Staring at the 20-year-old hero spirit with white hair and white mustache in front of him, Ye Cang waved and smiled, “Old General Huang, looks like we’ve met again.”

“Oh, it’s you, Brother Lil’White, I was just about to make a wish. The last time I asked Xu’er, he didn’t end up being a hero spirit and was about to begin a new life. I also asked Wudie. She has started a new beginning too. She’s now married to a millionaire and gave birth to three pairs of twins. I just feel meaningless. Even another Battle of Holy Cup could not take that feeling away from me. No one could beat me. I’ve even met Lu Bu but he died after just one shot of my arrow. I thought that he would battle with me in close-ranged. What an idiot! Alright, I’ll pass it to you so I can make my wish.”

Ye Cang accepted the inheritance by obtaining Space-time Reverse Piercing and Solo Slash on Mount Hua. He then asked with a smile, “What do you plan to wish for?”

“To live a normal life, I guess. To start all over again. I'm tired of the endless killing and battling. Since I knew Xu’er and Wudie had moved on with their own lives, I guess I have nothing to regret. Well, except for that retirement insurance Liu Xuande has promised me. *sigh* In the infinite hero spirit realm, I’ve killed all sorts of things, from Tathāgata to Hou Yi, to the Jade Emperor, to Cthulhu, to Jesus and those lowlives that I’d never heard of . There’s one called what Robin something. You know, that idiot wanted to compete in archery with me! Hah! What a joke. I slashed him to death in just one swing. As for now, I just want to live my life peacefully and experience what I have always dreamed of since young. Back in those days, I tried to avoid all the chaos and battles but that was just too childish. Not to mention, Liu Xuande is too shameless. He was someone that really triggered me to pick up my blade and bow for a fight.”

Huang Zhong’s hope for a new life hijacked Ye Cang’s gut instinct. As Huang Zhong sent Ye Cang away with a swing of his hand, he continued to make his wish.

Space-time Reverse Piercing (Huang Zhong - Exclusive Hero Spirit Skill): Once activated, the next long-ranged attack will completely ignore the enemy’s armor and trigger the attack’s special effect. The damage dealt will be doubled. If it fails to hit the enemy or is dodged/blocked/canceled by the enemy, it will refresh Space-time Reverse Piercing. Activating it again will directly hit the enemy’s vital spot, triggering all effects. Damage dealt will be doubled and it will completely ignore armors. Cooldown: two hours.

Solo Slash On Mount Hua: The damage of subsequent slashes will be 15 times the original damage, causing massive bleeding. A chance of executing the target instantly may be granted and it requires lock on. This skill costs a full-bar rage point and energy level. Cooldown: two hours.

Moments later, Ye Cang heard someone knocking on the door. He opened to see Huang Zhong standing in front of him naked, carrying Hou Yi’s bow and his own blade on his back. Ye Cang was shocked for a second, “Oh hey, Brother Lil’White, what a coincidence.”

Ye Cang sighed deeply. “Alright, come in. Now, don’t ask why, but you’re my uncle from now on. I’ll go get you some clothes.”

Huang Zhong nodded and noticed a familiar smell. “Is it just me or that bastard is here too?”

Huang Zhong changed into the clothes Ye Cang gave him and asked, “Hey Brother Lil’White, I bet you’re in an era where games are a thing. Is there a game called Red Cops 97? I was busy playing this game in one of the Battle of Holy Cups and I neglected it. I even went to Korea to participate in a professional competition. If it wasn’t because my envoy was dying, I would have emerged as the champion already. Until now, I’ve always wanted to play it one more time… but it’s a pity that I couldn’t go back to that era.”

“......” Ye Cang was speechless. Gosh, this game existed like what? A century ago? But I guess sliding in the microchip would still work. Well, that’s not important. I must solve his identity first. Helplessly, he said, “I’ll think of a way for you to play the game. That room belongs to you. It’s midnight now so get some rest and we’ll talk tomorrow.”

Excitedly, Huang Zhong got into his room, turned on the TV, hung his blade behind the door and put his bow beside his pillow. He unknowingly switched the channel that was airing The Sisters 2. He then pondered. Hmm...I haven’t even watched the first season. Let’s go. As he started watching, his sleepless night began.

When Ye Cang returned to his room, he called Ren Long, “Hey, bald man, I have another relative who came to me and he’s my uncle. Help me make some arrangements. Oh, he might need some kinda education too I guess.”

