“Just as I thought. Not only delicious, it helps to excrete toxins from the body at the same time. Look, his toxins are being excreted…” Pinching his nose, Ye Cang pointed at the green mucus-like liquid on CloudDragon’s body.

“......” Staring at the suffocating CloudDragon, they shook their heads.

“Hey, just help yourself. These attributes are suitable for this area. Anti-poison, anti-paralyzation, and continuous damage reduction,” CloudDragon reminded them. “Besides, the taste… it’s still acceptable…”

Everyone looked at him with a poker face. Bruh, we were all here watching the whole process. From the moment you ate it to the moment you faint and woke up... What the hell are you trying to say?!

“He’s right. The attributes are really suitable for an area like this. Just close your eyes and take a bite. Good medicine tastes bitter. It’s beneficial to us if we can end this earlier.” VastSea grabbed a bite. Both the iced and flammy odor exploded in his body. Everyone tried to eat it since it did not seem to have much of a smell. Yet, they suffered the moment the food dissolved in their mouth and it was too late for regrets.

RedMoon stared at Ye Cang who was suffering from the same pain. This man...is crazy… He always has food that is so much against humanity. God damned salad. This is the dish I hated the most...

Upon regaining consciousness from the agony, their eyes saw that the disgusting and smelly liquid everywhere they looked at. God knows what kind of toxic they are. The nauseous feeling made them get out of it in an instance. Meanwhile, Ye Cang casually stuck his water pipe on the wall and cleaned his body with water. Everyone went over to wash their bodies too.

“Does it feel like coming out from a sauna?” Ye Cang was still in the mood of making a joke while his body was shaking. Yet, what he got in return was nothing but cold faces from each and every one of them. These people just don’t have a sense of humor. “But I still think the salad will be tastier if it was made from the boss’s corpse…”

“Boss, Big Brother, team leader, please have mercy on us…” AV, Lil’Wang, LordAsked and the others said.

“You guys are so intolerant. It’s common to make mistakes on the journey of being a master chef. You’ll know when the tastiness triggers your taste buds at the end of the day…” Ye Cang said with a heavy heart and left with his head shaking.

We are intolerant?! LordAsked and the others dropped their jaws. If we’re intolerant, why would we let you touch the treasure chests with your filthy hands and allow you to cook biological products to torture us?! We would have killed you! LordAsked turned to look at Lin Le all of a sudden, he did not know why he had a feeling that the bastard he wanted to kill looked like his beautiful crush. If we don’t have him in the team, it’s the end.

Lin Le noticed his stare and quietly walked away with a despised look.

“Woah, calm down, calm down,” Wu Na quickly reassured ThornyRose, LordAsked, and others.

VastSea took a deep breath, “Completing quests with him is challenging our manners for sure…”

“......” CloudDragon was speechless.

Ye Cang then moved the vines on the wall that were blocking and reached to grab a treasure bag. He opened and got nothing. Urgh! Another fake one! *sigh* Casually, he stuffed it back. Everyone turned into the junction to catch up with Ye Cang.

From afar, they could see a gigantic blue spore that was pumping like a heart through the reflecting light from the crystals. The surface was covered with a lot of irregular egg-shaped substances. Once in a while, it would shoot out some poisonous blue spore powder and bones and crumbs were everywhere to be seen.

“Let me carry out some identification first.” Ye Cang activated his skill.

Mutated Spore - Gulogu: This creature is nurtured from negative energy and various substances. Battle power is unknown but this creature will usually excrete powder which can confuse, illude, weaken, poison and paralyze others. Try to hold your breath and slow down your breathing while battling it. These spores are usually afraid of fire and lightning elementals magic but love water and earth elementals. It has an extremely strong regeneration ability and it is a dangerous mutated species. The essence in its body is a strong seasoning substance. Different types have different tastes but they all have one thing in common -- the taste is very strong. Use it wisely!

“Fire and lighting can deal high damage but don’t use water or earth elemental spells on it. That’s all I know.” Ye Cang’s words at least gave everyone something to expect. NalanPureSoul was excited. Finally, yay, it’s my turn.

“It’s finally your turn, fire mage,” LordAsked smiled. Yet, he still could not bring himself to call him ‘younger brother’. When he knew he had another younger brother, he was bothered by mixed feelings but he was even more overwhelmed with happiness. Even though NalanPureSoul was his enemy and someone he hated all these while, he still acknowledged his power and ability.

“Yeap…” NalanPureSoul nodded softly. When it came to LordAsked, he was viewed very negatively. Yet, he recalled an incident back in the old days. When I was young, I was always taunted by people his age during the Ten Great Families gathering. However, LordAsked was the first one who came out to protect me. I felt safe behind his back. Even though this fella always goes against me after that, the fact that we’re still biological brothers… Of course, and Xiaoxiao...

Seeing LordAsked preparing himself and in the position to defend against the boss together with Zhang Zhengxiong, NalanPureSoul smiled. Ji Xiao smiled at the side too, “Tell you a secret, my brother has your promotion portrait and a Gangrape Magical Girl magazine under his bed… I also…”

Before he could finish his sentence, NalanPureSoul pressed him to the ground and started beating him. I definitely need to go to the Ji family home and destroy all of this stuff. Who knows what they did to my photo! Wait, I don’t even want to know!

CloudDragon felt that since young, he had always been witnessing Ji Xiao being beaten up by someone. Well, in some sense, this fella has a max level of taunting skills but it defeats the purpose that he used it on his allies.

Zhang Zhengxiong was the first to dash at the boss. As his hammer smashed the spore, it exploded and blue spore powder came bursting out the next second.

“There’s a mana consuming effect in the powder!” Except for feeling the paralyzation and poisoning effect, Little Ye Tian also felt her mana was depleting.

Even with Ye Cang’s totems and Zhang Zhengxiong’s aura, the effect of mana depletion could not be reduced.

“Mage type, attack at once! Healers, control your mana!” Little Ye Tian made a decision.

Ye Cang tried to remove the effect but only the poisoning effect was cleared away. He then used Light Strike Array and NalanPureSoul caused a second explosion. He used quite a number of ultimates and his flame demon was fissioning while it attacked. Swiftly, he got out of the area where the air was filled with powder and started to drink Ye Cang’s magic water, preparing to enter the battlefield and launch a second wave of attack.

The regeneration speed of the boss was almost on par with everyone’s damage. Noticing his mana was empty, Ye Cang had no choice but to attack with his arcane sword. AV’s and Little Ye Tian’s mana were also at their limits. Lil’Wang could only rely on his light and water elemental whereas NalanPureSoul had retreated to a place to regenerate mana. However, the powder was getting thicker and their regenerations could not keep up.

“Lil’AV, use your hero spirit skills! Clear off everything, replenish our status and attack it once more! If that doesn’t work too, Uncle Liu, go die again! We can attack it for another time! Or else, with its regeneration speed, rest assured we would be fully consumed before we know it.