Having earned their way in, everyone entered the funeral goods area to pick their rewards. Lin Le could take three items, two funeral goods and one item from the legendary chest which were filled with plenty of unique items that were mainly legendary ranked and the lowest was magic iron ranked. Yet, no one could take any of them from the chest as Lin Le was the only one being granted permission.

In the end, Ye Cang picked a legendary ranked book.

Dragon-taming Compendium (Legendary - Burial Goods - Silver Dragon - Inherited Treasure)
Category: Canonical Text
Requirement: Any taming skills
Intelligence +300
Wisdom +300
Dexterity +200
Dragon companion’s battle power +30%
Intelligence +25%
Wisdom +25%
Dexterity +15%
Damage dealt to dragons +25%
Dragon-taming compendium: Automatically learns how to tame a dragon permanently upon receiving the text.
Dragon-taming skill: The attributes of all dragon companions increase by 40%, Damage +30%, Defense doubles up.

“This item requires special characteristics to level up. Since the taming skills you’ve mastered has been infused into the text, a new compendium has formed. Please name it.”

“Ye Style Taming Compendium.”

The attributes of the text increased and the effects were applied to all pet companions, including those owned by allies.

Ye Cang then tied the text with the rope made from elf vines and hung it at his waist.

On the other hand, Zhang Zhengxiong picked a ring and Lin Le changed into his new armor, new greaves, and an item he obtained from the random reward, a pair of war boots. The others did not give him any suggestions when it came to choosing the legendary item as they knew it was unnecessary. After a while of thinking, Lin Le chose an old maroon sword for himself.

The Bloody Sword - Kanlas (Legendary - Kanlas - Ancient Craft)
Category: Giant Sword
Requirement: Strength 1150, Constitution 700
Damage: 145 - 174
Strength +700
Constitution +400
Strength +110%
Constitution +50%
Ignores 60% of target’s armor
Armor penetration +700
Damage will increase 35% of Strength
Attacks will cause massive bleeding and unrecoverable wounds.
Life-steal +20%

The Bloody Storm (Automatically and permanently learnt after obtaining this weapon and accepting its memory): Deals three bloody moonlight slashes to the surrounding, causing 400% damage, massive bleeding, and unrecoverable wounds. The bleeding effect can be stacked. Costs 50% of rage points. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

The Reverse of Blood Flow: Swiftly pierces into the target’s body to absorb its health points to recover the user's own health and enhance the weapon’s attributes. Cooldown: one hour.

Kanlas’ Bloody Dinner: This weapon deals double damage to the bleeding target and comes with 30% life-steal.

Lin Le swiftly hung the sword at his waist, carried the dragon steel blade at his back, and tossed the war axe into his handcart. Even though LordAsked, CloudDragon, and the others were desperate to know about the attributes of the sword, they decided to keep quiet. The quality of a legendary item is well-known. Besides, it’s a giant sword. Its damage must be incredible. Upon looking at the weapon’s attributes, ThornyRose thought of something. The divine artifact for solo or group leveling. Although Lele isn’t a tanker, he is always prepared. He even fights better than me. This thing has a life-steal effect on the bleeding target. Together with its own life-steal effect, high damage, armor penetration of 700 and ignorance on 60% of armor, I can’t imagine what will happen if he dashes into a group of people alone. She then chose a legendary shield and got a legendary single-handed hammer from the random rewards. Well, I should have gotten a sword but I’m more than happy~

CloudDragon chose a pair of legendary boots and was rewarded a legendary budo suit - the Budo Dwarf Master’s war robe which satisfied him. LordAsked unequipped his diamond shield and magic iron greaves and gave the greaves to FrozenCloud. Never have I thought I would be changing away magic iron ranked items this early. I just started using my silver dragon diamond shield a while ago...

Staring at the legendary long saber and a legendary cape she got from the random rewards made RedMoon think of the president of the Black Dragon Union. I think he only has silver dragon platinum… and after platinum is diamond, then magic iron, and lastly legendary. The...the...progress is way too… She then laid her eyes on Lin Le. He perfectly completed this entertainment level and the rewards are so scary. I still have a hero skill to choose.

