SpyingBlade was bothered with mixed feelings after experiencing Nie Zheng’s life. It was devastating. In order to repay Yan Zhongzi for giving gold to his mother’s for her birthday, Nie Zheng helped to assassinate Zhongzi’s rival Han Xialei. He killed tens of the guards and successfully assassinated the target. However, knowing that he was unable to escape for murdering an influential person, he slashed his own face, dug his own eyes out, and sliced his own organs to prevent exposing his identity. However, his corpse was hung up for display in the city. Anyone who knew who he was would be rewarded if they provided information. In the end, his sister who recognized him was not afraid of being killed and wanted to make Nie Zheng’s heroic act known to the world. Believing that word of mouth is powerful, she shouted out loud who he was and why he wanted to destroy his own corpse. Yet, she died of overwhelming sorrow after three cries of ‘God!’. Nie Zheng was the strongest assassin among the Four Powerful Assassins in history.

Staring at SpyingBlade, Nie Zheng said, “In the end, I still caused trouble to my sister…”

“Well, I don’t think she sees it as a burden. Or else, she wouldn’t be going all the way to Hann to acknowledge your body or saying something like, ‘A great warrior always sacrifices for their loved ones. I’m able to stay alive because my brother destroyed his own face and body in order not to be recognized and to be a burden to others. As his sister, how could I be afraid of dying and allow my brother’s reputation to be left buried?!’ Don’t you get it now?” SpyingBlade’s words made Nie Zheng let out a bitter smile. “The hardest thing one could ever return was nothing but a favor. Young man, receive my inheritance.”

“Congratulations! You’ve received The White Rainbow and The Assassin - Nie Zheng.”

The White Rainbow (Nie Zheng - Exclusive Hero Spirit Skill: Instantly assassinates the opponent and surrounding enemies in a circular area (size of area depends on the user’s attributes), dealing eight times damage. It comes with massive bleeding, slowing down and a chance of killing the enemy instantly. If all targets die due to this skill, the cooldown will be refreshed. Cooldown: 2 hours.

The Assassin - Nie Zheng (Nie Zheng - Exclusive Hero Spirit Skill): All attributes increase by 70%, Dexterity increases by 150%. All attacking skills’ levels increase by two, talent level increases by one. If you have an assassin class, the passive effect will have an extra increment of 25%, your attacking skills’ levels increase a level, immunity to all illusion type attacks, and resistance to negative effects increase.

Everyone gradually walked out of the realm. Lil’Wang was covering his butt tightly and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw everyone. However, ThornyRose and the others were not lucky enough to get the most perfect inheritance. ThornyRose only obtained the Spartan’s Will and The Battling Warrior; Wu Na judged Cygnus Hyoga’s fashion sense and asked about his relationship status with Andromeda Shun. She only obtained Diamond Stary Fist; Fang Ci had gotten Zhong Kui’s inheritance. He was able to store four elite summoned creatures and his attributes were greatly increased. As for Lil’Wang, he obtained The Handsome Strategy (creates a large area of confusion) and The Body of Long Yang[1] (Attributes and Charisma increase and when being attacked, there is a chance of mystifying the enemy.) Staring at his two hero spirit skills, No Yan No Salt (reduces a large amount of Charisma and increases Intelligence, constantly maintains a strong-will status and is unable to be controlled) and Asking A’Yu To Destroy Snow Palace (purifies all negative effects in a large area and recovers allies mana, rage points, and energy. All consumable bars will be recovered at a rapid speed in this period of time and the healing effect will be enhanced.)

After coming out from the realm, CloudDragon mumbled, “Did my Qin family just get married to Ultraman and gave birth to a child named Ultraman Taro…”

LordAsked glared at Ye Cang, “Speak! Did you do something to my gate? It’s impossible to get Sailor Moon!”

“Omg, bro! You’re lucky! When the Magical Girl grows up, she’ll become Sailor Moon!” Ji Xiao laughed.

“F*ck off! Whose side are you on?!” LordAsked once again beat up Ji Xiao who inherited The Swallow - Li San. 

VastSea came out from the realm and saw Ji Xiao being beaten up on the ground. He sighed. These two brothers… He then recalled the inheritance he got. Caring and impartiality, State Consequentialism… Sticking To The Rules… He is really a great person. Having such thoughts at that time… Even though it was a little Utopia, in reality, his ideas are quite useful, for example, against ostentation. Maybe it was related to his personality of being hardworking and determined. If I’m not mistaken, he’s the only great philosopher who came from a poor background. Most of his ideas and theories were built on practicability. VastSea learnt a lot after experiencing Mozi’s life. He felt Mozi’s desperate hope of peace in the country. He wanted to see the citizens living their lives peacefully, neighboring countries not fighting against each other, and everyone, from royal families to the normal citizens stopping the practice of extravagant burial rituals. In the end, he saw Mozi himself. Mozi was only dressed with normal clothes, wearing sandals and carrying a mat behind his back. He might look ordinary but his eyes were filled with confidence as his homeland was in his sight.

RedMoon obtained the Japanese hero Sasaki Kojirō’s Tsubame Gaeshi.

MistyVeil kept silent after she came out and Ye Cang asked with a smile, “Who did you meet?”

MistyVeil glanced at him with a grudge but she was helpless too. “The Calabash Brothers…”

“Woah! Which one?!” Ye Cang liked them a lot and Lin Le’s curiosity brought him over too. “Is it the Diamond Brother?”

