“Activating Elimination Programme!”

LordAsked took out the Moon Tiara from his helmet as it shined proudly with a bright light. He tossed it at Berserk and an explosion occurred as soon as it gained contact with the metallic body.

“Elimination Programme is severely damaged! Warning! Severely damaged! Activating Protection Programme! Protection Barrier!”

An energy shield then knocked everyone off and repaired its Elimination Programme without moving.

“Quickly break its barrier! If we don’t do it now, it’s gonna be more troublesome later!” LordAsked kept his Moon Tiara in the helmet he was wearing to protect it.

Lin Le immediately drank some wine and raised his blade. “Green Lotus Sword Dance!”

In a blink of an eye, eighteen slashes landed on the barrier. The shape of a lotus could be seen and a big hole opened up. “Quick!”

All the close-ranged combaters took the chance to hop in before the hole was repaired. Everyone attacked the puppet’s weak points and poured acid bottles into its joints. Lin Le even took out his cannon and aimed at Berserk’s ‘ass’. Such a scene made LordAsked and CloudDragon feel a chilly breeze at their crotch. This shot is definitely a critical hit!

Lin Le stuck the cannon with all his might and pulled the trigger.


Everyone saw how the barrier crack and Berserk’s crotch bloomed like a flower, glowing with sparks.

“The lower body is severely damaged! Abandon! Abandon! Activating Land Mode!”

Berserk abandoned everything below its waist, shot out something that looked like a tank track and charged towards Little Ye Tian. Little Ration quickly carried Little Ye Tian, Lil’Wang, and AV away. Meanwhile, Little Ren grabbed Wu Na and NalanPureSoul and escaped while Berserk crashed into the stone wall. Ye Cang once again activated Deadly Acid Rain and Tide and that depleted all his mana.

“Activating Berserk Mode!” Berserk reversed, turned its arms into lightning chains, and started spinning like a fan, aiming at everyone in all directions who fled like mad dogs.

“Dodge it!” CloudDragon shouted. There’s no way we can fight this! We must wait for its current mode to stop! Or else, we will be dead meat if we get any closer!

Everyone tried their best to hide and run. Little Tadpole saved a lot of people with its tongue many times, trying to reduce the casualties to the minimum. However, Little Ye Tian, Wu Na, and FrozenCloud were accidentally caught by the spinning puppet and were killed at an instance without even having the time to use their respective hero spirit skills. In order to allow Little Ration to fly faster, Little Ye Tian decided to jump off as she regarded this as a suicide mission. AV and Lil’Wang cried in madness and in appreciation for such bravery. Because of this, AV was more determined to spend the rest of his life with Sister Lil’Tian. Even though she always bullies me and hasn’t reached her legal age yet, I’m prepared to serve the imprisonment sentence of three years or more.

While everyone was waiting and Ye Cang was dodging the attacks and replenishing his mana, Berserk finally stopped and entered into charging mode.

“Send it to hell! If it manages to send another wave of attack, we will be dead! We’ve all used most of our displacement skills!” LordAsked even used his second hero spirit skill. The Glory of the Princess of Moon. (Increase all attributes, doubles damage and defense. It also grants a lot of buffs.) Everyone was bothered by the feeling of disgust as they saw from afar, that LordAsked was being engulfed by a female warrior.

Ruyi, ruyi, follow my will and cast your magic!” MistyVeil took out a ruyi and blew at it. Instantly, a blizzard froze Berserk and a rain of spears poured as she lifted her spear.

Ye Cang and Lin Le gradually unleashed their combos. Ye Cang even used Solo Slash on Mount Hua.

CloudDragon also activated Storium Ray, burning the puppet with laser.

On the other hand, RedMoon swung her Naginata, unleashing Tsubame Gaeshi.

Gongsun Qian used One With Sword to turn into a sword and pierced through Berserk.

Liu Bei used Roar of Dragon and Phoenix.

“Now die!” Lin Le once again pierced deeply into Berserk’s ass and pulled the trigger. 

