On the day itself, AV was leading his adventurous team to look for an A-ranked club. For the very first time, they succeeded. Staring at them, Wu Na felt that they looked different than before. The way he walked was like he was attending a homecoming after their victory. Huang Zhong was on cloud nine. So, this is what they call adventure! Attack, defend, tricks are everywhere. As compared to the lord, I’m still not good enough. Look, I even needed Brother Lil’Wang to rescue me from trouble. I must work harder and not be a burden to the team like Zhuge Liang.

At the beach, AV was smiling, “We can’t be arrogant just because of one victory! There are still Little Girl’s Heaven, The House of Maids, Illusion World and The Girls Hell, these four legendary adventure places. The two defeats in Little Girl’s Heaven are still fresh in our minds. It’s good if we take the opportunity to practice more. I’ve planned to bring y’all to experience Illusion World next weekend. It’s the mutant ladies’ nest. I hope everyone is mentally prepared.”

“Is the Little Girl’s Heaven that scary?” Huang Zhong saw everyone’s expression changed at the sound of the name. It was intense fear.

“Old Cao, Old Sun and I, being no match for those little demons are just a game in their hands,” Liu Bei mumbled as he clenched his fist. Moments later, he let go and turned his head to overlook the sea. “I have a bad feeling about the Illusion World.”

“A challenge only has meaning when it’s difficult, isn’t it?” Cao Cao heaved a cloud of smoke from his cigar.

“Liang has something to say.”

“Shut up!” AV exclaimed and Lin Liang sighed. My performance was just a bit off a few times, that’s all.

“So, everyone of you must possess the willingness to sacrifice! Don’t forget that we’re a family! We’re one team! Let’s try our best to conquer at least one of them before this year ends!” AV told them his plan and everyone nodded in agreement. Meanwhile, SpyingBlade and Fang Ci facepalmed. These idiots. However, the two of them did not like losing. Since we’ve been bullied in Little Girl’s Heaven, we must make them pay back!

As the sun climbed above the horizon, everyone seemed to have a decision made in mind. Seeing the seriousness inscribed on their faces, Huang Zhong was surprised. Wow, they are more serious than the time when I decided to go Mount Dingjun

“Alright, dismiss. It’s time for breakfast!” AV clapped his hands and his listeners walked into the house with full spirits. Wu Na quickly shouted, “Hold it right there! Extinguish the cigarette!”

Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan, and Huang Zhong flicked them away in a rush.

“Oh, Old Brother Flasher, you’re here too!” Cao Cao smiled as he saw Flasher Uncle and they sat down for a chat. Meanwhile, there was an exchange session between Liu Bei and Panty Uncle too which was mostly about craftsmanship. Zui Yiyi who came back from her World Tour was greeted by confusion as she was introduced to the newcomers. Are they playing The Three Kingdoms?! She greeted them politely but her heart skipped a beat when she realized the presence of Huang Zhong. He looks like a Santa Claus but I somehow like him. Those full muscles… but he keeps calling himself an old man. He looks only a little over 20. Maybe he’s even younger than me. She then decided to sit beside him to observe him while eating her breakfast. Once in a while, she would try to strike up a conversation and she managed to find out about Huang Zhong’s job and made a mental note of it.

ThornyRose who had good observation noticed her weird actions and tried so hard not to laugh out loud. Her taste is actually like this?! That fella’s cousins are totally weird. Just this Huang Zhong is enough. I could even feel that he’s a good fighter and also a strong one. I think I saw him swinging his blade yesterday and he accidentally flattened a reef. Wow. His job at the funfair is just so mysterious that there’s definitely something behind it. All his relatives are mysterious anyway. Oh well, I'm too lazy to figure it out.

Lin Liang felt stressed throughout the meal with them because he felt that everyone in the adventurous team viewed him differently. I will need to prove myself. I’m the strategist in this team! I must make great contributions in the quest to conquer the four places! Oh, this bun is tasty. Golden Crab Bun. Just when he was about to take one, he felt a pain in his hand. He looked up to see Liu Bei staring at him with a poker face. “Only the person with the most contribution in the team can eat this…”

Lin Liang’s eyes were wide open and staring at Liu Bei who took a bite of the juicy and fragrant bun, chewed it like how a cow ruminates its cud and swallowed it down his throat. Helplessly, he reached out for a mushroom bun to comfort himself. Zhao Xiangyu who felt a sense of empathy gave Lin Liang her bun as well. However, this made Lin Liang feel like sobbing because he saw the feeling in Zhao Xiangyu’s eyes. Little girl, can you just not look at me with those eyes?! Suddenly, Zhao Xiangyu’s words gave a shock to Lin Liang.

“I know you’re unemployed but don’t give up. You’ll definitely find a job and make…”

“Unemployed… unemployed… unemployed…” The phrase kept on repeating in Lin Liang’s mind like a tape put on loop.

Seeing Lin Liang was a little dampened, Cao Cao looked at Zhao Xiangyu. Wow, this girl sure has a violent mouth. No, I must add on too. “The unemployed man is still blindly giving orders in our dangerous mission…”

“Hey, Old Cao, don’t make it so obvious. It’s just all about talking for that someone…” Liu Bei smirked.

“Who are you guys talking about? Oh, oh! I know! It’s the shameless person right? *sigh* That person came to this world way earlier than us though. Give him some dignity, Old Cao.” Sun Quan was drinking his seafood porridge.

“Hmph! It’s just whether I want a job or not! Goodbye!” Lin Liang got up and ran to the human resource market. Only then, he realized that his previous education background was useless. He was shooed away before he could even introduce himself. Should I go back to the Lin family and ask them to get it done for me? If they know about it, I’d be embarrassed! He kept away his feathered fan and got a job after a ton of rejections. It was a job that he had never thought about -- an excavator driver at a construction site.

Heaven’s Sword Sect

“Uncle has left us for quite a while already. What is he doing?” Lin Lan mumbled as he had quite a close relationship with Lin Liang. Ever since he grew up, Lin Liang was like a father who taught him a lot of tactics and other stuff. He then asked someone to check on Lin Liang and got hold of the fact that he worked as an excavator driver. He pondered. Uncle must have wanted to experience a part of normal life. I bet he asked someone to bring him an excavator and started learning about it. He must be trying to play those escaped prisoners’ games. Quite interesting.

On the other hand, AV heaved a sigh of relief. That burden has finally left the team. However, Lin Liang’s return with his salary made Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan surprised while AV sighed. Seeing AV’s dampened look, Huang Zhong asked, “Lord, seeing from your worried face, you must have something you need help with?”

“......” AV was shocked when he was being asked the legendary questions from 100 Quest Accepting Sentences and swung his hand. “You better get prepared. I’m expecting a lot from you. This time around is just an eye-opening experience for you. After that, you must train hard, Lil’Huang.”

AV patted Huang Zhong’s shoulder with a heavy heart. Staring at AV’s back, Huang Zhong respected him. He then went on to work. Zuo Yiyi disguised herself and followed behind.