“Let’s take a break. We’ve been fighting two consecutive battles and our skills are on cooldown.” CloudDragon logged out to do some fitness exercises. 

With a stretch, Ye Cang came to the balcony and yawned as he stared at the sea. Oh yeah, didn’t Lele have some seeds? Let’s go to the manor.

Together with Lin Le, Zhang Zhengxiong, Wu Na, Little Ye Tian, SpyingBlade and the rest, Ye Cang came to the manor that had been nicely built and managed. “You say, what should we plant? It’s the seeding season now.”

“Plant those that are easy to plant. We’ll just be coming here to look at the plants…” Little Ye Tian mumbled softly. I would be dead of exhaustion if we were to plant something that requires us to devote a large amount of time to take care of it.

“Brother Lil’White, I think we should plant something more troublesome but more useful…” Upon hearing what Lin Le said, Little Ye Tian pointed at his nose with an angry stare but Lin Le just made a funny face in return.

“Alright everyone, list something you want to plant, pick your own area and manage the plant yourself. Don’t just throw the job to Lil’Tian alone, it’s impossible to take care of so many plants at once,” Wu Na suggested.

“Whut…” Everyone was relatively demoralized when they had a task each but Little Ye Tian stared at her with gratitude instead.

“Good idea too. Let Lil’Wang and every member of HappyFirmaments Workshop to have their own sector since the manor is this big. That construction team is sure reliable. They actually helped us to exploit the entire land. Look, they even provided us fences and grape shelves. Oh yeah, since RedMoon had joined us for so long, it’s time to add her into our workshop but of course, it depends on whether she is willing to come over or not,” Ye Cang said as he touched the fences.

“Actually, RedMoon is quite nice in person and her skills are better than Sister Rose. It’s just that she is relatively quiet,” Wu Na agreed.

“To be honest, I think I wouldn’t be able to defeat her in a one-on-one battle. But her equipment is just the same as mine,” FrozenCloud nodded.

“Well, then let’s plant Lele’s seed.” Ye Cang took the seed and everyone was staring at it as it was the first plant on this manor.

After doing his part, Ye Cang said, “Alright girls, turn around but boys, come over.”

Wu Na turned around speechlessly and she knew what they were about to do. “Hey, you’ll kill the plant.”

“Impossible! Lele’s pee saved so many plants that saved the world from being destroyed.” Lin Le took out his penis. With Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan, SpyingBlade, Fang Ci and Huang Zhong surrounding the seed, Ye Cang looked left and right. “Alright. 1, 2, 3! Pee!”

“Hey, Old Zhao, be careful, your have a split urine stream…” Zhang Zhengxiong laughed.

“Why do I feel that Lil’Fang’s is not that straight? Is there a problem with my vision?” Liu Bei laughed at Fang Ci.

“F*ck off you old freak!” Fang Ci shouted.

After they finished their ‘watering ceremony’, they zipped up their pants and turned around. Just then, the ground started moving slightly and the seed grew. It was growing at a rapid speed as it turned big and thick. In the end, it became at least a 30-meter tall tree with a 10-meter diameter trunk. The top of the tree was full of white flowers that had seven petals in three different colors, purple, pink, and blue. It was beautiful. The boys were dumbfounded at such a scene as they could feel spiritual energy was surging into the tree they helped nourish.

“Hey, are you guys done?!” Wu Na, FrozenCloud, and the others were curious. The first thing they saw after turning around was a tall big tree full of beautiful flowers. Petals fell and swayed in the wind.

“What tree is this?” Liu Bei grabbed a flower and brought it to his nose. It had a sweet and elegant scent.

“The flower has the ability of neutralizing poison and calming one’s mind. Don’t underestimate its strong effect. Besides, if we train in its vicinity, the scent of the flowers and the spiritual energy of the tree will enhance our effect.” Lin Liang used his feathered fan to grab a petal, investigated it and chewed it in his mouth.

“Never thought that our pee is that strong…” Lin Le was surprised with the strength of his own excretion.

“No one knows what flower it is? Then, let’s just name it Jack…” Ye Cang touched the thick trunk.

“Jack and the Beanstalk? Can you not give it a lousier name? Look at other plants, like red spider lily, fuchsia. These names are so nice and you just wanna name this little one Jack? What don’t you just go back to your fantasy world?” Wu Na was speechless.

“Then, HappyFirmaments Tree. Yeap, that’s the name.” After Ye Cang made the decision, everyone started investigating the tree’s secret. Little Ye Tian was the most curious person. The energy and growth of this tree is not scientifically related. It must be the seed’s problem. Since Ye Cang did not mention much about the seed, the rest of them did not ask any further as having a tree that was calming was not something bad afterall. They then returned to the house. Ye Cang plucked some leaves and flowers, preparing to try adding them into his recipe. Little Ye Tian’s heart sank when she saw the flowers in Ye Cang’s hands. Me again?!

Ye Cang placed the stuff into his private kitchen and recalled Lin Le’s battle bag. It’s definitely incredible. This thing doesn’t belong to our world or dimension. Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan were reading their professional textbooks. Liu Bei was holding a book that discussed whether the dirty relatonship between a male and female should be cast aside in the perspective of philosophy; Sun Quan was looking at a book on whether there should be real sex in a stage show and Cao Cao was reading the classic BUG sentences of the poems. Ye Cang shook his head as he saw what they were doing and returned to the balcony. The sweet scent of the flowers filled his room. This manor would ultimately be beautiful when everyone plants the flowers they like. Not sure whether I would have the chance to witness such beauty… Staring at the tree, he thought of the scene of the annihilation. “So...it’s gonna happen below this tree huh… Looks like I don’t have much time left…”

“Hey, what are you thinking? You seem so concentrated…” Wu Na hugged him from behind.

“I’m wondering if the tree will turn into a monstrous creature overnight…” Ye Cang replied in a serious manner.

“Hey, can you not use such scary words?” Wu Na pinched him.

 Feeling Wu Na’s body warmth, Ye Cang leaned his face over. “It will be great if days like this can last forever…”

“Of course, it will! Why are you making it so emotional?!” Wu Na felt some sense of separation in Ye Cang’s words and got upset. Ye Cang smiled, “I think you’ll give birth to a daughter!”

“If it’s a daughter, what do you plan to name her?” Wu Na asked.

“If it’s a daughter, she will be named Ye Lu. If it’s a son, he will be named Ye Hong,” Ye Cang answered.

“That’s s lame,” Wu Na laughed.

“Who cares.” 

Ye Cang touched Wu Na’s hands which were wrapping around him and a sense of chill surged through his body but he smiled again at the sight of Wu Na’s lovely face.


The man with an iron mask and white hair opened his eyes. In spite of his anger, he had a mixed feeling while saying, “Enjoy as much as you can, my clone. You don’t have much time left… Thank you for what you’ve done for A’Xiong…”