Liu Bei felt that he had returned to his young times. His mother’s look when sewing sandals and also how she begged Lu Zhi could be clearly seen. Streams of tears ran down his cheek as a lifetime worth of memories flashed back in his mind. White King City collapsed in front of his eyes and the sky was full of cherry blossoms. Staring at the graves in the garden of blossom, he poured three cups of wine as a form of respect. Petals flew into them the second before he finished a cup at once. 

Meanwhile, the scene Cao Cao hoped to keep at bay eventually appeared. It was the saddening moment when he tried to pull Cao Ang away and he failed. All he could do at that very moment was to only stare at his smile, walking away to block the enemies chasing after his father. “Little Ang! My Little Ang! I'm sorry! It's my fault! Don't go! Don't!” In a blink of an eye, the backdrop changed to when he returned from the Battle of Red Cliff. He could only stare at his son, Cao Chong entering the afterworld like passing through an invisible doorway. A familiar voice whispered to his ears, 'Father…you're back…' Cao Cao stood on the Stage of Bronze Peacock and cried out loud. Argh! 

As for Sun Quan, he once again experienced the moment when he battled Liu Biao for his father, when his brother abdicated and passed the throne to him and the fire burning in the Battle of Red Cliff. He also saw how two of his beloved sons got into an internecine fight to compete for the throne. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. As the person has more power, he or she will be more likely to abuse it and turn a blind eye to any relationships. This had been an unspoken truth for royals. I hope I don’t have to be a king in my next life. It’s difficult for my heart to contain the passion anymore. Staring at his throne, he realized he had been alone all these while. Except for a third of power, I’ve got nothing else. Father, brother, have I...for once...made you guys proud?

Liu Bei obtained his own hero spirit skill - The Descent of True Dragon (grants the user the ability to recover health, energy level and attributes of all allies), Roar of Dragon and Phoenix (damage on two ends), and The Farewell of Blossom Garden (grants resurrection in the event of death and a temporal ability to use Guan Yu’s Dragon Battle In The Wild and Zhang Fei’s Straight Dashing Spear)

Cao Cao obtained The Evil Hero - Cao Cao (doubles all attributes, reduces damage received, and increases Charisma and Speed), The Conquest of Heaven (clones the user and unleashes a crowd execution), Self-sacrifice - Cao Ang (increases all attributes fourfold, grants immunity to crowd-control skills and all negative effects, reduces damage received by 60%,  the user dies immediately after battle ends and is unable to be resurrected in a short period of time) and Genius - Cao Chong (increases Intelligence and Wisdom greatly, talent points twofold and the level of skill point by one).

Sun Quan obtained The Ruler of Eastern Wu - Sun Quan (doubles all attributes, grants a slight possibility of being immune to magic damage but also a large possibility of being immune to negative effects, increases Charisma and Intelligence), Dance of Green Soul (unleashes a series of slashes to an area of enemies), The Balance of Good and Bad (able to chain a maximum of two enemies and transfer 80% of the damage received to the chained enemies), The Will of Father and Brother - Sun Jian and Sun Ce (temporarily grants the effect of heroic soul and doubles all attributes and damages when health points are lower than 30%. Doubles the effects when health points reach 15%).

The three of them who perfectly inherited the hero spirit skills seemed unhappy. They lit up a cigarette rolled by Liu Bei and kept quiet.

Zhang Zhengxiong pictured his arrival at a shrine. He saw the familiar blonde protecting Athena’s shrine until Poseidon laid his eyes on her. That night, Zhang Zhengxiong witnessed how she was raped by Poseidon but he was helpless. She was begging for Athena’s protection but yet all she had was punishment in return. Yes. Poseidon was Athena’s brother. As gods, how would she be able to point her fingers at his uncle for the sake of an ordinary human? ‘This ordinary human had dirtied my holy shrine. She is just a human but she’s as pretty as me! Impossible! Unforgivable!’ Athena gave her the evilest curse! Her body rotted and was covered with the scales of a snake, her hair turned into multiple snakelets. She was able to turn any creature into stone at the look of each other’s eyes. Medusa was her great name. She was enduring loneliness for her entire life until a kind warrior ended her miserable life. He became the greatest hero for beheading Medusa and this person was Athena’s brother...

