Everyone’s status was recovered and two skills were refreshed. LordAsked, CloudDragon and the others pondered. So, this is the reason they kept him in the team? This hero spirit skill is truly… Even though it is activated upon death, my two ultimates are now refreshed! My holy power, rage points and mana are all full!

Lil’Wang and the rest who had gotten their mana fully recovered continued to restrain the molten iron figures.

Everyone once again besieged the boss with all their might. In the long-lasting battle, Zhang Zhengxiong finally grabbed the chance and unleashed Dance of Holy Judgement, stunning the boss for a short period of time. Taking the opportunity, Ye Cang quickly launched Shadow Frost Strike at the neck of the boss and CloudDragon attacked too with his series of combos.

“Get away!” Lin Le shouted out loud as his handcart slammed right into the boss’s face. Ye Cang did not dare to be careless and pulled out his heavy ballista to sting the boss. Without any delay, he turned into a pulse, drew his cooking knife and slashed with Darkness Single Strike. LordAsked also followed through and sent a shockwave with his sword. Cao Cao and Sun Quan slashed hard too. Despite knowing that he was about to die, Lightning Fist was still determined to hold his war hammer tight and continued to battle. This is my last one! It’s sad that I’m fighting in the form of a spirit. My strength and qi are lowered but this is not the main point. I still couldn’t find the happiness I longed for. The true satisfaction of battling. The feeling of my blood boiling. Well, maybe this is the best ending I could get.

Just when Lin Le was about to surreptitiously launch a cannon shot, Ye Cang noticed Lightning Fist had lost his will to fight. He pondered. Since he is about to die, there’s no harm asking, isn’t it? He shouted, “Stop!”

Everyone stopped at once in confusion and Lin Le pouted. Ye Cang went to Lightning Fist’s side, kneeled down and asked in a serious manner. “

“......” They were shocked by seeing this. Just for this?! The first question in the 100 Ways of Receiving Missions?!

“I’ve lost. Let me have a sip of wine, young man.” Lightning Fist rolled over and stared at the ceiling.

Ye Cang hesitated but still took out Black Dragon akill. Little Ye Tian quickly shouted, “Father, wait…” Moments later, she shook her head. “It’s up to you…”

Lightning Fist fraily grabbed the wine and took a sip. The feeling of his blood boiling reenergized him. The feeling I was waiting for is finally back. His body began to heal as he stood up gradually. Everyone was alert but Lightning Fist swung his hands and continued to drink. “Not fighting anymore. If you guys decide to go deeper, you must be careful. That evil man seems to persuade the king successfully. But I won’t go along with y’all. This is the last responsibility I hold as the king’s soldier. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to find me at all.”

“That evil man?” an important clue flashed through Little Ye Tian’s mind.

“Yeap, he should be from the top management of Shadows of Natural Destruction Legislature. I could smell that evil taste from afar. If, I’m saying, if you guys are really able to reach the Broken Sky Hall, I hope your mouths can persuade the boss and lead him back to the right path. We’ve been through glory and death. Getting addicted in wars or trying to start new wars and standing on the same boat as the enemy isn’t something we should do. Oh yeah, you must bring your mouth to good use. You humans and elves are good at talking. Don’t ever try battling the boss, you are no match to the king. Even I am just an ant before him. Forging and smithing are the only talents that I might be better at than him. Only then was I assigned to be the blacksmith. The power of the Star of Broken Sky is not what you can imagine...It really can crush the sky and stars… *burp*” Lightning Fist could not control his greed for drinking the Black Dragon Kill and Ye Cang’s red face indicated that he was on the verge of passing out.

“Congratulations! Your team has successfully completed the hidden mission - The Feeling Lightning Fist Desire. You’ve obtained friendship with Lightning Fist, a random silver dragon magic iron equipment, a random class and common talent, 6 skill points, 3 class talent points. You’ve also leveled up twice and received an increment of 10% of armor.”

While receiving the luxurious rewards, CloudDragon had some insights. I’ve heard of this group back in Beginner’s Village. It looks like they are colluding on something. Notifying the Church and the Empire will be the first thing I’ll do when I get back.

LordAsked was surprised and realized something regarding Ye Cang’s action in saving the NPC. From the fact that he could receive the title of ‘Diplomat Hero’ of Really New Village, I could tell this fella has good observation. He may look stubborn but he is actually good at getting allies. With this NPC here, we have a place for us to rest and retreat in case of anything and we don’t have to be afraid of anything behind our backs either. Besides, this is still a workshop. It’s imperative for the continuous improvement of our weapons and equipment. Not to mention, we even have a legendary blacksmith here.