CloudDragon’s and LordAsked’s hearts were bleeding. There’s no guarantee that you can end this battle in one go. Bro! You’re burning money! Real money! They’re gold coins! Not federal coins! According to the frequency of you using the cannon, this game currency will never inflate! It will increase its value...

“Congratulations! Your team has successfully defeated Berserk! You’ve obtained two-level up, one silver dragon magic iron equipment at random, one class/common talent, and an upgrade of one of the equipment you’re currently wearing. Skill points and talent points increase by 5, Defense increases by 40 permanently and your damage received reduces by 5% permanently.”

It was finally over but the people alive did not let down their guard on protecting the corpse. Surprisingly, Ye Cang was not rushing to touch the boss. Hehe. I’ll definitely touch the final boss and at least one of the five dragons. I’ll confuse them for now and make them think my reaction has slowed down. With this extreme difference, once they will let their guard down, I’ll strike! Get the divine artifact! In the name of the divine hand! 

Zhang Zhengxiong was too lazy to care about Ye Cang and started to find Little Ye Tian’s corpse for resurrection. Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan were doing the same too. 

Lin Le touched the corpse and Ye Cang had no interest in this boss as it could not be consumed anyway. Yet, Little Ye Tian who got revived was interested in its inner core system and brought it away with her for research. As for the metals, Zhang Zhengxiong kept all of them into the handcart for recycling purposes. LordAsked, CloudDragon, MistyVeil and the rest were amazed. These people are surely the ambassadors of the ‘Clean Your Plate’ Campaign. They would never leave the corpse of the boss at its whole...

They obtained three extremely rare silver dragon magic iron defensive equipment and Ye Cang allowed LordAsked to distribute them among themselves since the set Zhang Zhengxiong was equipped with was still useful.

As for the skill books, the alchemist book was given to Lin Le and the engineering one was given to Little Ye Tian. Everyone picked what they thought would be useful and sold the remaining ones to MistyVeil and CloudDragon. Everyone was redeeming their respective rewards and Ye Cang obtained a hero-ranked talent but not any silver dragon magic iron equipment. He was lucky enough for getting his Giant Dragon Thorn Nail upgraded and it was even added on with a shock stun now.

Nanawayla’s Hunting Logo (Hero - Grandmaster - Ranger): All skills that can leave a mark on enemies are leveled up by two, the effect of marking targets is doubled. Stealth effect is also doubled and you would not be noticed immediately even when being detected. Damage dealt to marked targets is doubled, causing critical hits and activating instant kill. The mark will forever be on target, unable to be dispelled. Effects are doubled against dead spirits.

Ps: Stubborn Marksman - Nanawayla Narla is a low level female farmer in the magic forest. The breakout of the war caused her to lose her beloved husband and child. She eventually went crazy to the extent that she used her husband’s skull to make a bow and her son’s bones to make arrows. She even used their skin to make a cape for herself. She cut off her own tongue and dug her own eyes to create markings. She then lingered around the dead and shot at the enemies. She couldn’t speak, express nor differentiate allies and enemies. As long as you’re a dead spirit, she would do everything to kill you. She would use their souls of flame to paint her bow and arrows. Any prey she locked on would forever be hunted down by her until either she or the prey dies. In the end, together with her bow and arrows, she was turned into ashes when hunting the Hellfire Witch Queen. Despite being burnt in hellfire, she did not show any suffocation but was instead in relief and laughter. Staring at her, even when fire was burning through the layers of her skin, the Hellfire Witch Queen - Ashars could feel the chill and fear herself. Nanawayla’s ambush successfully injured the queen, creating a solid foundation to the victory of the assault team which came late.

“If one can communicate with that crazy woman, we wouldn’t have lost a marksman who was a nightmare to the demons…” - Retrieved from the post-war speech of the commander of the Holy Silver assault team.

This battle caused most of them to use their hero spirit skill. Everyone decided to take a break to arrange their strategy while waiting for their skills to cooldown. That mage at the end must be way tougher than this puppet.