“Sister! I feel like I’m still alive!”

“Yes! I could feel the spiciness in the soup! This penis is very chewy too!”

With satisfaction, Ye Cang gradually took off his white headband while watching them drop tears of gratefulness for the food he made. The system had notified him that the mission was completed and he obtained a Big Volume Water Pipe connected to a fist-sized conical flask.

Big Volume Water Pipe (Unique Spacing Item - Chef - Cooking): This item can store up to ten different liquids in a large volume. They are adjustable to any of the liquid stored and you can use them. This treasure is a dream of every master chef! (ps: as for the volume, if you ask me, I guess it’s almost the size of a mini pond? The Master of Unique Spacing - Babaren)

Ye Cang kept away such precious cooking utensils and looked left and right. They’re not here! Hehe! With a smirk, he left the dining room and reached a few treasure spots. Hey, where are the items?! Why isn’t there anything?! Those bitches are so not generous! I made delicious food for them but they didn’t put anything inside! Lastly, he entered through a hidden door. There was a purplish golden treasure chest. Baby, here I come! Just when he was about to jump on the chest, the chest opened itself and swallowed half of his body. His health points were dropping and so he quickly messaged the rest. “Save me! Come and save me! Quick! I got bitten by a fake treasure chest!”


“......” Everyone rushed to the location Ye Cang described but he was nowhere to be seen. They worked together and killed the treasure chest monster. As Lin Le opened the chest, he saw Ye Cang’s corpse inside and as he threw it out, Little Ye Tian quickly resurrected him.

“Karma serves you right!” LordAsked said to Ye Cang’s loser face. “Who asked you to open a treasure chest by yourself?! Not to mention, you opened a purplish golden chest!”

Originally, Ye Cang wanted to use self-resurrection but his self-centeredness gave him a different thought. If I use it now, what if everyone is killed by the boss and no one touches the corpse?! As the team leader, I must think and act for the team. *Sigh*

If everyone knew Ye Cang had such a thought, they would have aborted this mission and headed home already.

Lin Le gave the items to Ye Cang -- two skill books from the Fallen World and a key.

The Substitute of Light (The Fallen World - Lost - Extremely Rare): When your health points reach zero, it will turn into light particles and you’ll be resurrected to 50% of your health. Costs 30% of your total mana. Cooldown: 5 hours. Requirement: Holy class.

Light Elemental - Avitaliya (The Fallen World - Lost - Extremely Rare): Sing a verse of a song and summon the light elemental - Avitaliya to join the battle. Costs 25% of mana. Cooldown: none. Requirement: summoner or a holy shaman.

Even though LordAsked wanted The Substitute of Light, he knew Ye Cang was aware that he had a similar resurrection. They then agreed to give it to Zhang Zhengxiong. As for the summoning skill, Little Ye Tian let Lil’Wang have it as it was not worth it if she did not have the additional attributes to summon creatures while Lil’Wang had it. She was also summoned by the holy talent.

At last, it was the key.

The Key of Hidden Doors: It can open a hidden door in the burial articles area.

After objections from Ye Cang and criticisms from the others, it was decided to be kept by Lin Le.

Lil’Wang excitedly summoned the light elemental. The light particles slowly formed a beautiful body. Despite only consisting of holy light and not having any appearance, the body shape was wonderful. Lil’Wang knew what was going to happen. Ye Cang’s, Lin Le’s and Zhang Zhengxiong’s dirty hands were at where he thought they would be.

Avitaliya had a strong area and individual healing abilities. At the same time, it also had holy type light elemental magic damage in area and single-targets. She also had her own light which would recover whoever that was standing under her light in terms of health and mana. With this, it made Lil’Wang a flexible player as his water, mud, lava, and light elementals had quite decent attributes, making him able to help the team in many ways.

As they walked out of the hidden door, Mamana stared at Ye Cang who was in low spirits. “If you ever encounter the three queens, you must be careful. After so many years of loneliness and not seeing the king, they had suffered a lot and they’re not easy to communicate with. But they were kind people before that. So, I hope you won’t harm them… well, you might be no match anyway.Just be careful, alright.”

Ye Cang nodded and they continued their journey. Following the instructions of the servants, they arrived at the chamber with three diamond flowers. 

