After going through a long and curvy pathway, they came to a place where below was a deep abyss and in front of them were tall pillars and a staircase. A floating staircase connected to pillars? The place is so spacious that Little Blue Feather could even fly freely in here.

Ye Cang summoned Little Blue Feather and connected through Eagle Eyes. From above, he could see many squared pillars everywhere. His trap ability was triggered and lava lasers were shot out from above. He quickly ordered Little Blue Feather to retreat. Meanwhile, Little Ye Tian was observing the locations of the pillars. The stairs aren’t completed. There’s a remote somewhere. It’s in the form of a hexagram. We are currently at the vertex of the reversed triangle. So this is where the first remote is located at. As they got up the pillar, Little Ye Tian was staring at a device. Problem-solving? This looks like a chess game. It’s easy but in this team, I’m not the strongest in chess. With a sigh, she backed off.

Lin Le glanced at it and solved it in just a blink of an eye. CloudDragon and LordAsked were dumbfounded. Lele is a chess master?! He doesn’t look like it. He may be lucky but with that IQ and EQ of his, it gives the disbelief…

The floating platforms of the staircase started to move to the bottom left. There were three platforms with a distance of a meter between each. CloudDragon jumped to one of it and the platform shook and sank for a moment but it restabilized quickly. We can walk past it...but I sense something dangerous. Ye Cang also felt it and he looked down. “Come back! Something’s coming!”

A massive dark shadow popped out from the bottom. All of them saw what it was. It had overlapping sharp teeth and a head of a centipede that looked more like a dragon. Its body was pitch-black and its abdomen was relatively grey. CloudDragon jumped but his timing was a little off. Just then, a speedy tongue grabbed him and he was swallowed into Little Tadpole’s mouth. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. The beast also went back to the abyss with its long body.

They looked at Ye Cang.

“Deep Abyss Dragon…”

Deep Abyss Dragon - Balonsha Keya: Deep Abyss Dragon belongs to the deep abyss creature kind. It’s mysterious but it’s a real dragon. It usually hides in the deep abyss and masters dark magic. Legends have it that the deep abyss dragon kind was born from Endoss, the twin brother of the Black Dragon King - Hardoss after it had fallen into the deep abyss with a broken wing due to the fight for the throne. Its dragon meat was chewy and smooth, top-graded red meat, perfect for steamboat. The meat below its throat is an extremely precious ingredient. Its scale was as hard as metal. Holy element magic spells might be effective. The effect of fire and lightning elemental magic is reduced by half and it is immune to mental type magic, earth, ice, and most of the magic. It can absorb darkness and use necromancer spells.

Ye Cang was analyzing, “It supports dark magic, only holy elemental is effective in causing high level damage and fire and lightning can reduce half of the damage. But the others are useless… able to absorb darkness and use necromancer spells. High physical resistance. Dragon type creature.” The last attribute mentioned by Ye Cang brought joy to the team since they were good at battling dragons. However, what made them confused was how to battle the dragon as the dragon had the attacking rights and they could not go down there. Even with Ye Cang’s night vision, he could not see what was lying beneath, and yet, he could alert them beforehand. “Alright, be aware of what’s coming from the bottom but I’ll observe and warn you guys too.”

“Quickly walked through the floating stairs!” LordAsked went over with a leap and the others followed. Ye Cang asked Little Blue Feather to help out too. I wanted to ride on it and go down to have a look but there are too many traps. Those traps may mean nothing to the dragon but that doesn’t apply to us. Besides, it might affect my flying pathway. Dragons have similar intelligence as humans. If it wasn’t for Little Tadpole just now, I bet CloudDragon would be dragged into the abyss and none of us could save him.

Swiftly, they arrived at the second vertex. There was a humming sound coming from the bottom but it could not be located. Lin Le quickly opened the second remote and the stairs floated towards them. Just then, there was a cloud of black mist rising up from the bottom. Their vision went blurry as they could not see anything from afar. Their movement speeds had also been reduced by 15%. Even Ye Cang’s vision faded. He could see what was far away but not what was below. He could vaguely see something like a dark shadow spiraling the pillar. The head is over here! “Those behind! Be careful!”

The people at the back quickly spread out and hid at two sides. Indeed, a large mouth appeared at the space behind them. Little Ye Tian quickly cast Holy Shine, brushing away the black mist in a certain area and lighting up the path. As her spell cast right at its eyes, it managed to blind the dragon. The people quickly attacked.

The deep abyss dragon shot out tons of dark arrows from its mouth but Zhang Zhengxiong, VastSea, LordAsked, and ThornyRose took turns to defend the attack. Meanwhile, AV, Lil’Wang’s light elemental, and Little Ye Tian were trying their best to heal the tankers. Yet, their health dropped at a rapid speed, especially ThornyRose’s. Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Cao Cao, and Lin Le went around and slashed the dragon with three holy strikes and execution. With a loud cry, the dragon went back to the abyss. They then quickly came to the platform on the leftmost side and Lin Le solved another one easily. “This is too easy. Playing chess with Old Zhang is even more interesting than this…”

Are you even cheating?!

“Who is Old Zhang?” VastSea was waiting for his health to be replenished.

“He was a national player. Go player with a 9duan rank. Lele always made him cry whenever we go to the Old Folks Home.” Ye Cang was observing the surroundings.

“Most importantly is that Lele plays as if he doesn’t need to think and he has the taunting talent. Well, the old man cried because of his taunts.” Zhang Zhengxiong was helping himself to recover his health.

“That was enough to get him banned from entering the Old Folks Home anymore…” Wu Na who was afraid of dying hid behind ThornyRose.

“I’ve got the same feeling too…” Sun Quan played with Lin Le before. That fella’s skills are surely incredible but his personality…

“Can you guys be more focused? This place is too disgusting!” ThornyRose dared not lower her guard.

Moments later, the black mist was getting thicker. Little Ye Tian cast Holy Shine again to brush away the mist in the vicinity. “If we can’t handle this, just use your hero spirit skills! It’s impossible to get back here once we’re dead.”

“I’ll distract it. You guys find the opportunity to attack!” Ye Cang originally did not want to use Incredible Driving License on Little Blue Feather because it might need a long rest after that. But I’ll just try to save as many hero spirit skills as possible. He then hopped on Little Blue Feather and activated Incredible Driving License. It was as if Little Blue Feather evolved when its feathers grew longer and were covered with snowflakes. With a slap, it dashed down the abyss with The Freezing Wind. Over there! Ye Cang shouted, “It’s at your left! Be careful!”