The secretary handed a document to Ren Long. ‘Huang Zhong. Currently working as a mascot performer in Flower and Grass Funfair.’ Even though he looks 23, his almost-one-meter long mustache and white eyebrows make him look different. Don’t tell me that this fella is someone who can change his appearance as fast as a chameleon… If he really can, that will be too scary. By just looking at his hair, you can tell it’s not inborn. It’s the hair of an elderly, different from Ye Cang’s. Ren Long’s eyes then laid on the big blade. This is no ordinary blade! Does this Huang Zhong use a bow as well? Well, I don’t think there’s such a coincidence… I’ll just label him as a sword saint and he’s as dangerous as Liu Bei and the rest. We’ll see how it goes.

“One of our agents was sacrificed in Lin Hai. According to his message to us, the Child Hunter Shaman seems to be looking for children for their blood ritual.”

“Where’s the venue of incident?” Ren Long asked. If it’s necessary, I must notify white-haired and the rest. The Child Hunter Shaman isn’t something my agents in Lin Hai can deal with. I need the help of PeerlessNight from the neighboring city (who is still in a Karaoke session). But if that white-haired is willing to join in, we won’t need to bother her. 

“Somewhere near Flower and Grass Funfair.” The secretary posted the information. Ren Long touched his bald head and brought out some nuts and a bottle of whiskey. “Ask the agents to retreat to the funfair and show me a live view of that place.”

The secretary was confused. Why don’t you get Liu Bei or the others to go? If they don’t want to, PeerlessNight can also do the job! Seeing his secretary so nervous, Ren Long smiled and texted Huang Zhong.

On the other hand, Huang Zhong who was chasing the kids with his blade checked his phone. He quickly asked for time off from his boss, saying that he needed a cigarette break. Moments later, he came to the top floor of a building and his eyes turned gold. “Over there…”

He took out Hou Yi’s bow from the sun tattoo on his back. Originally, he wanted to kill the person with an arrow but decided not to as the arrow might damage the facilities in the funfair. With a leap, he came to the third floor of an abandoned business building. So, this is the place where the boss planned to purchase and build an indoor facility. As he went down to the second floor, a man in a black robe turned around. He revealed a pair of pale hands and his fingernails were red. With an evil laugh, he said, “Someone came to seek his death again...this place is full of delicious aroma…”

Huang Zhong shouted as he saw a child’s hand sticking out from the bag beside the man’s foot. “Bastard! How dare you put a child in harm’s way?!”

The sun tattoo behind Huang Zhong’s back started burning. Golden spiritual energy burst out and his hair and eyebrows were swaying left and right following the energy. It was as if a god had just descended from heaven. This scary energy was so strong that all the citizens of Lin Hai could feel it.

Liu Bei who was out delivering meals stopped at the side of the road and stared at the direction where the energy was coming from. “Wow, which dumbass made Old Huang angry?”

Sun Quan who was wiping the wine glasses stopped, smirked, and then continued.

Cao Cao who finished making a burger and filling a cup of coke turned around to look through the window. “Wow, such an uncontrolled spiritual energy. Is Old General Huang trying to announce his presence to the entire Lin Hai?”

The funfair visitors could also feel the oppression of the energy and dared not make a move as if doing so would make them fall into a deep abyss.

The Child Hunter Shaman was stunned. What kind of energy oppression is this?! Just when Huang Zhong wanted to draw his blade, he stopped. What if I accidentally crush the place my boss has been eyeing for? In a blink of an eye, Huang Zhong came to the bag and accumulated part of the energy in the surrounding. The shaman who had cloned himself into multiples could neither move, speak nor think. All he could do was just to stare at the muscular man with white hair and eyebrow glaring at him like a god staring at an ant. At last, Huang Zhong used the most violent yet easiest way to kill him which was to crush him into a patty with mere energy. The patty then evaporated under the golden energy, vanishing into nothingness.

Ren Long could even feel the energy through the screen and the screen started to vibrate. a godly expert!

Gamer who was at the abandoned factory looked in the direction of the East District. “Oh gosh, what’s happening over there again? I’m not going there anymore. Who knows what sort of monsters it’s infested with.”

The board of directors of the City College were having a meeting. The elders from four districts shivered upon staring at the direction where the energy was coming from. Their backs were soaked with cold sweat.

“Don’t go. And don’t ask. Just treat it as nothing has happened. It’s better not to mess with warriors of this level…” The board chairman said and the rest kept quiet. Well, that’s the best solution anyway.

Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le also turned their heads. “Brother, Brother Lil’White.”

Ye Cang who was fishing turned around and smiled bitterly. “This energy...oh well, I believe Old General Huang knows the boundaries. It’s alright, continue your training.”

Meanwhile, at the night club area, Flasher Uncle thought Ye Cang was organizing some energy competition and so he took off his windbreaker and sent his energy bursting away. Sensing this energy, Panty Uncle thought that Flasher Uncle was trying to show off and he wanted to challenge him by also exploding his energy at the market as he took off his hat.

“What are they doing? But it looks interesting. Let’s join!” Liu Bei who was riding his scooter unleashed his golden dragon energy too. Cao Cao could not resist as well and unleashed his intimidating aura as he was frying french fries. As for Sun Quan, he was speechless and put his hand on his forehead. Can I not unleash? Nope, I can’t. A blue aura burst out. Sensing all sorts of energy, Ye Cang stood up speechlessly. He closed his eyes and unlocked all nine chains at once. He shot a black and white energy into the sky, trying to spread it beyond his area. Lin Liang was flapping his feathered fan. If I don’t unleash, those fellas will say that I’m being anti-social. A taichi spiraling energy shot up into the sky, making it obvious from all directions. Eight different types of energy were blending themselves and they turned into raindrops of a hundred and one colors. Only then, they kept away their energy.

Staring at the sky through the screen, Ren Long’s jaw dropped agape. What are these fellas in the East District doing?! This is obviously showing off! The fact that the energy did not resist each other but mixed together reflected the truth that they were on the same side. So, the seven energies were just having fun?!

Silence filled the board meeting as they stared at the colorful rain in the East District. 

“Should we still continue...our discussion?”

“We can’t back off! Let’s unleash together!”

As a result, energies shot into the sky in the North, South, and West Districts. However, they were not as harmonious and great as the one that was appearing flamboyantly in the East District.

Huang Zhong recognized Liu Bei’s, Cao Cao’s and Sun Quan’s energy but did not understand what the others were doing. Maybe they are just resonating. He picked up the bag and descended the stairs. Along the way, he saw Zuo Yiyi and he placed the bag of unconscious children on the floor. “Can you keep an eye on them? I’ve helped them regain their consciousness. They should be waking up anytime. I’m still in the middle of work…”

At the end of his sentence, he walked towards the changing room and did not look back. His messy hair, muscular body, and the responsibility he shouldered towards his work touched Zuo Yiyi’s heart. She was in love.

“Sister, where is this place?” a child woke up.

“Go and ask your mom!” Zuo Yiyi was pissed off as her moment of self-indulgence was interrupted.

As rain poured, the wounds and bruises of the gangsters who were battling recovered and the people who were sick no longer coughed. Countless humans who were coming out from everywhere were receiving blessings from the rain.

“It must be Flasher Uncle! His glorious actions were once again brought upon!”

“As an experienced master, I can tell you that the rain is formed by a few other masters who are as strong as me. Besides, these spiritual energies blended together well. If you ask me who they would be, I’ll say that one of them is Liu Ji who had stayed in the house for a few hundred years.”

“Liu Ji?! Liu my ass! I’ve never heard of such a name! It’s obviously Flasher Uncle’s actions!”


C city, a random apartment. 

There was an unshaved man with glasses and a set of dirty clothes. He lit up a cigarette speechlessly. This man was Liu Ji (Liu Bowen). He stared at the direction of the city - Lin Hai and mumbled. “Except for Kongming, Zhang Liang and the rest, which I don’t care, have nothing to do with me.”

His fingers moved. It’s here.

“Pay me the rental, you four-eyed nerd!” a middle-aged lady’s voice was heard.

“Give me one more day! I’ll definitely pay you tomorrow!” Liu Ji replied.

“Alright, just one more day! Or else, I’m gonna rape you till you’re dead and get rid of your corpse!”

Liu Ji smiled bitterly. Let’s go to the entrance of the supermarket and predict people’s future.

On that night, when Huang Zhong came back, they had dinner together and pretended nothing has happened. After that, Huang Zhong and Lin Le had a conversation about The Sisters and under Lin Le’s recommendation, Huang Zhong watched the movie version and was attracted to the film. He had become the judge, A’Qiao’s fans. In the story, A’Sa and A’Qiao had a great argument. Zuo Yiyi pondered. Maybe I should ask the drama crew if I can replace that bitch acting as A’Qiao, so he would like me instead.