Staring at the weapon in his hand, Zhang Zhengxiong recalled his attack just now. The Pierce of Giant Dragon! The weapon’s ability to change health points into damage and the double damage on dragons. It’s a fatal attack! He shouted, “Hell yeah!”

ThornyRose recalled the weapon’s effect. Oh my god! It’s temporarily effective against the dark elemental boss category. “Hey, take good care of your blood halberd. Also, think of a way to upgrade it as well. Just in case we might need it in the future.”

With a nod, Zhang Zhengxiong kept it away.

LordAsked and CloudDragon were confused. He didn’t use any hero spirit skills and worst still, no hero spirit skills can reach such an amount of damage! It’s a dragon. How is it possible for him, alone, to kill a dragon with at least 60% of health?! I remember the weapon has the ability to change health points into damage. Even though his health level is higher than ours, it’s not a super large amount yet. It must be the effect of that black wall that is holding the situation. MistyVeil was also guessing it was the combined effect of the weapon and the wall and told herself to avoid facing him one-on-one. What’s the difference from punching a wall? Throughout this journey, he was able to turn the tables on a few risky occasions and there was once when he was able to absorb a sky full of flame bullets and toss it back to the enemies. He was also able to turn into a golden creature to block the enemy’s high physical damage without depleting any health.

Zhang Zhengxiong stared at Ye Cang who was surrounded by the rest.

“A’Xiong, you’re the one who killed the boss. Let me touch it! I’ll definitely give it to you…” Ye Cang shouted.

“......”  Zhang Zhengxiong was speechless and Lin Le immediately touched the corpse. “Brother Lil’White! It’s something you wanted!”

“Really?! What is it?! Quick! Bring it to me! Quick!” Ye Cang’s expression changed 180 degrees.

“......” CloudDragon, LordAsked, and MistyVeil had nothing to say.

Giant Dragon Thorn Nail (Fallen World - Elite Dragon Steel - Lost - Legendary - Ancient Production)
Category: Heavy Ballista’s Arrow
Requirements: The Shooting Device on Heavy Ballista
Damage: 513 - 731
Ignores dragon’s armor
Damage dealt to dragons increases 200% 
Can be used repeatedly

Giant Dragon Thorn Nail - The Poison of Anti-Dragon Grass: Restricts the movement of pierced  dragons for a short period of time. If dragons are being pierced on an object, the time is doubled.

Giant Dragon Thorn Nail - The Poison of Anti-Dragon Stamen: Causes the dragon to bleed massively and leaves unrecoverable wounds.

Ps: The patterns on this weapon were carved a few tens of thousand years ago and this weapon was a nightmare to all dragons. Humans, dwarves, and elves have used it to defend their homeland since centuries. The Great General of Elf - Assenkanderla used three arrows to defend his homeland against Black Dragon King, Golden Dragon King, and Red Dragon Queen. All of them suffered a lot from this battle. It was known as The Song of Dragon Slayer.

Ye Cang caressed the spiraling arrow which was way taller than him. I’m gonna make a heavy ballista that can compromise this.

“Quickly distribute the rest.” LordAsked knew that Ye Cang was the only one who had the ability to take that item home, given such conditions. No other players could use heavy ballista as their range to use it might not be sufficient.

“Alright, alright. I’ll distribute now. Don’t worry.” Ye Cang took two skill books and three elite dragon steel equipment from Lin Le. The first skill book was The Rain of Dark Arrows and NalanPureSoul made a request for it. The second one was Darkness Step which was suitable for assassins and hence, it was given to SpyingBlade. The equipment were a long sword, a long robe, and a cape. Little Ye Tian asked for the cape while AV took the robe and the sword was given to VastSea in the end. As for the remaining items, Little Ye Tian was asked to distribute them. Meanwhile, Ye Cang was on his way to dismantle the corpse. He took a rope, tied himself, and asked Zhang Zhengxiong to drop him down into the abyss. He started to dismantle it as he was on his way down. After a long period of time, he finally reached the bottom. Oh, it was an underground river. No way I’m letting it go. There’s still a long part of its corpse! He untied the rope and dived into the river, enduring all the damage from the chilling water and dismantling the tail. At the same time, he discovered a chest and found to his surprise that there was nothing inside. With a heavy heart, he got out of the river and pulled the rope. Everyone worked together to pull the bones up and kept them into the handcart. He swung his hood. “We’re finally done.”

