AV activated Asking A’Yu To Destroy Snow Palace and witnessed an ugly lady coming out and swinging her arms, making all the blue powder disappear. A warm stream of energy spread among the team and their energy bars were all replenished. Ye Cang once again cast Light Strike Array on the boss. I must burn it to death before the second wave of powder comes! NalanPureSoul clenched his fist and a red lotus exploded. Rain of Fire! Rings of Flames! Rapid Flame Burst! All the close-ranged combaters were giving their all to attack the boss and yet its unlimited regeneration ability was too strong. They originally thought that the garden would be the easiest compared to the other places but they were now stuck at the first boss. Lin Le’s Bloody Blade did not do much in this fight because the boss was not a target that could bleed. The only use of that blade was it could cause high damage.

“Haha! Burn! Burn it all! Hahaha!” Liu Bei, Sun Quan, and Cao Cao heard a familiar voice. Gongjin?!

They turned around to see NalanPureSoul covered in flames and they heard a familiar laughter.

As NalanPureSoul swung his arm, a sky full of unknown burning particles poured on the boss and caused a second explosion. Zhang Zhengxiong quickly asked all close-ranged combaters to stay behind him as he changed his ring color to red. The extra flames that burst out were absorbed into the ring and Zhang Zhengxiong tossed another ball of flames back at the boss, causing the third explosion. He then raised his hammer high, casting the Sea of Molten Iron. Only then could Liu Bei heave a sigh of relief. Looks like I don’t have to go sacrifice my life again.

The flames burned Gulogu to a weakened state and its core was destroyed.

“Congratulations! Your team has successfully killed Gulogu! Level +1, Resistance to paralyzation and nature +10%. Your team is able to receive a random magic iron equipment and a random high-quality item or equipment, skill points +5 and class talent points +4.”

“Gosh, gosh, we almost lost this match. I bet y’all haven’t gotten your hero skills, am I right? Quickly get them and we’re done! Don’t believe the rumors like you can get whatever better hero skills as your level gets higher. This garden isn’t easy to fight. Believe me,” LordAsked was frustrated.

“Well, it’s the truth actually. The higher your level is, the better the hero skills. The fact that there are improvements in the skill is real. It’s just not that significant. But I agree with what Brother Asked said. Father, pick yours too,” Little Ye Tian redeemed her reward and obtained Jaline’s Holy Vortex.

Ye Cang got himself Boston’s Manifesto.

Boston’s Pallbearing Manifesto (Hero - Grandmaster): Activating it will double up allies’ attributes, reduce 36% of the damage they received, increase their Damage by 70%, reduce their cost of skills by half, increase their skill level by one temporarily, grant them immunity to illusions, and increase their spirits. No costs. Cooldown: 12 hours.

Ps: Boston is the chief commander of the alliance in the battle of MillionSouls City in the Disaster War. Boston had a legendary and yet difficult life. He used to live miserably until the Disaster War broke out and he lost his daughter. It was the very first time the leader of the Holy Dragonknights Troop got mad. At the Black Peak Mountain, he won the battle even though his enemies outnumbered his troop. He was then promoted by the ex-chief commander, Loga. Until the battle at the Big Crack, Loga died and passed his position to Boston. Boston then ended up acting as the pallbearer, carrying Loga’s casket and commanding the troop in MillionSouls City. That was what he said. 

“In this war, all of us might die but our legacy will be eternally praised by the generations to come! Remember! Heroes Never Die!”

“Heroes Never Die!”

Boston successfully motivated everyone. Despite dying at the Soul-breaking Hall with Loga’s casket, he put the Disaster War to an end with great victory for him and his team.

Meanwhile, Zhang Zhengxiong redeemed his skill and that was what he had waited for a long time. No aura! No aura! Give me an attacking skill! A strong one! A glorious one!

“Congratulations! You’ve received Riley’s Holy One Strike!”

Riley - Holy One strike: Unleashes a holy execution slash on the target after accumulating energy for two seconds. The holy damage will be increased 25 times if it hits the dead spirits, devils, demons or any evil creatures. Damage is cut into half if the target is not evil or demonic. The attack cannot be missed on demonic creatures and there is a high possibility of instant death. It will also cause stun, severe wound and weakening effects. Costs all holy power. Cooldown: five hours.

Ps: Riley Dickson, the legendary knight who raised a lot of eyebrows and received a lot of criticism in the Battle of Demons had his life divided into three stages, namely Growth, Evilization and The Return. He was a servant of a knight who fell in love with Jenna from the noble family. Jenna’s father sacked him and chased him out after discovering his interest towards his daughter. When he saw Jenna did not even glance at him, Riley then understood that power is everything. Hence, he started seeking power and did anything that could make him strong. Eventually, he became the servant of the demon and the claws of the spirits. He sabotaged his teammates to get items. He was selfish and believed in nothing but power. Once the person he relied on no longer had powers, he would not even think twice before killing that person as he would not be useful anymore. In the end, when he was about to return to his homeland to get his revenge on the Palladin Hall and Jenna’s family, he encountered a beheaded nun named Elena and was then being hunted down by her. He was running for his life with his neck bleeding and at last, he fainted in a broken temple and got discovered by a blinded orphan, Naja. Despite being hungry, the poor and skinny Naja shared the food she stole with Riley. Elena who managed to catch up was touched by the fact that Naja was willing to protect him and Riley’s eyes no longer looked evil. She left after giving him a warning. Later then, the Battle of Demons broke out. Even though he knew Naja was pregnant, Riley insisted on joining the anti-seven-demon-pillars team to fight Anger. As his team was being wiped out, Riley used his last strength and the feelings he had for Naja to seal Anger and himself away. 

“I don’t have any belief. That thing. Pfft. If so, I would only believe in Naja. That’s all.”

Lin Le picked his skill.

Rosa - Sixth Sense Holy Sword - The Dance of Mess: Activating the Sixth Sense Holy Sword status and you will not be affected by any magic spells. Though being blinded,the Power of Sixth Sense will give you the ability to know all the movements of the enemies in your surroundings. The skills you activate next will have double armor penetration and concentration, and will ignore any stealth effects. This skill has no cooldown nor cost and can be interchanged for an unlimited number of times. The Dance of Mess will only be activated under the Sixth Sense Holy Sword Status which will then unleash three inconsistent slashes at surrounding enemies. Subsequently, it prevents you from being captured. Cooldown: 1 hour.

Ps: Rosa Dickson, the son of Riley and Naja. He was born blind and always fell ill. Being the hero’s son did not keep him away from the sneers of the others. In order to restore his parents’ reputation, he went on a journey to learn swordsmanship. Not giving up after so many challenges, he became the famous sword saint who had beaten all the sword saints in that era. This act was a motivation for many blind men to learn swordsmanship. Ever since then, all blind sword saints would improvise and dig deep into Rosa’s Sixth Sense Holy Sword. Due to the fact that Rosa was demon-like but upheld justice and had no emotions, he was entitled as the Blind Sword Demon.