“None but the Snake Queen,” MistyVeil’s answer reassured LordAsked. “Thank god, thank god…”

“......” MistyVeil glared at LordAsked. “What about you?”

“Sailor Moon - Usagi Tsukino! On behalf of the moon, I will right the wrongs and triumph...” Ji Xiao popped out and exclaimed proudly. However, he was pushed back onto the ground by LordAsked before he could finish his sentence. “Punish! Punish! Punish!”

MistyVeil then rolled her eyes against LordAsked. And you dare to laugh at me?

“Alright everyone, let’s rest for awhile. Use this time to think how to match your own hero spirit skills with the team.” Ye Cang asked everyone to log out and rest.

The next day.

At breakfast, the appearance of a random person caught Wu Na’s attention. The person had white long hair, white mustache and white eyebrows in stark contrast to a pair of black pupils. Everyone was fine with Ye Cang introducing him as one of his relatives. They were not surprised when the other three seemed to know him and even his name but not for ThornyRose who facepalmed when she arrived. Do people from your place name their children after characters from the Three Kingdoms?

After giving Huang Zhong a suitable identity, Ye Cang asked Little Ye Tian to teach Huang Zhong how to use the microchip in the virtual system. In no time, he was able to play his game, Command & Conquer: Red Alert. He also decided to enter into the university, majoring in music. ThornyRose was surprised at Huang Zhong’s body as she could tell that he was very fit and muscular even with the shirt on. Meanwhile, Liu Bei was curious where Huang Zhong hid his bow and Huang Zhong rolled his eyes. “Dumbass, Hou Yi’s bow is a divine artifact that can be stored inside the body.”

ThornyRose also landed her gaze on the giant blade Huang Zhong hung at his waist. Is it really okay for him to go out like that? This was because Huang Zhong was about to head to the human resource market to find a job. After rounds of interviews and begging, he agreed to lower his dignity and be a mascot in a weekend children’s funfair in the East District. After his first round of being in a panda suit, he felt a warmth in his heart interacting with children through the thick panda fursuit. He then changed his costume to a giant lizard. Due to the fact that he was always carrying the blade, he would use it and pretend to chase the children. His sudden change of costume was very much favored by them. The owner of the funfair was also satisfied with Huang Zhong’s performance as his sales had gone up by 50% in just one afternoon. Besides, he saw the children and parents giving a lot of good comments about Huang Zhong and so he officially hired him as a full-timer. Staring at the owner’s kind eyes, Huang Zhong thought of Liu Xuande. “Do I have retirement insurance?”

“Of course! From now onwards, you’re officially a worker in Flower and Grass Funfair. Keep it up alright? For the sake of our profit and those idiots *cough* *cough* I meant kids. If you perform extremely well, I might consider increasing your salary or giving you some shares…” the owner smiled politely.

“I, Huang Hansheng, will serve Flower and Grass Funfair forever! Until my death!” Huang Zhong stabbed his blade into the ground as he saw a phrase on retirement insurance in the contract. The owner was surprised that a plastic sword was able to stab into the ground. “That is a real sword?”

“Of course!” Huang Zhong thought the owner was touched by his swords so he performed a few swings with his blades. He stopped only when he saw the owner was a little terrified. “No worries, I’m very good with my blade. I’ll never hurt the children. Look, I can even protect our funfair from thieves!”

Upon finishing, Huang Zhong bowed in his fox costume and left, hugging the mascot head and hanging his blade back to its place.

Only then, the owner heaved a sigh of relief as he wiped his sweat with his handkerchief. “It looks like I’ve just employed some incredible guy… Oh well, a mascot performer and a security guard with only the salary of one. It’s a steal!”

Boarding the train, Huang Zhong stared through the window and recalled his son who often fell sick. If only Xu’er can live this ordinary life with me...

After knowing Huang Zhong was working at Flower and Grass Funfair, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan were amazed. They decided to bring him to the West District for a welcoming party.

Ye Cang gave him the Dragon Group’s badge and also pinned the location of the university. After dinner, Huang Zhong went to catch a breeze by the beach. Staring at the endless sea, he thought about his future school life, work, and maybe relationship. I, Huang Hansheng, have started a new leaf of my life! He could not help it but to take out his bow and shoot an arrow towards the sea.

Instantly, a long line from the arrow seemed to divide the sea into half.

“Let’s go, Old Huang! We still have work tomorrow morning!” Liu Bei shouted.

The four of them then boarded a train to the West District.

The next day.

“A large number of dead fishes were discovered on America’s West Coast! Fishermen are celebrating! The reason for this unusual happening is currently unknown!” the international news reported.

Huang Zhong who was having his breakfast was still recalling his encounters the previous night. The girl with the leopard skin… She really is a pro! It just feels like touching a leopard. These antics are just outrageous in this era.

AV then came to the house and was stared at by Huang Zhong when he heard Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan calling him master. Is this guy somewhat different from the rest?!

“I’m AV. You can call me AV boy. For our first meeting, this is for you,” he handed him a present . “Old Cao had spoken to me. You’re now our new team member.” AV handed over some rare and scarce resources to Huang Zhong. Seeing such resources for the very first time, Huang Zhong wrapped himself around AV’s arm. “My lord!”

“......” AV and Liu Bei were speechless.


  1. ^ Long means dragon, a mythological creature representing power and elegance, usually used by the emperor as a symbol of imperial authority.Yang means strength or brightness and is the male component in the dichotomy of yin and yang.The name Long Yang, in other words, carries a very good image of strength and male virility.