“HeavenShakingMight, VastSea and I will take one each. Rose and Lil’Dino, just play by ear. As for the rest, stick to the usual position. Kill according to order but remember to react based on the situation. Brother White, if you can identify anything, we’ll just follow your instructions,” LordAsked laid out the plan.

Upon entering the chamber, they saw a long hallway with metallic pillars on both sides. They had diamonds on them as decorations, glimmering with colorful lights. At the very end of the hallway, there were three beautiful ladies on three different thrones, red, yellow, and blue. On the red was a cat lady; on the yellow was a female dwarf and on the blue one was an elf. They glared at the team. “How dare you trespass into the king’s sleeping chamber…”

As they gradually stood up, their eyes were filled with killing intent.

“Get ready! My Dexterity is high, I’ll deal with the cat lady. HeavenShakingMight, your magic resistance is higher so you’ll take the elf. Leave the dwarf to VastSea.” LordAsked was about to dash at them.

Just then, Liu Bei stood out from the rest. “Oh ladies, how does it feel being alone for a thousand years?”

“What is love? It is something strong enough for you to stay with him until even after death… Isolated for a thousand years, I believe you have a lot to talk about,” Cao Cao followed. He then recalled Empress He. I wanted to have sex with… *cough* *cough*

“We’re all the same. I could feel the pain in your heart…” Sun Quan came to the elf’s throne and stared into her blue eyes and smiled.

The three ladies went quiet as their intention of killing turned into pain and confusion. Liu Bei walked inside and signaled them to go away with his hand behind his back. “You guys can go, leave the rest to us.”

No one in the team was more familiar than they were when it came to ladies in the palace.

“......” Cold sweat was dripping. Ye Cang decided to believe them and dragged the others out of the chamber.

Moments later, weird sounds were resonating from inside the chamber.

“Well, you three cousins… are sure impressive…” Gongsun Qian said awkwardly.

ThornyRose was dumbfounded. They definitely are the idiots who slept with the family members of the chief of Beginner’s Village.

Wu Na quickly dragged Little Ye Tian further away. “You can’t let children and decent ladies hear any of these!”

“Are they having a propitiation inside? They screamed so hard,” AV’s mind was filling in the blanks.

Lil’Wang nodded and started explaining to RedMoon, “The paladins in China are quite good in the propitiation ritual for dead spirits.”

LordAsked was speechless towards what Lil’Wang said. Hey, no paladins are like them, alright?! And what propitiation?! Using their dicks to do the job?!

RedMoon’s hand landed on her forehead as she was speechless. It looks like there isn’t a normal person whom you can communicate with.

“Congratulations! Your team has successfully completed the hidden quest. TheEmperorOfHan, Mengde’sNewBook, and OnlyLoveLadyBu had successfully completed the propitiation for the three queens and obtained the special attributes, skills and one exclusive equipment from the queen. Congratulations! You’ve received a double level up of experience, a random epic talent, extra 5 skill and talent points, Charisma +20. The entire sleeping chamber had become an area of friendliness.”

“......” They were speechless as they entered the chamber to see the three of them casually smoking cigarettes after they were done with their business.

“What a pitiful woman. She reminds me of He Jin’s sister,” Cao Cao said with a heavy heart.

“I knew you liked her in the first place. Can’t believe you actually wanted to have an affair with the mistress of Emperor Ling of Han,” Liu Bei sneered at him.


“I bet he wanted to embarrass Emperor Xian too. What a pity for Empress Fu. How dare you lock people up until they die,” Sun Quan adjusted his greaves, his hair, and carried his shield well.

“She’s too tolerant so she must die. On a side note, your wife is not bad either.” Cao Cao recalled that lady and Sun Quan’s wife, Lady Bu.

Sun Quan glared at him.

The rest of the team then came but they were too late to hear what they had said. However, they too were thinking of the king in the Broken Sky Hall. They observed a moment of silence for the king’s death and the fact that his ladies had cheated on him.

Broken Sky Hall. The throne of Broken Sky. 

A mage in a black robe saw the diamonds on War Fist’s crown glaring with an unusual green, “Your diamonds on the crown turned green for a second.”

“Hey, don’t change the topic. If what your lord promised is a lie, he won’t be able to see the color shining in the Star of Broken Sky.”

“Of course…”