With much satisfaction, Wu Na held the legendary ice elemental staff and put on the legendary cape. All these items...not many have them… SpyingBlade was also carrying legendary weapons in both hands. He had gotten himself a wave-bladed sword and a legendary single-handed sickle.

Little Ye Tian did not pick any weapon but chose a shield instead. She also obtained the legendary text-type item she had always wanted which allowed her to store ten advanced-level holy spells and she mastered Alita’s Song of Blessings (grants allies a large amount of resistance).

As for Lil’Wang, he was hugging his summoner staff and permanently mastered The Remaining Water (except for summoned creatures, the user can keep another water elemental). Staring at all the great items, he selected a robe which enhanced the summoned creatures since that was something he was lacking.

AV also obtained his legendary class equipment which was a flower tiara. The item doubled up his healing effect and allowed him to master the summoning of The Motivating Sunflower. As for the burial articles, he chose a necklace which increased spell amplification since no weapons were suitable for him. With a weird look, SpyingBlade stared at him, “Look at your girly tiara now, do you still dare say that I’m gay?!”

“Hey, this is a sacrifice for the team, alright?! You know nothing about the plant user. We’re all fallen angels in the current world…” AV caressed his beautiful tiara and imitated Ye Cang’s sissy move.

“......” SpyingBlade and Fang Ci sneered at him. A man version plant user. Pervert.

FrozenCloud was glad as she stared at her luxurious toufas which increased her defence and damage. From the sea of funeral goods, she picked a ring.

With much sorrow, MistyVeil stared at the legendary war spear she had gotten. I haven’t even gotten bored with the item I have in hand! What a waste. I better keep it first. She then picked a necklace from the goods. Accessories come first. The one I currently have is too weak.

As they walked out of the storage area, they saw Magic Fist who was staring at the chessboard with an empty mind. Bet he’s not far from being crazy. With a sigh, they returned to where they came from but before leaving, Lin Le went to pat Magic Fist’s head and said with a heavy heart, “Good luck, even if it means nothing…”

As they were stepping out of the burial articles area, Magic Fist’s roar was resonating, “I’ll definitely beat you, God of Chess!”

Once again, they sighed. He’s got one job… and he’s already insane.

With the help of Little Ye Tian’s navigation, they arrived at the sleeping chamber very quickly and stared at Ye Cang who seemed motivated.

“Let’s go to the plant section.” With a little frustration, LordAsked followed Ye Cang to the garden.

Upon entering the outer cloister, Zhang Zhengxiong took the lead. Those spores and fungi screamed in a high pitch and came at them with sharp teeth. The plants in the surroundings also started shooting poisonous pollens that came with slowing and paralyzing effects. It was a hard fight for the team as they spent quite an amount of time clearing only the plants at the outer cloister and AV had already used up all his mana. “Wait for me to recover my mana. The pressure here is a bit too great…”

“While waiting for recovery, let me make salad for y’all…” Ye Cang put on his white headband and started making the food without waiting for their replies which he would ignore anyway.

“What’s supposed to come will eventually come…” ThornyRose could hear her stomach giving her a warning.

Staring at the spores and fungi, Ye Cang consolidated his thoughts before cutting them into cubes, adding his highest graded secret sauce and lava slime gel, and sprinkling some ice elemental crystal dust. It should be tasty. Simple and nice. Everyone looked at the freshly made salad prepared by Ye Cang and smelt it from afar. Nothing smelly. Well, even if it’s not tasty, we still can accept it. CloudDragon scooped a small bite to try. The malodorous smell was different from before. The previous one was burning but the ice oppressed the smell in this one but… Before he knew it, an unknown and unexpected smell surged through his entire body and exploded. It was as if all kinds of rotten corpses were being fermented and frozen up. Once it entered the digestive system and melted, the smell would burst out and give everyone a surprise. It was worse when the stench was stuck in the body and at every corner of his organs

CloudDragon was giving out an awful smell and his sweat was green like the color of mucus. Everyone felt that CloudDragon had turned into a living septic tank and quickly backed off. Staring at CloudDragon meditating and twitching at the same time, they took a photo of his funny face at this memorable event.