Everyone walked to the other side of the bridge and carefully opened the circular door. Ye Cang once again sneaked in and SpyingBlade followed. The two of them did not encounter any obstacles and reached a junction not long later. They entered each of the tunnels separately and yet the exit was just right after a turn. Both were tens of meters apart. Beyond the exits was a spacious area large enough to accommodate tens of football fields. There was a flight of stairs upon the exits which they walked down after glancing at each other and even without night vision, SpyingBlade could clearly see an enormous statue at the end. A statue? It’s at least a hundred meters tall. At the end of the stairs was a stoned ground and murals dated back to the ancient times were lining the walls.

They walked towards the statue and closely observed it. Ye Cang then asked SpyingBlade to stop because he saw the statue’s fingers move a little with his night vision. “His fingers flicked, let’s head back.”

As they entered, they explained the situation to the rest.

Upon arriving at the square, they stared at the gigantic statute.

“It’s obvious that this is the boss. The war puppet named Berserk…” LordAsked felt his head aching.

“In terms of battle tactics, it’s best to spread out first because it’s kinda impossible to restrain the boss in such a spacious area. For long-ranged players, take cover yourself. Father, you can try using your acidic spells to break its armor.” Little Ye Tian was analyzing the area. It’s too spacious. We could only spread out. “If there’s a need to use hero spirit skills, use it. Don’t hesitate.”

Everyone nodded and everyone walked into the red zone. The statue came alive as it started to move as soon as they entered. All the ashes and dust on its body began to fall off, revealing a blue metallic armor. The runes on its body gave out a bright yellow light.

Ye Cang identified it.

Mixed-metal Arcanic Puppet - Berserk: This puppet’s main core is an arcanic system that allows it to absorb energy. It is made out of elite steel, black iron, blue steel and traces of other metals. It is immune to certain magic spells. The blue steel can absorb impact and hence damage from physical attacks is limited. It masters a certain level of magic circuit and most of them have short casting time. Acidic and corrosive magic or liquid is effective towards it. The core system is extremely precious.

“Intruders! Intruders! Eliminate! Eliminate!” Berserk slowly got up.

“Be careful! Try to attack its joints. It’s normally weaker there.”LordAsked hated to battle war puppets as he previously had bad experience with those creatures.

A vibrant and colorful gleam surrounded the shoulders of Berserk. In a blink of an eye, a sky full of fireballs, icy arrows, arcane bullets, and wind blades came surging at them. VastSea protected a few who could not dodge the attacks while the others were running and hopping here and there. Berserk opened its palms and air flew into it at a rapid speed. The power of attraction could be vividly felt by everyone in the vicinity.


The highly pressurized air sent out a storm of bullets. Zhang Zhengxiong and the others were lucky to have dodged the main attack but they still suffered from quite an amount of damage and were knocked into the air. “Brother! Quickly find an opportunity to oppress it or we’ll see each other in hell!”

With Shadow Step, Ye Cang landed on the ground and started casting Deadly Acid Tide. As Zhang Zhengxiong landed, he dashed at the boss, passing through all the fireballs and icy arrows. He jumped. Multiple Wave Hit! His attack that landed at its knee caused it to stumble and it almost fell. The bullets shot at somewhere else. Everyone managed to surround it and they started to think of a way to get closer.

The green acid rain and tide were unleashed, interrupting the shooting spells like fireballs, icy arrows, and wind blades. It also started to corrode its metallic body.

“Don’t let that robot interrupt my brother’s spell!” Zhang Zhengxiong saw Berserk noticing the magic source and he was accumulating energy with his other hand.

“I’ll use my hero spirit skills then…” CloudDragon jumped up like a swallow and slammed his leg at its chest like a meteor crashing onto the Earth. Titan Flammable Kick! The heavy puppet stumbled with a cracked chest and a deep crater on it.

“Taro’s Titan Flammable Kick is not bad…” LordAsked thought of his own hero spirit skills. I bet I’ll have to use it later too. God damn it, Sailor Moon.