Medusa was wrapping around the God of Snakes in the darkest and dirtiest corner. Zhang Zhengxiong shouted, “Old Beauty…”

Medusa looked up without opening her eyes and caught a familiar smell. “It’s you! I… I… I…”

Medusa quickly covered her head with her snake body as she did not want Zhang Zhengxiong to see her dry and ugly face. Yet, Zhang Zhengxiong jumped over, pulled her head out like a warrior and smiled. “Hey, you!”

As their lips met, Medusa once again felt the warmth in him. Her snake hair and skin gradually fell off. Her beautiful face reappeared, with tears rolling in her eyes.

After an inexpressible moment, Medusa stared into Zhang Zhengxiong’s eyes and said gently, “We’ll meet in the future. I’ll never leave you again, my warrior.”

“Sure, Old Beauty…” Zhang Zhengxiong smiled.

“Congratulations! You’ve received the exclusive inheritance from Medusa and you’re now able to control Petrifying Stare and Medusa’s Blood.”

Petrifying Stare (Medusa - Exclusive Hero Spirit Skill): Close your eyes and reopen them to unleash the skill. Every creature that looks in your eyes will be petrified. For those who did not or are back-facing you, their actions will be slowed. This skill is immune to any resistant or cancellation skills. Cooldown: five hours.

Medusa’s Blood: It triggers when your health reaches zero. You’ll enter into a petrified form for 3 seconds, immune to everything. After that, you will be broken free from it with full health, your attributes will be temporarily increased by 50% and your defence will double up. Lasts for 10 minutes. Cooldown: one day.

The scene shifted to AV’s side. He was confused by his mixed feelings because he did not meet any of the Four Great Beauties but one of the Four Great Uglies. Staring at the lady who had a birthmark that was large enough to cover half of her face and with tanned skin, dark circles and an Adam’s apple that was bigger than his, AV doubted that if she took off her pants, her ding dong would be big enough to kill him. This lady was Zhong Lichun a.k.a. Zhong Wuyan. AV knew she was a hardworking and motivating lady with a sad life. She is the typical great assistant/secretary that you could ever ask for but never for sex. He was not surprised when he saw King Xuan of Qi shouted danger upon seeing her. Well, I bet he would have shouted ‘escort’ already. However, her power gained much of AV’s respect.

“Old lady, *cough* *cough* Sis, what is it that you want actually?” AV asked directly.

“I know you’re judging me because of my ugly appearance. But you’re better than most of the men. At least you didn’t discriminate against me. I know my own appearance well. But I’m still a human! Even though I don’t have a beautiful face, it doesn’t mean I don’t have capabilities on par with others! I am who I am! Zhong Wuyan!” Zhong Wuyan rolled her eyes.

“You’re quite optimistic I can tell. But it was obvious that others are taking advantage of what you have done… free work for the others.”

“Back in our times, girls were different from the girls in this modern world. I don’t believe in my destiny! I don’t think King Xuan of Ci had taken advantage of me. I would say we were in a win-win situation. All I wanted was to prove myself. Who says that a woman is never on par with a man?! Why can’t I learn to manage the country?! Why can’t I build my own dynasty?! If no one loves me, I will love myself! That’s enough for me! Compared to those shameless ladies who only knew how to make men happy, I think I’m more of a woman! Even if I’m ugly! I don’t need you guys to think that I’m beautiful!” Zhong Wuyan voiced her irritation.

AV stunned for a second and gave her a thumbs up. “I, AV, from the bottom of my heart acknowledge you! You’re the perfect lady to me!”

Zhong Wuyan then passed on her inheritance to AV. Is he trying to scam me? But...which lady doesn’t like compliments anyway...

Lil’Wang was having a complicated expression on his face as he stared at the beautiful human standing in front of him. He was confused with his name. Lord Longyang...