The white-shirted goddess looked extremely awful as she was unable to calm herself down. She would subconsciously share all the thoughts in the mind of the person she was torturing. That man did not go insane although the pain of having his organs being burnt was unbearable. Instead, it was the goddess herself who almost went crazy because of the pain she was causing on him. If I’m his lover… If I’m the one he loves… Jealousy surged through her body. Why would I meet him here? Why would I seek love so desperately?! Why… Why?! It’s suffocating! Argh! Why isn’t it me?!

The goddess spat a mouthful of blood and stared at the man in the iron mask with her messy hair. She smirked.

Songyang Beach. The mansion by the shore.

With a dampened mood, Huang Zhong laid on the massage chair while drinking the Chinese white liquor. Zuo Yiyi went to cheer him up.

Staring at Zuo Yiyi’s hair, Huang Zhong said, “ Your hairstyle reminds me of my ex-girlfriend who died.”

Zuo Yiyi pondered. So he is also a loyal person after all. Huang Zhong said, “The ending is always bad with A’Li. In the first ending, she was being hit by a car and died. So, I saved her in the second one but… but... she wrote me a letter and left it with another guy, saying she would come find me 20 years later. I rather she got hit by a car…”

“......” Zuo Yiyi did not understand what he was trying to say so she tied her hair into a ponytail and placed it on her left shoulder. Such a scene struck Huang Zhong and his heartbeat quickened. I remember in games, girls with this hairstyle don’t have good endings. One of the girls who had an affair with me was killed by her husband. He then reminded her, “Lady, your hairstyle is dangerous…”

Speechlessly, Zuo Yiyi changed her hairstyle and had two ponytails hanging behind her. “Is it alright now?”

The memories of him playing the Bishōjo game flashed through Huang Zhong’s mind as he recalled the tiny girl. “You look like the girl from my childhood whom I accidentally pushed off the cliff!”

Zuo Yiyi was screaming inside. What in the world have you experienced in your life?! “Gosh, can I just go bald?!”

“What are you trying to do?! Don’t get close to me!” Huang Zhong recalled the moment he played the ‘Crying Times of Nuns’. The nuns inside are all perverts and cruel. The fright she gave him was enough to make him rush back to his room.

“......” Zuo Yiyi stared at the messy living room and recalled the interaction they had just now. She blushed. He is so handsome, even when he is crazy.

Huang Zhong connected to the virtual world. This is the game Lord AV gave to me. The Desire X! It’s a game that tests a person’s reaction time and skills. Ps: Don’t pick the girl with the dildo. It’s very difficult! Pick the delivery girl first! Alright Lord, I understand. Let’s go!

Meanwhile, Ye Cang and the others were already in Berserk’s room where there were stairs leading to an exit on the other end. Ye Cang and SpyingBlade once again sneaked in. There were no routes left as it was just a plain tunnel. At the end of the tunnel was a dark hall and at the center of the hall, there was a gigantic chessboard. On the throne, there was a dwarf in a mage’s costume. He looked up, “There are guests. Come in, play a game of chess with me.”

Since they were noticed, Ye Cang and SpyingBlade revealed themselves and called the others in.

Coming closer, they were welcomed by an old dwarf mage who looked kind even though it was a spirit.

“I’m the only one who can open my barrier. Play a game of chess with me and if you win, you can go in and choose one treasure. If you lose, return to where you’ve come from and never step foot in here again,” Magic Fist said arrogantly.

“Entertainment Level Boss. There is only one chance. If we miss it, we won’t have the chance to touch or even see the burial articles.” CloudDragon knew these kinds of bosses were different from the normal bosses. Not all of them require battles but they determine your victory through puzzles, riddles, chess, or many other games that people cannot think of.

“Lele, you’re up!” Ye Cang asked Lin Le to enter the chess space.

Lin Le was black.

Moments later, everyone started to see how Lin Le sneered at his opponents.

“Hey, come on! It’s your turn! Do you even know how to play?! Move your knight here! What are you waiting for?! I’ve already taught you what to do! Omg! Lele is annoyed. Old freak! Can’t believe your standard is like this! Are you sure you know how to play?! Quick, make a move!”

Magic Fist’s face turned red like a tomato and required a longer time to think as Lin Le continued to sneer. Whenever it was Lin Le’s turn, he always made his move quick and started rushing and sneering his opponent.

The situation was basically just one-sided as Lin Le was at an advantage.

“Mister, can you be quicker?! Stop wasting my time! You’re obviously losing and you’re still thinking?! Stop thinking so much! You don’t even listen to what I say! You’re no different from a piece of rotten vegetable! Trash! Rubbish! Retarded! Go back and practice more! Hey, can you make a move already?! Come on! Do you even know how?! Just surrender! Lele is not your chess babysitter! With such a standard, you still dare to ask for a match?! Hah! I don’t understand where you got that courage from! Gosh, this is so annoying…”

For some reasons, the rest started to pity Magic Fist as they saw the rolling tears in his eyes were just one step from creating a waterfall. In the end, he lost and cried at his throne with his hat covering his face. “You’ve gone too far! Too far! *cries* *cries* Too far…”

Lin Le went over and patted his shoulder. “Well, your standard isn’t that bad. It’s just that you shouldn’t play with me. But all the best in your future! I think highly of you.”

Magic Fist looked up and he thought he saw the God of Chess smiling at him. “Master! I want to learn from you! It’s really an honor!”

“Sorry but I don’t take apprentices. Well, whenever you think you’re prepared to fight me again, come and find me. I’ll teach you again. But of course, if you wanna win me, that’s impossible, I’ll have to say. I, Master Le, have never lost a match for as long as I lived, no matter what type of chess. Train well, my friend.” Lin Le looked at the ceiling with his arms crossed.

“But I still wanna call you master! I’ll definitely battle with you once again! And break your record!” Magic Fist’s eyes were filled with determination.

“I’ve listened to tons of these words. But sadly, no one could do it,” Lin Le once again patted his shoulder and Magic Fist decided to open up the barrier.

“Congratulations! Your team has successfully completed Magic Fist’s chess challenge. Rewards: a level up, a hero skill, legendary equipment, 10 skill points, an increase of 5% mana and 5% on other energy bars for everyone. The burial goods area is opened. Your team’s reputation is ‘friendly’ but HappyAndCheerful’s is ‘legendary’.”

“......” Everyone was speechless except for Ye Cang and Zhang Zhengxiong who were used to such mockery. They recalled the moments when they visited the old folks’ home. He was the one who could make the old man cry like a baby.

“That chess ethics are truly…” Liu Bei was amazed.

“The role model of the industry…” Cao Cao looked up to him.

“So, he actually went easy on me last time. I’m so grateful…” Sun Quan felt appreciative.

Yet, Little Ye Tian sighed. It’s really hard to compare when it comes to talent. Even I can win Magic Fist but… to compare with Lele… I’ve never won him once, no matter what type of chess...

CloudDragon, LordAsked, MistyVeil, and Gongsun Qian were thinking. If we ever meet him in entertainment mode, just surrender. Look at Magic Fist with all that tears. It’s too saddening to see him bullying others in the middle of games. Summarizing everything he said, it basically means ‘To me, you’re trash, but to others, you still can pick up a fight.’