Ren Long felt as if he just got hit by a cannon in his chest and he was speechless for a second. “Gosh, your cousins are almost 40 and now your uncle, I bet he’s over 60 and you’re telling me he wants to go to school?! More of a retirement home! Helping your cousins from the Three Kingdoms had already given excuses to the chairman of the Imperial City University to spit saliva all over my face and now there’s another uncle from the godforsaken place you came from?! Can’t you just give me a break?! Even if you’re doing human trafficking in the Imperial City, you should definitely still have some dignity, shouldn’t you?!”

“I’ve got no choice. He wants to play Red Cop 97. Just get it done quickly. My uncle has a bad temper but he’s extremely good at martial arts,” Ye Cang opened a can of beer.

“How strong?” Ren Long asked.

“Way stronger than my three cousins.” Ye Cang did not know how strong Huang Zhong was but he knew that he could definitely fight Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan. Even Lu Bu might be no match for him. 

Ren Long kept silent for a moment and said in a deep tone, “Alright! One last time for the rest of the year! If you have any more, go find Big Sis Boss yourself! I don’t care anymore! Gosh, I’m gonna talk to that chairman again. Save me! Oh yeah! Get him to join the Dragon Group too! I’m withdrawing half of my men from Lin Hai!”

“Sure, sure.” Ye Cang hung up the call and came to Huang Zhong’s room. “Interested in studying, working, joining a mysterious organization or anything?”

Huang Zhong’s confused look made Ye Cang explain everything he had to know like an education background is needed for employment. He indirectly brought up the issue of joining the Dragon Group and Huang Zhong agreed.

“Of course! China is my homeland! It’s my duty to protect this special land! As for going to school, it’s a good choice anyway but I wish to find something else like a job instead, to live a layman’s life. Maybe I can be a policeman or a professional Red Cop player.” Huang Zhong could not let go, that he gave up on the championship to help his envoy. If I didn’t go, I’d have been the champion now, stupid envoy...

Upon returning to the game, Ye Cang stared at Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan. “I have good news for the three of you…”

They turned to look at him.

“Old General Huang is here too…” Ye Cang’s words made Liu Bei throw away the cigarette and start thinking of a solution for the insurance he promised. Why should I be afraid? I have many more ideas to shut him up.

Staring at Liu Bei, Cao Cao thought. How did Huang Hansheng end up following this bastard...

“Looks like we have one more member in our adventure team.” Sun Quan knew Huang Zhong must have been going insane for resisting all these while.

Meanwhile, Lin Le experienced the life of the well-known poet, Li Bai. Staring at the handsome man who was drinking wine and singing loudly while swinging a sword like a drunkard putting on a show, Lin Le shouted, “Stop reciting your stupid poem already. Quickly give me whatever I want, Lele wants to go home as early as possible! I hate studying the most. Oh wait, no, Lele loves studying the most. Well, just give it to me or I’ll show you no mercy!”

“......” Li Bai smiled. “I’d love to know what that means!”

“Be careful of hidden weapons!” Lin Le tossed his axe at Li Bai but it was knocked away easily by his sword. Frustrated, Lin Le drew his own sword and dashed at him with confidence but little did he know that he would be beaten up by Li Bai. He laid on the ground, panting heavily.

“You sure have a good talent...not bad.” Li Bai was not pissed off by the ill-mannered Lin Le and sang loudly. “Have you not seen ~ that the waters of the Yellow River come from upon Heaven ~ surging into the ocean, never to return again; Have you not seen ~ in great halls' bright mirrors, they grieve over white hair ~ at dawn like black threads, by evening becoming snow. ~ In human life, accomplishment must bring total joy ~ do not allow an empty goblet to face the moon… [1]

Li Bai then danced with his sword and a lonely green lotus bloomed with its own pride.

Lin Le obtained Li Bai’s inheritance - Drunken Green Lotus and Green Lotus Sword Dance.

Drunken Green Lotus: Drinking wine will allow the user to gain extra damage on his attacks, increase defense and speed of rage points recovery. The user will also obtain the Green Lotus status where all attributes and speed are doubled until the alcohol effect fades.

Green Lotus Sword Dance: The bloom of Green Lotus! Unleashes 18 slashes at once to a target! Can only be activated in Green Lotus status. Cooldown: one hour.


  1. ^ a poem written by Li Bai.