ThornyRose checked their profile. That set of hero spirit skills. They are surely Liu Bei’s, Cao Cao’s, and Sun Quan’s. In addition, with the attributes they had gotten in the propitiation just now, the three queens are fire(red), lightning(yellow), and ice(blue). Not only that, each of them has a copy version of the boss’ ultimate. Liu Bei had the cat lady’s necklace; Cao Cao had the female dwarf’s ring and Sun Quan had the elf’s bracelet. All three items were legendary ranked. So, this means these three cousins have way stronger attributes as compared to LordAsked now. But it’s a pity that they are paladins… Just what were they thinking when they were choosing their class?! Urgh, forget about it! His family’s mindset is different from ordinary people.

Due to the sudden increment in the level of the players in the team, everyone knew they must be up to something. Even MistyVeil was a level higher than Flame Emperor and in the first place, Ye Cang was already nine levels higher. Everyone was shocked when Flame Emperor increased his own level by five overnight. What kind of rewards and missions would allow that?!

“Looks like Flame Emperor is doing something on his side.” VastSea looked at the ranking leaderboard.

“It must be related to the main story too,” Little Ye Tian analyzed. It’s possible. The Shadows of Natural Destruction Legislature wouldn’t be only recruiting one emperor.

“That means we need to speed up. Quickly head to the garden area and then the burial articles area. Try to increase our levels and experience as much as possible. The earlier we finish the quest, the better it is,” ThornyRose said and they departed to the garden. From the words of the female servants, they knew that there were fungus and spore-like creatures living there. It was full of resentment. The servants did not know exactly what it was but they were certain it was a scary creature. Queen Perlo tried entering once but she came out in a horrible state. Since the creatures would not leave the garden area and cross the bridge, the queens decided to leave them alone as they could be the guards of the grave’s entrance.

They were analyzing the situation in the garden. Being able to cause Perlo in a horrible state, that creature must be strong. Even though they did not know the real strength of the queens as they were propitiated by the paladins, it was more or less like what Lightning Fist told them. Since the team’s skills were refreshed and their statuses were good, they decided not to worry that much and marched to meet the boss.

After bidding adieu to the servants, they came to the outer cloister of the garden. Through the crystal lights, they saw all kinds of weird plants growing in the garden. Due to the humidity and the issue with the strong resentment, fungi with huge scary faces and weird gigantic spores were plaguing the place. Sun Quan frowned, “This location is not good. No matter what, they should set the exit at this place. Look, according to this world’s landscape, this place is isolated from the outer world. All of the resentment and hatred will gather at this place and there’s no circulation. Even when it’s an exit, it’s also a place full of bad energy.”

“In addition to the negative emotions from the servants and the queens, it must have nurtured something we could never have imagined. It’s best for us to be careful.” Liu Bei’s and Sun Quan’s words made everyone shocked. They know about feng shui too?! CloudDragon nodded in agreement with what they said since he was an expert in feng shui. It’s just like what they said.

However, to Ye Cang, this was an ingredient storage with a vast tapestry of new ingredients for him to discover. He took out his cooking knife and blew on it. “Get ready. My knife is telling me that it’s time to refresh the recipe… recently, I’ve learned to cook salad too…”

“......” Stunned, they instantly changed their minds and headed to the burial articles area first, leaving Ye Cang behind.

Ye Cang sighed, “Wait for me, my salads.”

He turned around, followed up and set a new category, salad, on his recipe.

Seeing them returning after only a short period of time, the servants were surprised. Only then, they were told that the team decided to head to where the burial articles were. However, the servants were not willing to provide them free information. Knowing what they wanted, the team decided to let Lil’Wang, Ji Xiao, and AV determine who would sacrifice themselves. At last, with Ji Xiao’s and AV’s staring at him with a face full of jealousy, they pushed Lil’Wang out for the servants to touch as much as they wanted. That earned them the information that there were no dwarves guarding but the place was filled with a massive amount of traps and puppets. At the entrance of the burial goods storage, there was a war puppet named Berserk and inside it was a half-dwarf royal mage called Magic Fist.

The servants opened the stoned gate towards their destination and said goodbye to them once again. Lil’Wang was reluctant. Is touching really enough? They don’t want more? 

Their entrance gave them the feeling that they had entered into a maze. There were many junctions and different paths. A trap was waiting for them every two steps away. Ye Cang had never stopped disarming the traps ever since and once they triggered the traps, puppets would be swarming to them. All of the puppets were made of great steel and were ten over meters tall. It was worse when they came in a group of three to five. It was difficult to battle them as they were immune to controlling skills and most of the magic spells. Their physical resistance was relatively high too. Fortunately, they had Ye Cang’s acid bottles and acidic spell. They could still manage to handle them without using their hero spirit skills.

As they entered deeper, more junctions and paths appeared. Even though Little Ye Tian was repeatedly calculating to make an accurate layout of the maze, it was still troublesome. This was because the wrong paths did not lead them to a death-end and instead, it was connected to another path and then to another wrong path again, creating a snowball effect to all the mistakes they had made. They had been walking in circles and there seemed to be no end to it. Worst still, they even came back to some of the paths when they first entered the maze. Without any choice, they could only keep going and Little Ye Tian could only keep recalculating to prevent repetition. However, more paths appeared every single time.

“Little Tian, don’t we have any other solutions?” Ye Cang started to get frustrated as they had almost entered the fortieth path.

“We could only go by trial and error. Since we don’t have any clues or solutions related to this maze. Except for betting on the percentage and keep on trying, I have no other choices. Besides, we reached here as a result of a choice among tens of other choices in the beginning,” Little Ye Tian shook her head.

“Well, it’s time for Lele to find the path. Whenever Lele is lost, Lele would find the way home like this.” Lin Le took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and sang the random kids songs he came up with. He then placed the war axe on the ground vertically and let go. The blade edge pointed at the path behind them. “Let’s go! This way!”

Can you at least show that you’re making a smarter guess?! Isn’t this walking back?!

Little Ye Tian pondered. We haven’t come out from this path before. The second time, the axe also indicated the same direction and Little Ye Tian had confirmed that they had never taken this path before. As for the third time, the axe led them to enter a path which they had never been on to. After a few subsequent trials, they came to the entrance of the maze. However, it was different from before and they felt that if they picked the right path this time, voila! They would be out of this mess. Yet, Lin Le’s axe pointed in the direction which consisted of ten over entrances. Lin Le picked his axe up and walked over. They thought he was going to do his divination again but he just entered one of them by his choice.

Everyone then followed up.

“Are you going to do the divination one more time?” LordAsked asked Lin Le. 

“That’s not necessary. It’s pointing at this,” Lin Le said innocently.

Everyone pondered. There are so many entrances and they are so long. In the direction where your axe pointed, it consists of at least eight different paths. Besides, this path is the center of our binocular vision. It’s impossible for the axe to point this way. You get me? Are we seeing different things?

Little Ye Tian sighed. This bastard is just lucky! Why am I not as lucky as him?! She turned around to see Ye Cang. Is it because I’m my father’s daughter? Yeap, that must be the reason.