With her arms crossed, Little Ye Tian arranged the clues she collected so far. “That's right. This is an international main story quest and so it’s important. Looks like we have to finish it. The rewards from this quest are unique and luxurious. We must never miss it!”

“Is it for real?!” LordAsked knew how important the quest is. 

“Yeap. If I'm not mistaken, this will decide the new beginning of the Destructive War.”

“The young man with white hair, have you got more wine? Give me a few more bottles. I guarantee to repay you.” Lightning Fist fell in love with the taste.

The system also notified everyone that they had established friendship with Lightning Fist. As for Ye Cang, they had become good friends with each other. Lightning Fist was not only trustworthy but also a responsible tour guide to them who described the entire palace to the finest details. “This is the Land of Furnace. If we advance further, we will arrive at the center of the sleeping chamber. There is a gardening area to the south while to the west is the place where the burial articles are kept whereas the guards' graves are in the north. Further in, there is a Five Dragon Hall and after the hall is the Broken Sky Hall. There are more than one entrance to the grave but the main one is located at the gardening area and one of the side entrances include this workshop.”

“Oh, Lil'White, this wine… who’s the great brewer of such a fine wine? Can you bring me more of that?” Lightning Fist changed the way he addressed Ye Cang as he put his arm around Ye Cang’s shoulder. It was as if they were brothers. The look of that made everyone speechless. Are you really the guardian of the grave?! 

“I brewed it myself…” Ye Cang smiled. 

Lightning Fist was stunned for a second and laughed out loud. “Hahaha! Your joke isn’t funny at all! If you’re really the brewmaster, I’ll give you my hammer!”

“Your hammer can’t even knock a nail into your brain,” Ye Cang said.

“Hey, don’t you underestimate it! It was assembled with the remnants of the materials used in the process of forging the Star of Broken Sky!” Lightning Fist exclaimed. Speechlessly, Ye Cang took out his arcane sword. “I’ll show you what’s best.”

Lightning Fist’s attention gradually gave way to his disbelief upon receiving the crystalized arcane sword. “This is… Assenroche’s Arcane Sword! It’s a divine artifact! It’s such a waste for it to land on your hands. With your current strength, you aren’t able to bring out the best potential in it. It’s almost on par with the Star of Broken Sky. Besides, it’s in primary stage and can be upgraded to second level. But the required materials will be hard to collect. Anyway, quick! Tell me! How did you get this wine?! Give me some wine and I’ll grant you a lot of benefits.”

Ye Cang sighed deeply, “It’s really one of my productions.”

To persuade him, Ye Cang took out a few big jars of wine. “These are all the fruits of my outstanding skills and diligence. I even added this.”

Staring at a pile of black material that looked like excrement, Lightning Fist craned over and smelt it. “Is this… The Black Dragon King’s excrement?! It’s a very rare item! Oh damn! The Black Dragon King will only excrete its essence once every few years.”

Ye Cang glanced at the others with a face full of pride and then turned back to smile at Lightning Fist. “Heh…not bad.”

“Here, the hammer and the armor. I’ll take those two jars with me! Brother! Today is the day we form our brotherhood, I hereby exclaim!” Lightning Fist tossed out all his armors and hammers, hugging the two jars of wine with only his boxers on.

“Since we’re brothers, I’ll definitely not mistreat Brother Lightning. I’ve created a Goddess Association. Why don’t you be their leader and I’ll supply you with all kinds of wine and dishes every month. How about that?” Even though Ye Cang felt the slight reluctance for giving out the wine, he knew that in order to gain something, a sacrifice is necessary. He glanced at Little Ye Tian and she immediately dashed over and explained the Goddess Association’s size, vision, mission, future plans and benefits. She could answer anything that was asked. 

“Sure! Sure! I’ll join! *sigh* Brother White...but I’m truly sorry that I couldn’t help you with persuading my lord...well, he’s the king after all…” Lightning Fist nodded with regret and complaints could be heard. So much for nothing.

A message from the system then notified them that all the creatures in the Land of Furnace will no longer attack them as they have gained their ‘respect’. 

Although Ye Cang still felt the urge to take the hammer and armor away, he asked Lightning Fist to wear them back. 

“No, no, take it. Do you really think an old blacksmith has nothing to wear?” Lightning Fist was hugging the two jars of his babies happily. 

