As everyone returned to the arena, Huang Zhong rejected Ye Cang’s invitation for the game but was willing to join HappyFirmaments and participate in professional competitions. He then went to play his favorite Command and Conquer: Red Alert. It came to his surprise that there were many other versions and the latest was the X Generation of the Battle of Demons and Monsters! His heart was instantly filled with joy.

After they exited the Land of Furnaces, they arrived at the bridge linking to the sleeping chamber. From the bridge, they could already see the various types of flowers decorating the entrance. Ye Cang volunteered to sneak in and the rest agreed with the condition of  him activating video recording. Upon entering, chandeliers hanging from the high wall greeted him while female servants were patrolling. Despite their old age, they still maintained the elegance. Not only female dwarfs were seen but also elves, half-elves, beastwomen, humans and even witches. Holding his breath, Ye Cang tip-toed along the way. The furniture in the chamber was luxurious. Except for the main hallway, there were plenty of pathways and rooms which led to the kitchen, basement and other facilities. Ye Cang did not enter any of them as he knew it would be a dead-end, if he was to be discovered. He then cautiously returned to the rest. Along the way, he noticed a few treasure points and memorized their locations. My babies, I’ll be back very soon~

When Ye Cang returned to the bridge, everyone strongly requested him to replay the video. They noticed nothing special and had a grasp of the layout inside. All of them lowered themselves as they sneaked in. With his arcane sword, Ye Cang planned to ambush the female elf servant who was yawning by the fence. Just then, the elf coincidentally turned around and saw Ye Cang. “What are you doing?! Bro, don’t hurt me!”

Ye Cang noticed the servants’ were neutral. What’s wrong here? He asked everyone to stop and the rest of the servants came over to have a look.”

“The human is alive! There are men! Hey, the muscular man over there, do you mind if I touch your d? I haven’t been touching one for a thousand years.”

Fang Ci felt that the female dwarf wanted to take his pants off. 

“What about just a look at it? For me to reminisce. Trust me…”


Fang Ci was speechless. “Hey lady, your quivering body and desperate eyes have betrayed you…”

“I can’t help it. I just can’t help it.” The female dwarf, Alajare let go of her hands reluctantly.

Liu Bei, AV and the others wanted the ladies to touch theirs so badly. However, in order to take care of his image in Little Ye Tian’s mind, AV forcefully turned around. The beastwomen jumped on Little Ren but backed off after it glared at them.

Being certain that the men did not plan to let them satisfy themselves, the female servants pointed inside disappointedly. “Walk straight, make a left and then a right, continue to walk straight and you’ll reach the main sleeping chamber. The chamber with three diamond flowers is our lords’ room. Oh yeah, is there a chef among yourselves? A few years back, our chef couldn’t resist the loneliness of being in here and committed suicide by jumping off the bridge. We haven’t eaten ever since…”

“Congratulations! You’ve discovered a hidden cooking quest, ‘The Female Servants’ Food’. Accept the request by cooking a delicious meal for them and there’s a chance of you getting random cooking utensils. Declining this quest will reduce 30% of your current cooking experience.”

With my current cooking skills, this is easy peasy! Accept! Ye Cang took off his hood and put on a white headband. “The master chef is just standing right in front of your eyes. Now, lead me to the kitchen.”

“......” Everyone stared at him speechlessly.

They all came to the dining table and the leader of the servant, a female elf named Mamana brought Ye Cang to the kitchen. Ye Cang then asked, “What do you guys like to eat?”

“Anything. Because actually, we can’t taste anything at all but we just missed the feeling of eating.” Mamana took out the ingredients from the garden and Ye Cang gasped. This is really a big challenge to the master chef. How do you allow people who don’t have taste buds experience the happiness food gives you! This challenge...sure is interesting! He then closed his eyes to think. They are dead zombies. So, they’re definitely afraid of light and fire elementals. But I guess adding a little of them can stimulate their taste buds. Crushing the mystril with holy power into powder might also enhance the stimulation. By just looking at the chili from the garden, I can tell it’s very spicy. Not bad. Those items can enhance and strengthen the taste of the chilies. As for meat...I remember those zombies in TV shows like to eat brains and organs… I can’t leave those out. I’ve got tons of those with me at any time of the day. Well, I’m gonna pick the black slime gel to calm their nerves, just in case they are brought to hell from eating too much. A little bit of darkness ash and dark mushroom to season the rice. They seem to like penis a lot so I can fry some testicles and penis for them. I get to free up my storage too. Now, we have rice, soup, fried stuff... maybe we can choose between barbecue and fried vegetables. Wait, no, that’s too oily. I need some side dishes. How about frying them with my Multiple Secret Sauce? Yes, that’s a great idea! Last, as for the wine, one glass of Black Dragon Kill each! Perfect! He opened his eyes and started cooking.

The malodorous smell started to fill the atmosphere. Wu Na, CloudDragon and the rest left the kitchen and headed back to the bridge. Yet, they still thought that it was not safe enough. Hence, they returned to the Land of Furnaces. Lil’Wang then summoned mud elemental to block the gates. Everyone safely retreated to where Lightning Fist who was forging armor and weapons was.

“Yo! Where’s my Brother White?”

“Cooking for the girls.”

“Those girls are quite pitiful anyway. I’ve forgotten to tell you guys not to harm them. Well, they don’t attack. Except for constantly thinking about having sex with men, they don’t have any other wild dreams. But, it’s reasonable for them to have those thoughts too. As for me, I still miss these babies more.” Lightning Fist stared at his jars of wine with affection. “Well, I’m in a good mood today. You guys have any items for me to reforge? I can lend a hand. One piece per person.”

Let’s come to the sleeping chamber more often next time. AV and Lil’Wang smirked while thinking to themselves as they casually took an item and gave it to Lightning Fist. 

The situation in there made Ye Cang lose his consciousness multiple times but he still finished cooking all the dishes while enduring the pain. He asked Mamana and a few others who felt nothing to help him set the table. Pinching his nose, he came to the dining room. Staring at the flamy red soup, black rice, stick verge, and fried stuff, they dug in. They then took a sip of the soup. Ah! The feeling is back! It’s so strong! Even though their tongues were slightly stinging from time to time, it was exactly what they wanted. As they ate the rice and the fried food, their tears dropped. The taste is back! They hugged each other.