It was a redundant gesture to decline each other. Ye Cang then took the hammer and the full set of armory with the name The Rage of Lightning Fist which included heavy gauntlets, pauldrons, plackarst, greaves, bracers, and war boots. The equipment was made of magic iron and the weapon was ranked legendary. 

Staring at the small bottle of Black Dragon Kill they had, everyone was struck by their curiosity. Is it really that nice?! Do the dwarfs have a different taste bud?!

“But with only two jars, I don’t think it can last long. Not to mention, it’s very precious. I guess I’ll only drink it once in a while. Do you have any other great wines?” Lightning Fist asked.

“There are also a few normal ones here but I’ll brew a big jar for you! See this!” Ye Cang knew it was his time to shine. He took out the corpses of the two dragons from the handcart. Lightning Fist asked while his gaze was fixed on the two creatures, “Hey, aren’t they my Lil’Kan and Lil’Sha?”

“Why?” Ye Cang looked like he couldn't care less and felt his food was more of the emphasis while the others sensed danger.

“If I had known that they can be used in brewing such classy wine, I would have done that way earlier.” Lightning Fist was out of sorts.

“........” Now, we know why they could communicate so well. Great minds think alike. Wu Na then touched Little Ration, “You should be glad that you’re able to survive until today…”

Little Ration flapped its wings gratefully.

Ye Cang then poured in the slime gel he got from the lava slime - Akalala, mixed it in the dragon’s blood, placed Kanja’s dragon head inside, added its heart, some fire cloudy mushrooms and the fire elemental crystal powder. Lightning Fist was amazed at Ye Cang’s way of brewing. I’ve never heard or seen a brewery like this. It sure is eye-opening. I used to think my old way of using flame malt was very advanced but this is inspiring. At last, Ye Cang added a dragon penis and Lightning Fist suggested, “Make it double.”

“Just one is enough. I’ll keep the other one for myself,” Ye Cang hastily kept away the other penis. This, however, resulted in an argument. The others sat down to witness as the audience. These two fake brothers actually got mad at each other because of a penis...a penis...

The war of words ended with Ye Cang losing and adding in the other penis. It still needs a strong fermentation catalyst. And that’s my secret sauce. Seeing that Ye Cang only poured in a little, Lightning Fist thought it must be precious and pretended to knock into Ye Cang, making him add quite an amount while being pushed.

Ye Cang then stared at the others, looking annoyed and pathetic at the same time. Can you guys see for yourselves?! For the sake of this sauce, people are actually willing to play such despicable tricks. And you guys are still not appreciating it! Last but not least, the magic water made out of green slime gel and light elemental crystals was added in. Ye Cang closed the lit and activated his skills to speed up the fermentation process. “You can drink it after a few days.”

After that, Ye Cang asked Zhang Zhengxiong to have a talk with Lightning Fist as an exchange of their experience in forging. Lightning Fist understood Ye Cang’s intention and was interested in Zhang Zhengxiong’s work in the Church. The two of them had a good conversation as Lightning Fist taught him all the forging techniques including those used by the dwarfs. Zhang Zhengxiong also explained the forging skills they use in the Church in detail. This was beneficial especially to Zhang Zhengxiong who managed to level up his forging skills to grandmaster.

“Oh, you guys have to be careful of the three empresses. They’re not easy to deal with.” Lightning Fist knew the lechers were surely going to the sleeping chamber.

Empresses?! It caught Liu Bei’s, Cao Cao’s, and Sun Quan’s attention. “How do they look?”

“Perlo is a cat-woman, Sugarmarie is an elf and Elison is the only dwarf. But believe me, the three of them are exceptionally beautiful.” Lightning Fist was observing the jar.

“Who the heck cares about the boss’s appearance. Elder Lightning, how strong are they?” ThornyRose added on.

“Slightly better than I am but they don’t leave one another.” Those words sank everyone’s heart. There are multiple bosses and each of them is stronger than Lightning Fist individually. Looks like we ought to go to the hero spirit realm first. Originally, we planned to go to the realm once we’re finished with this. But it looks like we need to change our plans in order to learn some hero spirit skills to strengthen the team. How are we going to fight in the Five Dragon Hall if we just barge in like idiots?